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Title: Flower Power
Pairing: YutoYama
Genre: Supernatural. Fantasy. AU.
Rating: PG
Summary: Yuto is just a normal flower shop owner until one day, he was asked to save the butterfly prince.


Nakajima Yuto is a 19 year old college and independent student. He owns a small flower shop that is the source of his daily income that he uses for his daily necessities and expenses. It was originally owned by his mother and being a good son, he swear that he will take good care of the shop with the best of he can. Managing the shop in the day and going to classes at night is tiring but Yuto is doing just fine. He is used to the hardships and considers them as life challenges – normal and expected.

Until one afternoon…

Yuto was already preparing to close the shop when he heard the bell attached to the door ringing, indicating that he has a customer. “Suimasen – but the shop is already close.” Yuto called out. It would be bad if he will entertain this person. He will be late for his fist subject. Unless he will just leave an order and come back tomorrow, then probably Yuto can make an exception. He just needs to hurry up.

But what got him surprise is a person clad in bright red and black polka-dot get-up with an overlarge hoodie covering his whole head appeared before him by the counter. “Good afternoon. How can I be of service to you?” Yuto asked queasy. Honestly, is some cosplay event going on?

“The butterfly prince needs your help. Please save him…!” the person spoke under his large hood.

“I’m sorry?” Yuto asked, afraid that he did not hear him correctly.

Then the person lifted his head, removing his red hood and revealing a very beautiful and enchanting face that Yuto had ever seen. He can also see him having a glittering ladybug stamp on his right lower eye. “My name is Inoo Kei and the butterfly kingdom sent me to ask for your help.”

“Whoah~ wait… wait… wait a minute! What the hell are you talking about?!” Yuto asked aghast.

But instead of answering, the pretty guy grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to the water station where a free basin of water can be found. “There’s no more time. The butterfly prince needs you!” then he threw some kind of crystal rock to the water that made it swirl and glow.

Yuto’s eyes widened in shock. “Whoah~!”

“Here, this might come in handy.” The guy handed him a spray pesticide. And before he knew it, he was already pushed to the water and engulfed him wholly. Yuto felt his self shouting and falling to bright nothingness until he landed on something hard and painful.

Yuto grimaced in pain as he felt his self. “What the hell just happened to me?!” he thought standing up while massaging his back who had the most impact. He looked around and found his self in the middle of some kind of a rain forest. “A-re?” basing on the sky, it’s dusk already. He can start to hear the sounds of nocturnal animals around the area. And it gives him the creeps.

Then he felt another one grabbing his arm and his mouth being covered. Yuto automatically struggled to break free but the grip was strong. And he was pulled to a hidden corner. He was let go and Yuto faced his attacker – only to be met by another weird guy dressed in a shiny green cloak with matching cute antennae and a grasshopper figure stamped on his right lower eye. “I’m Yabu Kota – just like Kei, I was sent by the butterfly kingdom to ask for your help. The butterfly prince needs you…!”

“I heard that already.” Yuto spoke. He must be getting crazy. If this is a dream, please wake me up. Then he was handed a skeleton key. “What’s this?”

“At the end of this path, you will find a vast meadow where the butterfly fairies are locked up. They know where the butterfly prince can be found. They will help you in your mission.” Kota told him hastily.

“Wait, what…?!” Yuto tried to digest in what he said.

“Please hurry! We don’t have time to waste.” Kota said sternly. “And I wish you good luck.” And Yuto felt his self shoved to start walking. When he turned to look back, he saw the corner empty. “Huh – where did he go?!”

So Yuto was left with no choice but to follow what he was told. And truly, like what Kota said, Yuto found a wide withering field when he followed the direction he was pointed to. Gulping down his fear, Yuto moved his legs and started to the middle. He was walking for a few minutes when he saw something, “Is that it?” Yuto can see a metal cage where glowing fireflies are trapped.

Yuto ran to their side and up close, he realized that they are not fireflies but rather tiny people the size of his palms with glowing butterfly wings. Upon seeing him, they immediately gathered in front of him, “Are you the butterfly prince’s savior?” the one who seems to be the spokesperson said.

