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Title: Love and Legacy
Author: Mariko
Pairing: YutoYama.
Genre: Romance. Adventure. Angst. AU.
Rating: PG for violence
Warning: Girl Ryosuke.
Summary: Ryosuke is the only daughter of the head of the ninja clan and she swore that she will kill the head of the Samurai clan, their enemy, with her very own hands. As a very intelligent individual, everything was going on along like she planned – but when she met the very person she have sworn to kill… she found her world starting to revolve around him. Stupid summary.


Nakajima Yuto, who had just been appointed as the new head and general of the samurai clan, is about to resign to sleep. He is already peacefully lying on his futon and about to close his eyes – happy that he can finally take his so much awaited rest. Yuto had just been to the passing ceremony and several parties celebrating for his newly found position. Yes, being the eldest son of the general, he was trained very well so he can be a rightful replacement. And now that the said general is dead, it is now his turn to show what he had learned in all those years of strict training.

When all of a sudden, Yuto’s senses where on it’s fullest and he was just in time to dodge the sharp knife that is now stuck on the place where his head was just a while ago. He looked up to his attacker and saw a black masked person. “A ninja…!” he realized inside his mind.

Yuto immediately disarmed the said person. They struggled for a while for the assailant was struggling back and he is good. But Yuto was better. “Yare… yare… how sneaky…!” he said to him when he have completely gain control over the situation. He have pinned both of the person’s wrist and he has his feet stepping the person’s legs, locking his movements. “You are so brave.” Yuto chimed in, “Going here alone – do you think you can kill me with this little toy?” and he tossed the blade on the corner of the room – away from their reach. “Just you…?”

“I am more than enough!” the ninja answered.

“Hoh~ much more a lady…!” Yuto laughed. And with a swift hand, he yanked away her mask. Truly, he recognized her: YAMADA RYOSUKE, the daughter with a boy’s name. He certainly knows how cunning this pretty lady can be – considering all those misfortunes and disadvantages she had caused to their clan. “Finally I meet you – what an honor!” Yuto let go of her.

Ryosuke immediately scrambled away and blend in with the darkness – as expected from a ninja like her. But Yuto is unthreatened – he can clearly hear her heartbeat. “It’s such a shame that we have to meet in this kind of situation.” Yuto moved his self to a lazy sitting position, mocking the ninja princess to just attack him there and then.

Ryosuke was distracted. But no, it’s a trap! She knows how smart this person – considering that he has been proclaimed general at such a very young age. For sure, he can do more than what his appearance is telling her.

Much to her surprise, Yuto gave out a sigh. “I’m tired. I want to sleep. Can we settle this tomorrow?” and he lay back down on his futon. He straightened the blanket that they have messed and he went under it. He lay back his head on the pillow and closed his eyes. “Oyasumi~” he told her nonchalantly. He even had the guts to bid him sweet dreams.

“How dare you…?!” Ryosuke felt her patience evaporating away. How can this guy treat her presence like she was no danger at all?! And launching herself to just finish him, she planned on making him realize that he should have known better than to treat her like this – but it was a big mistake.

Yuto cunningly welcomed her in his arms and in a second, she is locked on his control. She felt her armed hand forced on a way that if she fought back, she will hurt her own self. Yuto had made a great advantage on the opening she created. “Kusso~” she muttered under her breath, thinking of a way to escape her position.

Yuto just smirked. “You want to sleep beside me…? I don’t mind.”

“Screw you…!” she snarled at him.

Yuto just laughed more. And guiding his free hand, he harshly pulled her top revealing her chest bare. Ryosuke widened her eyes, “You…!” she felt rage rampaging inside her.

“In ten seconds, my guards will be here – checking on me because of the commotion you created. And believe me, when they recognize you here – they will have their way on you before they will execute you. So pick your choice…” he bargained.

“What…?” Truly, Ryosuke can hear several movements coming to their direction. And even though against her will, she let go of the kunai she is holding that Yuto easily hid under the pillow. Ryosuke glanced sideways – ashamed of her position and telling Yuto that he can do whatever he wants with her.

“Good girl.” Yuto cooed and descended down, pressing their bodies together. He leaned in to the crook of her exposed neck. But before he can do more, the wooden door slid open and his guards came to view.


Yuto looked annoyed. He lifted his face – making a perfect act – and sent angry glares to his subordinates for disturbing what he is doing. “What…?!”

“Deep apologies sire. We didn’t know…!” they retreated and closed the door once again – but Ryosuke knew that they are still outside the door.

Yuto immediately moved his self off the girl and threw the blanket over her half naked figure. Ryosuke remained stoned on her place, having a hard time digesting what just happened. Did he just help her…?! Arienai~

Yuto acted that she is his concubine – of course, its normal for high ranking people to have them – so they wouldn’t suspect her of anything. He acted like they are being intimate of each other so the guards will remain outside – to avoid them seeing her face.

“What is it?” she heard Yuto speaking to them.

