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Title: Sexual Compensation
Pairing: YamaJima
Genre: Romance. Angst. Violence. SMUT.
Rating: PG-15
Summary: Ryosuke had done something terrible in the past. And now the person had come to make him pay.


Ryosuke is now lying naked along with bundles of thick clean velvety sheets of a queen sized bed – writhing in pleasure because of the caresses and harsh touches of the man hovering on top of him. He has his eyes shut tightly and his lips parted wide as he moans and groans. “Uhn~ mmm… so great!” he tried to suppress his self but it was a futile attempt.

Meanwhile, Yuto could only smirk at his masterpiece – face expression of lust and body lying there, all so open and bare for him to feast on – twitching according to his pleasurable whims. Yuto has complete dominance in this game. Who would have realized that his prim workaholic overly focused and sex inexperienced secretary can look so sexy and erotic?! “Damn~ Ryosuke! It feels like I was born to fuck you like this…!” Yuto said between pants as he grips his hips, keeping it steady as he plunge on him.

“Then fuck me – hard!” Ryosuke answered back incoherently. And his moans got louder and more shameless as Yuto went deeper. “Ah... ah… ah…!” Ryosuke voiced out lewdly, grasping on the sheets tightly. “Yuto, I’m…!” he whimpered.

And, “Ah…! Yuto-kun!!” Ryosuke’s eyes shot open, head flung backward and his back arching in pleasure – when Yuto raised his legs and spread them more apart. Ryosuke grabbed hold of his shoulder and dug his nails onto it. He can feel the tightness on his stomach – pushing and pushing him to his climax. Yuto has just gone deeper.

Yuto hissed and smirked more. Then he flushed his rock hard length more into his hole. Ryosuke’s moans and begs… they are just simply worth hearing – and he is the only one capable of making him.

Well, how did they actually end up like that… is because of this:

30 minutes ago…

Ryosuke exhaustedly walked out of the elevator and forced his legs to the direction of his apartment unit. Like the usual in the company he is working on, it was a very busy and tiring day. He hardly had the time to pause and catch his breath – especially that he is the personal secretary of the highest ranked person in the said company. Ryosuke arrived in front of his unit door and typed the passkey. “I want to sleep.” He grumbled to his self with his eyes barely open – because today, yesterday and the other previous days, he was forced on having over time. After all, it’s peak season for their company. Everyone is being pressured because of the demands. He cannot afford to rest – now he is beaten.

Ryosuke stepped inside his dark unit and removed his outdoor shoes. He dragged his feet to his bedroom, not caring about dinner – feeling sleepy rather than hungry. He was smiling idiotically that he can finally resign for the day – forgetting the thought that tomorrow will be another big day. As of now, he wants to sleep and care less about tomorrow’s activities. Removing his coat and tie, he placed them over the free chair. Then he loosened the top buttons of his polo. He entered his bedroom and was about to drop on his bed when he felt someone else in the room.

Ryosuke felt wide awake immediately as many types of danger cross his head – a burglar?! But no, the security of this building is tight. No people with bad intention can enter here. Who could it be? Ryosuke stumbled to switch on the light and there, he saw a man casually sitting on his bed.

“S-sir?” Ryosuke stammered as he recognized the man. The man occupying his bed like it was his own was none other than Nakajima Yuto – his ultimate boss and president of the company he is working on. “What..?! How did you get in…?” Ryosuke asked nervously as he tries to right his messy appearance.

Yuto chuckled as he stood up and made his way to him. “Silly you, the door obviously. The owner of this building opened it for me – you see, pulling strings to get what I want is normal, no?” he raised an eyebrow stopping right in front of him, still with that nasty smile.

Ryosuke gulped down. Somehow, he felt scared with the person standing in front of him. The usual serious and business aura that he knows that Nakajima Yuto has is now gone and replaced by something… different. Ryosuke’s danger radar is on top alert. “What are you doing here then?” as far as he is concern, it’s already late and Yuto should be at his own home, having rest. But how come he is here?

He saw him shrugging, his expression getting dull. “I feel bored at home. And I’m looking for someone to accompany me – so I came here.” Ryosuke was surprised to hear what he said, “But, sir…! Surely, you are tired. You must rest.” Ryosuke said concern. He cannot let the president fall sick.