“Well, at least that is what those two weird guys on weird clothes told me.” Yuto said as he fished out the key on his jacket. But before he can do that, “Watch out!” the butterfly fairies called out in unison.

Yuto was just in time to duck and avoid the attack on him. “What the…?!” he reacted in euphoria. Then he rolled to the ground as he misses another blow. Of course, the fairy prisoners must have their guards. Yuto faced his opponent and felt his jaw dropped. “Who the hell are you…!?” in front of him is a guy on a dark slimy brown clothes. He can see him having a cockroach stamp on his right lower eye.

“The name is Hikaru!” the guy answered his question.

“Hi-Hikaru, huh?” Yuto gulped inside his head. “Your name seems ironic, don’t you think?” Yuto got the courage to tease him a little – more on trying to buy his self some time actually.

“No fair!” Yuto whined when he saw the guy armed with scepters in both of his arms.”How am I supposed to beat this guy?” “Hikaru has the same weakness as of a real cockroach!” the fairies talked to him. And it reminded Yuto of something.

“So, Hikaru…?” Yuto stood up and faked a fighting pose. “Let’s see what you’ve got…!” he challenged, feigning courage. It’s no use – Yuto felt scared as hell.

Hikaru laughed. “That’s more like it…!” and he charged at him using his fast legs.

“Yabai~!” Yuto panicked on his position. He ran backward as Hikaru moved forward to him. And when he felt that he has nowhere else to run and Hikaru right in front of him with a victorious smile, Yuto grabbed something inside his jacket. “I don’t think so…!” and pointing it right to his face, Yuto pressed the spray.

“Ah~!” Hikaru staggered backward as he clutched on his face. “It burns…!” he shouted in pain. “What is this sorcery…!?”

“It’s called Lysol!” Yuto stated proudly. Then jumping a little, he remembered the fairies. Yuto ran back to their cage and inserted the skeleton key to the metal lock. Yuto pushed open the door and the butterfly fairies swarmed out. He saw the spokesperson of the fairies telling the others to go back to the butterfly castle and asked for help then prepare for contingencies.

Yuto watched them flew into the night sky making beautiful dancing lights until they disappeared – leaving exactly two butterfly fairies with him: the spokesperson and another.

“We need to go ahead. We cannot afford to waste any more time. – we’ve been held up far too long.” The spokesperson told Yuto. “I’m Arioka Daiki – the butterfly prince’s most trusted left wing attendant.”

“And this is Chinen Yuri – the butterfly prince’s most trust right wing attendant.” Daiki pointed to the other smaller fairy. Yuto can’t help but to compare them with miniature fairies – Tinkerbells in the flesh.

“Hajimemashite, Nakajima Yuto desu~” he answered politely. “So where is the butterfly prince?” Kota told him that the butterfly fairies know where the prince can be found. “Why is he missing anyway?” And he followed Daiki and Yuri’s line of gaze. They turned to the mountains ahead. And with the now complete dark sky, it just made it look scarier than it already is. “On top of that mountain is the lair of the prince of the spiders – he was the one responsible for kidnapping our prince and holding him captive.”

“S-spider…?” Yuto wondered for a moment then he choked on his breath. Butterflies are preys of spiders – it’s their food. For the first time, Yuto realized the real danger they are in. “Then we need to hurry up!” he told them panicking. “But the mountain will take on forever!” he gulped at the distance.

“No need to worry about that.” Daiki produced a small crystal rock – Yuto remembered Kei having the same – then he threw it on the puddle on the ground and in no time, it was swirling then glowing. Yuto did not have the time to react when they were sucked by the portal. Déjà vu. Yuto grunted when he felt his aching body landing on the ground. Then just like the first time, he felt his self being pulled by a pair of strong arms. He did not dare to fight back for it will just be a waste of energy.

When he was let go, Yuto was met by a human with grayish brown clothes and insect wings and a moth stamped on his right lower eye. He can see him having a feline face and sharp eyes. “Are you the butterfly prince’s savior?” he demanded to him on a weird accent.

“Yes, he is.” Yuri answered for Yuto seems too stoned to speak. He must have been intimated much. “This is Okamoto Keito.” Daiki introduced him. Yuto gave a slight bow with a shaky smile. Scary.