“We have received the report that the ninja princess has been caught sight sneaking in the premises.” Ryosuke heard one of the guards said. She poked her head out of the blanket and kept it wrapped to herself, throwing a calculating look to the young general. She was surprised that he is also looking at her, amused. What is going on in his head? Ryosuke can’t get him. Why is he covering for her?

“Is that so?” Yuto replied bored.

“Sire, please take this seriously. The ninja princess is a huge threat.” Another guard spoke warily, trying to make Yuto see the sense that he is in danger. Yuto frowned. “Don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself.” a teasing smirk surfaced on his side lip, still looking at the still dazed Ryosuke. “If there is one thing I like on a girl, it’s her daring side…” he winked at her meaningfully. “…let her come. I’ll be waiting.”

Ryosuke felt her face burning red with anger. He’s trampling on her ego – just because she is caught on a critical situation. She would have slit his throat right now.

“So if you wouldn’t mind, can I ask you to leave? I have some business to attend to.” And he jumped on her, pushing her back to the mattress. Ryosuke uttered a loud gasp because of surprise.

Hearing that sound, the guards understood what he meant and so did Ryosuke. She looked up to him in mixed fear and anger. But Yuto just returned it with knowing eyes. The two of them stilled on their position as they listened to the sounds of their footsteps fading away.

After some time of silence – making sure that they are truly alone, Ryosuke got the courage to speak. “Why are you doing this? What are you playing at…?”

Yuto rolled to her side and lay there looking up to the ceiling. Then he shrugged, “Dunno~”

“What kind of answer is that?” Ryosuke demanded with a scoff, looking at him sharply.

“You sneak in here bravely and tried to kill me – you sure have some great guts. Now I want to see you sneak your way out.” Yuto found an answer, more like of convincing his self that it is really the reason why he is doing it. Truth to be told, he doesn’t why himself. It’s just like – spur of a moment…?

“You’re just playing with me – seeing me struggle...”

“You can say that.” a frown. “Well, how about the reason that I want to see your full potential?” Yuto changed his mind. “I want to see how will you get out of here alive?”

“Besides, there’s no thrill in fighting an opponent who can be caught that easily, is there?” he mocked her.

“Damn you…!” Ryosuke said again.

“You should stop cursing, you know. It’s a turn off…”

“I can curse you how many times I want and whenever I want!” Ryosuke raised her voice, grabbing him by the collar. She is such a brave soul. She managed to do that considering the unlucky circumstances she is in. She should be grateful to him instead. But, “I don’t need to please anyone, especially you…!”

“Souka~” Yuto replied but his attention is on something else. He is looking down.

Ryosuke furrowed her expression and followed where he is looking and she realized that she lost her holdings on the blanket when she grabbed him by the neck. She let go of him immediately and wrapped herself with the blanket once more. “You…!”

Yuto laughed. Then he removed his top and threw it to her. “You can sleep here for the night. Consider this room your safe zone – you can stay here as long as your want… as you make your plan on getting out alive.”

“You find you way in – now find your way out.” He stood up and get out of the door. “Don’t worry, as long as you stay in my room, no one will suspect you. For they know, you are my hostess. So you’re perfectly safe.” And he closed the door before Ryosuke can throw another knife at him. “Again, oyasumi.” He sent a final smile and he walked away.

“Damn you… damn you… damn you…!” Ryosuke repeatedly muttered to him when she is alone. Then grabbing the clothes that he gave her, Ryosuke slipped it to herself and tied it securely on her body. She realized that it smells good. “He smells nice…” she flushed a little. Then she shook her head. “What am I thinking?! He’s the enemy for goodness sake. And he is having a good time seeing me having a hard time. I will never forgive him for shaming me. I will make him pay…!”


The next day, Ryosuke woke up feeling someone poking her cheeks. She grunted as she tried to face away from the touch – when she realized that she was sleeping on somewhere limited. “Whoah~” she tried to grab hold of something but failed to do so. Good thing, two strong arms were quick to catch her before she can completely fall off to the hard wooden floor. She grabbed back in return to steady herself. “Th-thank you…!” she muttered under her breath, calming her heart. Then she looked up to see her savior – and she was welcomed by none other than they guy she was planning to crush just last night, “Nakajima Yuto…!” she shoved him off so violently due to shock that she did not realize that he was still supporting her. It made her lost her balance completely and fell to the ground with a loud thud.

“Ittai~” she massaged her back and a laugh erupting from Yuto’s mouth made her throw a murderous glare at him.

“You’re funny.” Yuto said, offering his hand. But Ryosuke slapped his hand away and stood on her own. “Why are you sleeping on the ceiling anyway, don’t you find my bed comfortable?” he asked, plain curious.

Instead of answering, Ryosyke gave him a resentful look. “What are you doing here?” she asked hotly.

“Well, this is MY room.” Yuto emphasized. “And I came here to bring you your breakfast.” He pointed her a small table where a nicely meal for one was set-up. “Don’t worry, it’s not poisoned.” And he grabbed a piece and ate it as proof. “See?” he said munching. “I’m still alive.” He grinned getting another piece. “Oishi~” he exclaimed and he was on the process of getting another when Ryosuke slapped his hand away. He retorted by looking at him sharply.