Yuto rolled his eyes as he walked across the room and pulled out his cigarette case from his coat pocket, “Then let me rest here…!” he told him nonchalantly. He was about to light it when Ryosuke harshly got it from him. Yuto looked at him in slight surprise. “Smoking is not allowed here and please take care of your health.” Ryosuke somewhat snapped. Then he threw it to the trash bin in the corner of the room.

Yuto frowned, “Then take care of me.” he answered that made Ryosuke froze on his position. He turned to him wide-eyed. “Huh…?”

Yuto shrugged again and occupied his bed. “Sleep with me.” he told him simply.

“Sir…!” Ryosuke retorted. “You must be very tired – we had a tough day. Come on, I’ll take you home.” He walked to him and pulled him to his feet. “Consider the bad rumors it might cause when they find you having the night here. It’s indecent.” But Yuto pulled him and rolled over, causing them to fall on the smoothly polished wooden floor with Yuto on top of Ryosuke. “Sir…?” Ryosuke tried to stand up but Yuto remained persistent. He held both of Ryosuke’s wrist pinning them beside his head and his knees trapping the shorter boy’s legs.  “S-sir?” Ryosuke stuttered as he looked up to Yuto’s getting malevolent face. He tried to suppress his fear but it is clearly showing on his face. It’s very obvious that he is scared. Well, who wouldn’t? Their position is not really something you can be calm with. Ryosuke was doing his best not to panic. Yuto leaned down on his ear and it made Ryosuke shivered more. “Let me fuck you.” He whispered hoarsely.

Ryosuke jolted on his position and thanks to the adrenaline, he managed to push him off and scrambled away. Clasping his shaking hands together, Ryosuke shakily turned to look and saw Yuto standing on his feet – the smirk still lingering on his lips. “Don’t be so hard to get.” Yuto scowled a little. “Consider this the service you should give me with the money you took from me, thief.”

“I’m sorry?” Ryosuke said scandalized, somewhat getting his courage back. But Yuto remained unthreatened. “Oh~ have you forgotten?” he said casually. “Let me remind you then…” and with staggering legs, he walked to Ryosuke and fell on him. “What are you doing!?” Ryosuke asked raising his voice as he caught Yuto’s weight on him while maintaining an upright position. “Please take me home. I don’t think I can by myself.” Yuto said slurry.

Ryosuke stiffened. And Yuto’s smirk got wider when he saw that expression. “Do you remember now, thief…?”

Ryosuke’s eyes reflected with full of fright as he looked back at Yuto’s black cold and filled with malevolence ones.

Two years ago.

Ryosuke was drinking his ass off, trying to waste his self to one random bar. But apparently, his tolerance to alcohol is high – very high. He has been drinking for hours and emptied a lot of bottles already. But he finds his self still completely sane. “This sucks…!” he muttered drinking another glass. “I don’t feel drunk at all.”

The reason: Ryosuke is already on his final year in college and in a few months, he will be graduating. Everything was going on along fine. But misfortune strikes to him unexpectedly. His evil uncle came to their house and forced his mother to give all their money to him. It was their savings for Ryosuke’s tuition so he can graduate without problem. So now, his records were hold up and there is a big possibility that he won’t get his diploma. “Stupid life…” he muttered again. “I hate this…”

Paying for his bills, Ryosuke decided to go home. Moping won’t bring him anywhere. He stood up from his seat and headed out of the bar when all of a sudden, someone fell on him. On instinct, Ryosuke caught his weight as he tries to maintain upright. “Hey~!” he called out, trying to make the other guy stand on his own. But he seems to be too drunk – his scent was thick with beer. His legs were wobbling and his red is beet red because of drunkenness. “Stupid people who are weak in alcohols…”Ryosuke thought to his self, still pushing the guy off of him. “Don’t drink too much when you can’t handle it!” Ryosuke hissed at the guy.

“Please take me home. I don’t think I can by myself.” the guy, still on him, breathes heavily. Ryosuke coughed when he inhaled the foul smell. “Geez~ you’re beat.” And the guy completely collapsed on him.

“What the…?! Oy~!” Ryosuke called out to him. But the guy is already knocked out. “Damn it~” Ryosuke can only curse as he placed his hand inside the guy’s jacket, searching for id or anything that will tell him where this idiot lives. He doesn’t have any more choice, does he? And he found it. “Tch~ a condominium. This brat is a rich kid…” he read the address. “Where his driver then? Tch~ must be run away or something…” Ryosuke rolled his eyes and heaved the guy out.