“How’s your spying on the spider prince’s lair?” Daiki asked Keito. “What did you find out?”

“There are two entrances into the spider cave.” Keito reported immediately as he pointed them. “Both are heavily guarded by spider soldiers. There’s no chance of walking there freely. We need a diversion or something to get their attention.”

“So what do we do?” Yuri asked.

“Let’s split up into three groups.” Daiki said his plan. “Keito will deal with the first entrance as I do the other one. When we have their attention, Yuri, take this as the chance to bring Yuto inside.”

“What…?” Yuto reacted against it.

“We have no more choice. I fly faster than Yuri and a better fighter.” Daiki cut him. “Time is running out. God knows what the spider prince has done to our prince by now.”

“You’re right.” Yuto said getting the whole point.

“Jya~ we’ll go now.” and the two of them flew out from their hiding place. They took the spider guard’s attention and went to the direction away from the cave mouth. The spiders automatically stomped after them. And when the coast was clear, Yuto and Yuri went inside. But before they can go far, they heard Daiki shouting. It seems like he was injured and Keito was too far help him. Yuri took a doubled back. “Go ahead…! I need to help Daiki.” And before Yuto can stop him, he had already flown to their direction. “Wait, don’t leave me here!” but it was too late.

Yuto gulped for he was alone. It’s not like he hates cold and damp places – but that doesn’t mean he likes them either. Plucking out his courage, Yuto walked forward. “How come it’s too dark here?” Yuto followed the path as the cave walls serve as his map. Then he was met by a two-way, “Which should I take?” he thought in panicking.

Then something caught his attention. Something seems to be glowing from one end. Trusting his instincts, Yuto followed it. And it did not fail him. Though he arrived in a dead end, he found what he is looking for. At the center of the small room is an oversize spider web and by the center of it, a boy – Yuto calculated to be a head shorter than him – is stuck on it. He can see him having light colorful clothes and a pair of bright beautiful butterfly wings that seems to be glowing faintly. So that was the shiny thing he was following. Yuto walked closer and saw that the boy is sleeping. He has his eyes closed and breathing evenly.

He stared at the boy’s face and studied it – from the honey hair to the round face. As expected from a prince – he is very good looking and Yuto found his self falling in love. “Kirei~”

Yuto reached for his face and caresses it, trying to wake him up. He felt him stirring a little then slowly, he opened his eyes. Yuto was met by a glittering pair of rainbow colored eyes that seems to endlessly changing from color to color. “Ryosuke…” he spoke his name like he knew it from the very start.

Ryosuke gave him a timid smile, “You came…” he spoke weakly. He seems to be expecting him.

Yuto was confused as first. Are they supposed to know each other? “I’m going to get you out of here.” Yuto told him. Ryosuke nodded once, closing his eyes – too tired to keep them open.

Yuto scanned the room and looked for something that can help him freeing the butterfly prince. But he found nothing. “There’s no more choice.” And not caring about his hands getting hurt, Yuto started to tear off the web stuck on Ryosuke’s clothes and wings – trying his best not to hurt the small guy.

The spider webs caught on Ryosuke’s clothes are easy to deal with. But those that are stuck on his wings, Yuto was afraid that it might be scratched or worst, torn off. He knows that a butterfly cannot live without its wings. “Hrm~” Yuto heard Ryosuke winced when he forced it a little.

“Sorry… bear with the pain.” Yuto said panicky. Then after some moments of eternity, Yuto managed to get Ryosuke out. There are still some stuck on his body but he is detached from it nevertheless. That’s what’s important. Ryosuke slid to the ground unable to upright his self and Yuto immediately ran to his side. He gently laid him on his arms and hug him, providing warmth. “You’re safe now.”

Ryosuke snuggled closer and hid his face on his neck, sniffing on it. “You smell sweet… like flowers.” He mumbled half-conscious.

Yuto blushed at the statement. He doesn’t know what to react. “Let’s get you out of here.” He said securing him in his arms then he headed back – only to be stopped when a guy on a completely black leather outfit with matching chains as the paraphernalia stood on his way, blocking their only way out. He has this mischievous smile on his lips and Yuto is not stupid not to figure out who he is, “Takaki Yuya – prince of the arachnids”

“What an honor” Yuya responded. “You know me…?”