“You said it was my breakfast…?” Ryosuke threw him an even sharper gaze.

Yuto’s expression softened, “Oh yeah~ sorry about that.” he shrugged. Then he straightened up, “I’ll be going out for the mean time. I will go to the town to check on what is happening there so I will be gone for the whole day…” he told her.

“Why are you telling me?” Ryosuke hmp-ed as she picked the chopsticks and started eating.

“Thought you ought to know~” Yuto shuddered, “Jyaa~ I’m off~” and he walked out. “And oh~ stay in here if you haven’t finalize a plan yet. Alert about you breaking in is still high.” He shared. And he closed back the door behind him.

“Why is he caring so much to me?” Ryosuke wondered. “Argh~ so much trouble for torturing me. He is too sadistic…!” then she continued to eat on the breakfast that Yuto delivered her. “Truly, this is delicious.” She admitted.


It was already dinner when Yuto came back to the mansion. He was already tired but he got cautious when he was welcomed by wary looking servants and several guards. “What happened?” Yuto asked, getting alert.

“Sire, a burglar had just been here…” one guard spoke up.


“When I entered the kitchen a while ago afternoon, I saw a stranger.” A lady servant explained. “And he seems to be stealing some food. So I shouted for help. Then of course, he ran away. But the guards came to block his way and there was a fight. He had managed to defeat them all but he was wounded as well.”

“We tried to follow him but he disappeared when he got out the back doors.” A guard spoke this time. “What got me wondering though is he seems to be wearing the sire’s clothes.”

Yuto raised an eyebrow. “My clothes…?”

“The burglar must have stolen them from the sire’s cabinet before he went to the kitchen. For sure he must be only some lowly thief looking for food or anything he can sell to have money.” Keito, Yuto’s best friend and right hand, who was with him the whole day said.

“You’re right. But a lowly thief fighting several guards all at once?” the guard replied. “Plus he beat them all…?”

“Well, thieves are getting more dangerous nowadays.” Keito said again.

“Just be careful and make sure to lock all doors and windows before going to sleep.” Yuto spoke finally. “Then remind the patrol guards tonight to be more alert. We have a thief on the loose.” Though deep inside him, Yuto is already having a clue who that thief might be. “You?” he called the attention of the guard who spoke a while ago.

“Yes, sire?”

“You said he was wounded?” Yuto confirmed. “Where?”

“Uhm~” the guard thought for a moment. “I managed to cut his right arm, sir.”

“Was the wound deep?”

“I-I think so. Well, he screamed out in pain actually. Now that I realize it, the voice seems to be of a woman.” The guard tilted his head trying to remember.

“That’s all.” Yuto dismissed him. He, then, turned to Keito. “Watch out for suspicious people. If that person has a wound on the right arm, that’s enough proof for him to be a suspect.” 

Keito nodded that he understood and he left.

Meanwhile, Yuto proceeded upstairs to his room – much in a hurry than usual. He realized that his room is empty and seems to be deserted. No one is inside. “Did she left already?” Yuto thought inside his head. Whether he admits it or not, he is worried.

He slid the door and darkness welcomed him. “She must have left.” Yuto thought, when he heard a whimper. He narrowed his eyes and looked for the source of the sound. He sharpened his senses and scanned the room. There, on the corner, he saw Ryosuke having a hard time hiding. It must be because of her wound – it must be painful preventing her from moving too much. Truly, Yuto can see her right arm bleeding freely and she carelessly wrapped it with a cloth. Yuto immediately made his actions and treated her. He replaced her clothes to refresh her feelings for he can see her shivering and perspiring cold sweats. Then he lay her on his bed and cleaned her wound.

“Why are you doing this?” Ryosuke asked shakily, her face pale. “You could have just killed me.” she looks so weak.

Yuto rolled his eyes, “Stop talking and conserve your energy.” He sprinkled her wound with powder medicine and is now tying it with clean bandages, stopping its bleeding. “It’s kind of my fault too. I should have left you lunch and afternoon snacks as well so you don’t need to sneak in to the kitchen and get some food.”

“Yo-you knew?”

Yuto shook his head, “They have mistaken you as a thief downstairs and reported me what happened right after I took my first step inside the house.” He had just finished making the knot to keep the bandages on place.

“Sou~” Ryosuke closed her eyes, feeling tired.

“Go to sleep. You lost too much blood, you must be very exhausted~” Yuto said straightening the blanket over her, making sure she is properly covered. “I’ll just be here. Don’t worry, I’ll watch over you. Oyasumi~”

And Ryosuke weakly nodded her head – her unconscious mind falling for his kindness.



Author’s Note: Saa~ what do you think? Another weird mc from me… XD
Tomorrow will be YutoYama’s first wedding anniversary? I wonder how they will celebrate it. >////<
And today is Suzuki and Kobayashi’s birthday!! Otanjoubi~! *throws confetti

٩( mariko
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