Ryosuke hailed a cab and still cursing, he sent the guy home. Arriving at the place, Ryosuke placed the guy on his back – good thing the guy is skinny, or else he won’t be able to carry him. “I should be dragging you instead!” Ryosuke said, but no. He is not that cold hearted. Using the key he found on his coat pocket, Ryosuke opened the door and stepped in. With struggles, Ryosuke found the bedroom and roughly lay the guy there. Ryosuke turned and was about to leave when he felt the guy gripping on his wrist. He turned back to him with a scowl, “Water…” the guy croaked out half-consciously. “Please…?”

“Tsk~” Ryosuke rolled his eyes. “Fine…!” he snapped. And he went out and find his way to the kitchen.

When he came back to the room with a glass of cold water, he saw the guy already messily sprawled on the bed. It seems like he had managed to at least shake his coat jacket off before sleeping again.

Then Ryosuke caught attention of the wallet on the floor, right beside the bed near the table. It must have fallen off when the guy placed his coat over there. “Tch~” Ryosuke picked it up and thinking off placing it beside the coat… when he stopped, “I-It’s thick.” He felt. Then peeking inside, Ryosuke felt his heart starting to beat madly. With rough estimation, it’s probably two million yen or more. Many things came into his mind all at once. He remembered the financial problems he is going through. It can be all solved with this wallet’s content.

Ryosuke gulped. Then taking his consideration, he placed the water glass on the bedside table and walked out of the unit hurriedly without looking back – the wallet hidden inside his own jacket.

Ryosuke fell on his bum, his legs weakening and failing to support him. He looked up to him petrified, his face paling and cold sweats visible on his forehead.

“I guess you remember now.” Yuto chuckled. “Ironic, don’t you think? We’ve been working together for almost a year now yet you haven’t notice the face of the person you have stolen from.”

“P-please, I-I’ll pay you back…!” Ryosuke said to him, his voice shaking terribly. Yuto laughed with that. Then he crouched down and leveled his self to him, “I have my own money, Yamada-san.” He sneered at him. “A whole lot more than yours…” he stated somewhat offended. “I don’t need money – but there is one thing that I want…” a pause, “…that you are the only one who can give me.”

“I want your warmth – the sensation of being inside you.” He said lustfully. And he carried him harshly on his arms and threw him on the bed. He then crawled on top of him – trapping the shorter guy between his arms and legs. Then he dove down to suck on his neck while Ryosuke could only let him. He was the one who created this mess to begin with. How come he did not recognized him sooner? He should have remembered his face – but probably because it is a bad memory, Ryosuke tried his best to forget it. He was just being pushed to the corner that time.

How cruel? He thought he had already escaped from that wrongdoing… but apparently, karma has found its way on him.

Yuto was busy sucking and trailing wet kisses on Ryosuke’s collar bone down to his exposed torso when he heard a soft hiccup sound. It made him pause and look back to Ryosuke’s face. He saw him crying silently and he seems to be doing his best not to let any sound escape him. Yuto stopped as he got his senses back – like a wakeup call to him.

Oh god, what was I doing?

Hesitantly, he reached out for his face and brushed away the streaming tears from his closed eyes.

Ryosuke opened his eyes only to be met by Yuto’s soft gaze: affectionate and full of love… apologetic. “Please tell me that you want this…!” Yuto said desperately as he pressed their forehead together, the guilt creeping up to him now.

“H-huh?!” Ryosuke felt confused.

“I don’t care about the money – I can easily forget that. It’s nothing to me! But you have stolen something else – something much more important – and I can’t forgive you by doing that!” Yuto said to him, his voice quivering and pitched. “You have stolen my heart. I love you, Yamada Ryosuke!” there, he said it.

Ryosuke can only look at him more stunned. Then Yuto buried his face on the pillow beside Ryosuke’s head, unable to meet his gaze. “Please return it…” he broke down. “It hurts – feeling that you have become my world but you don’t have the slightest clue. I tried to endure it, but it’s just painful… seeing you all so carefree, not caring about my feelings for you.”

A long while of silence came after

“I’m sorry but I can’t.” Yuto heard Ryosuke spoke. “Eh?”