Yuto got startles himself. Why does he know them? “Let us go!” he demanded.

Yuya gave him a mocking smile. “I’m afraid I can’t do that.” and he charged at them causing Yuto to be thrown backwards off his feet. He and Ryosuke got separated and landed violently on the stone ground. And hitting his head, memories flashed on Yuto’s head causing him a tremendous head pain. It feels like too many knowledge being squeezed inside his head. And he realized it – how come everyone seems so familiar… because he was one of them. He was their core. Now he understood why he was the one chosen to save the butterfly prince - because he has the flower power.

When Yuto gained back his footing, he was just in time to see Yuya stomping his boots on Ryosuke’s wings crumpling them apart. And Ryosuke was screaming in pain.

“No…!” Yuto stood on his feet and ran to them. He pushed Yuya off to the ground harshly. “Ryosuke?” he turned his attention back to him and saw him crying. It must have really hurt. Yuto supported him to sit up and saw Ryosuke trying to flap them helplessly. It’s no use. They are broken. Ryosuke sobbed more. “Shh~” Yuto cooed, not knowing what to do. “It hurts…!” Ryosuke whimpered out. And Yuto felt his heart breaking with the sight.

Opening his palms out, Yuto produced a Sakura bud and it bloomed fully. He showed it to Ryosuke and somehow, it eased the pain that Ryosuke is feeling. He reached for it and Yuto placed it to Ryosuke’s waiting hands.

“How did you do that?” Yuya asked flabbergasted.

“It’s my power – the flowers.” Yuto answered simply. Then several vines crawled and flowers sprouted conveniently all over the two of them, acting as somewhat a shield. And at the same time, weapon against Takaki Yuya in case he tries to attack them. With Ryosuke back on his arms, Yuto stood up and walked to his direction – small flowers springing on his every step. Yuya back off a little. “Let us go and never come again!”

Then someone appeared beside the spider prince, “The bee army is coming, your highness~” he told Yuya. “And their number is enough to defeat us all. We need to evacuate!”

“Tsk~” Yuya was forced to withdraw. If he doesn’t, their specie will be wiped out. The bee army is known for being merciless and brutal.

“Is he gone?” Ryosuke asked.

“Yes.” Yuto answered with a soft smile. “And he will never come back.”


Ryuu was wondering why his best friend, Yuto, did not come to class yesterday. He was worrying that Yuto might have run into some kind of trouble. So he decided to drop by the flower shop that also serves as Yuto’s house. When he arrived, Ryuu entered the shop. “Welcome.”

“Ah~!” Ryuu was about to greet him back when he realized that he was not his friend. “Hello…~” Ryuu bowed a little when he come face to face with an unfamiliar boy wearing a waterproof apron. He seems to be working here. But this would be the first time he would be seeing him.

“Ryuu…?” Yuto appeared out of the corner and saw his friend. “What are you doing here? Do you want some flowers?” he asked him surprised.

“Ah… anou, yeah~ for my mother” He made an alibi. “Uhm, new attendant?” Ryuu asked when the foreign boy went inside to arrange the flowers of his picking. But no, Ryuu remembered Yuto telling him that he can’t afford one. Maybe he changed his mind – the shop seems to be expanding. But with Yuto’s reaction, Ryuu concluded that it is more than that.

“You can say that…” Yuto flushed, his ears turning red.

“Hai, douzo~” the boy appeared again and handed Ryuu his flowers. Then he walked back to the things he was attending before Ryuu came.

“He seems to be good with flowers.” Ryuu whistled admiring the bouquet. They are arranged very nicely.

“Ye-yeah~” Yuto answered.

“Well, he’s pretty.” Ryuu gave his blessing. “The two of you can make the flower shop more successful.” He winked at him.

“Huh, it’s not what you are thinking…!” Yuto denied. But his reddening cheeks are betraying him.

“Yeah~ yeah~ not yet.” Ryuu smirked. “Jyaa~ I’ll be going then.”



Author’s Note: The ending was weird. @_@ I tried to make it up with the omake – I guess it did not work either. I have really no idea how to end this. LOL~!

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