“I’m sorry but I can’t return your heart.” Ryosuke repeated his self. Yuto was blank on what Ryosuke is talking about.  “You don’t need to worry though. I promise you that I will take care of it.” “R-Ryosuke?” “Let me give you mine instead – and promise me that you will do the same.” Ryosuke continued. Yuto widened his eyes as to what he is implying to him.

“I did not endure all those bullying and mischief you did to me because of nothing, you know.” He pouted. “After all, I am the only secretary who stayed to you this long – with that attitude of yours…” he scoffed to emphasize his point.

“Do-does that…?” Yuto wanted to clarify, this unexplainable joy starting to seep through him.

“I love you too, Nakajima Yuto.” Ryosuke smiled at him softly. There was nothing but sincerity in his eyes. He palmed Yuto’s face and caressed his cheek dearly. The two of them stared at each other lovingly.

Yuto broke into a bright smile. And he kissed him, this time in the lips. And he smiled wider when he felt Ryosuke kissing back.


“It was an act, right?” Ryosuke said weakly. The two of them are now entangled on each other’s arms with the blanket covering their bare bodies, just feeling each other after all those rounds. He can feel Yuto snuggling to his neck and his breath tickling him slightly. “…what happened two years ago. You were acting, right?”

“Hmm??” Yuto responded sleepily. “How can you say?”

“A person is heavier when he is totally drunk. But you, I can feel you controlling your weight back then.” Ryosuke said, looking up to the ceiling – contemplating on what he is saying. “There are a lot of people in that bar and it’s such a perfect coincidence that you chose to fall on me. And you insisted me to bring you home… you could have just asked for a free room, bars purposely have them for customer’s convenience. Then letting me in your unit… bringing you in your room… making me get you water… the coat on the bed stand and the wallet on the floor. It’s all part of your scheme.”

“After I brought you in your room, you purposely made me get you a glass of water. So you can be alone and remove your coat then conveniently placed the wallet on the floor where I can easily see it… when it’s impossible for it to get there in the first place.” Ryosuke said, still thinking. “I was fumbling in your coat for several times before we came to your home: the id, the handkerchief I used to wipe your face and cover your mouth to stop the foul smell… the door key. But I never saw your wallet there. So it could only be in your pant pocket.”

“It’s impossible for your wallet to fall off your coat when its original place is in your pants, right?” Ryosuke asked.

“Hmmm… you have a wild imagination. So what gave me away, Mr. Detective?” Yuto lifted his face and looked at him with a naughty smile.

“It’s simple: the amount of money in your wallet.” Ryosuke stated. “Considering normality, no one in their right mind would have two million in their wallet as pocket money. The reason you asked me to bring you in your condominium is so you can add more in your wallet, right? You can get it in your own but it’s uncertain if I’ll still be there when you get back to the bar, so the only thing left is to bring me with you.”

Yuto laughed humorously. “I don’t know what you are talking about.” But the way he smiles, Ryosuke can only give him a blushing  glare, “You tricked me…!”

Yuto shrugged, lying on his back and pulling Ryosuke to lie on him. “That time, I saw you having a very down expression and it hurts me seeing it. Then I overheard your conversation with the bartender – telling him your problems. I just suddenly had this urge to help you – because I don’t want you to look so down, for I am unconsciously hurting as well.”

“That was the first time we met!” Ryosuke reasoned out.

“I fell for you at first sight.” Yuto rolled his eyes.

“You could have just given it to me…” Ryosuke mumbled, mad.

“If I give it to you, that will make it look like out of pure liberality – and expressing your gratitude won’t be enough. You stole my heart and I guess I wanted to make you responsible for it.” Yuto defended his self, seeing Ryosuke’s offended eyes. He somewhat made it sounds that he is at fault. “I love you and I was desperate. You have no fault so don’t feel guilty. Please say you forgive me…”

“You made me a thief…!”

“Well, you are…” Yuto refers to his heart.

“Argh~” Ryosuke groaned about to pull away.

“It’s just money. And you are incomparable to it.” Yuto told him, cupping his cheeks indicating how serious he is. “Look, how about I make it up to you by two million rounds on bed?”

“What~!?” Ryosuke said aghast. “You are the one setting your own conditions…!”

“And since it’s a very large number, we need to start now.” Yuto ignored what he said.

“Wha~? No, get off me…!” But it was too late. XD



Author’s Note: How was it? Heheh~ please leave your comments. :D

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