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Title: YutoYama’s first wedding anniversary
Pairing: YutoYama
Author: Mariko
Genre: Romance. SMUT.
Rating: NC
Summary: It’s May 5!


The dress is here is inspired by this:

Wedding Gown

It was the 5th day of May and Ryosuke was having his normal day. It was late morning and he had just been from the book store for the new sets of manga that came out today – he was a huge fan of this series… so yeah, he wouldn’t miss this one out.

He was humming happily, almost skipping – getting giddy with all the manga he will read when he gets home.

Unfortunately, midway back to his house, a sudden black van appeared out from the corner and stopped not far in front of him. Its sliding door opened and several suspicious men climbed out surrounding him in that instant. “E-eh?!” Ryosuke managed to dodge when the first man tried to grab hold of him. “What do you want from me…?!?” he asked out in panic. But when two men attacked him at once, Ryosuke lost his holdings. Each of the men grabbed his either arm, preventing his struggles to break free. “Let go of me…!” he shouted out, calling attention. But a man covered his nose and mouth with a cloth and Ryosuke knew that he is in deep shit for he can feel his consciousness fading away. “Yabai~ sleeping gas…” that was Ryosuke’s last thoughts before he lost grasp of everything.


“Uhm~!” Ryosuke moaned out from his sleep. He can feel his head beating madly – like he had just recovered from an accident considering head injury. “My head feels like bursting any moment.” He grumbled weakly.

With his eyes refusing to open because of the pain, Ryosuke reached for his head thinking of massaging it, to at least ease the pain. But then he felt something wrong with his hand. He opened his eyes, “A-re?!” he saw his hand covered by a white silky glove and it stretches up to his elbow.

Ryosuke propped up his body and saw that he is lying on the middle of an extremely luxurious four poster bed, covered in white lacey and shiny sheets then the crimson red tapestry tied to the sides – a bed of a royal queen. “What the…?!?” Ryosuke casted his eyes around the room and he felt his self dropping his jaw. “Where on earth am I?”

The room was large as a court field and the high ceiling glimmering with dimly lighted shimmering chandeliers. He can see the furniture of the room made of willow wood and varnished darkly – the chairs, tables, the dressers, the wardrobes. The walls are covered in maroon red wallpaper and priceless oil paintings are hanging in pattern all over the room. Then the large windows are shut tightly together with their bloody red thick tapestry drawn shut – giving the room this dark ambiance that makes him feel this different kind of chill. And the aromas of the strong flowers on the vases on almost every corner of the room were as addicting… the room itself was of extravagance. Ryosuke felt like being inside in one of those rooms in European castle during the monarchy era. Then by the large ornate mirror positioned right across him – Ryosuke felt his heart stopped beating. “What the hell am I wearing?!” he saw his self on a pure white enchanting wedding gown. It felt like he is a Disney princess plucked out from a fairy tale book. And he had to admit – he had never seen his self this beautiful… no, beautiful isn’t the right word. It’s captivating… even Ryosuke is having a hard time accepting that he can be this alluring.

Ryosuke was contemplating very hard on how he ended up in this situation when something on the mirror caught his attention. From the corner of the room, he can figure out a reflection of someone sitting on a meticulously sculptured throne chair – looking directly back to him through the reflection of the mirror – sitting casually with his legs crossed and a mysterious creepy smile spread across his thin lips.

Ryosuke felt shivers on his spine when he recognized the guy. “Y-Yuto-kun…?” he mumbled weakly as he turned his body to directly face his lover. And complimenting the magnificent wedding gown he is wearing, Yuto is wearing a completely dark suit with a dark rose colored vest and tie.

“About time for you to wake up…” Yuto chimed in. With the way he said it, Ryosuke suddenly felt bad – like he is emitting this aura of dark desire all around him.

Yuto stood up from his chair and smoothly made his way to his side. “But no matter. I was planning my way on you even if you are asleep anyway.” He stopped by a small round table and in there, he got a bottle of red wine and effortlessly pour his self a glass – the red liquid flowing from the mouth of the bottle smoothly.

Then scrutinizing the drink, Yuto smell it before taking a sip. He walked to Ryosuke’s side and motioned for him to drink too.

Ryosuke shakily reached for it and took a gulp. He closed his eyes as he felt the liquid burning his throat as he swallowed it down. Yuto gave him a proud smile. Well, Ryosuke is not really good with alcohols and strong beverage. Yuto even needed to keep a close watch on him when they go out for a drink or something.

“Yuto-kun?” Ryosuke called his name again when Yuto sat beside him, nonchalantly placing the now empty glass in the side table. Yuto, then, reached for his cheeks and lovingly caressed it with his knuckles. And he leaned in, licking then biting on it. Ryosuke trembled from the touch and he tried to flinch away but Yuto’s arm is around his back already, pulling him even closer.

“I love you.” Yuto said to him, barely audible but Ryosuke caught it. And he kissed him full in the lips. Ryosuke kissed back weakly – for Yuto was dominating him, the strong taste of the wine lingering in their mouths.

Ryosuke utter a low gasp when he was pushed down on the bed and turned so his stomach was pressed on the mattress instead. Through his back, he can feel Yuto lying down on him – trapping him under him.

“You were the one who kidnapped me…” Ryosuke stated weakening as Yuto was playing with his ear. He felt Yuto brushed his hair to the side and kissing breathing on his neck. It trailed down to his exposed shoulders. “Stupid dress – I’m showing too much skin!” Ryosuke cursed as he was being tickled by Yuto’s warm breath. “Mmm~ Yuu…!” Yuto seems to be doing it on purpose.

“Can you really call it kidnapping?” he felt Yuto’s lips tugging to a mischievous smile.

Ryosuke turned his body to face him, telling Yuto to kiss him on the lips. “Not really – as long as it’s you, then it’s fine.” 

“You’re not scared of me…?” Yuto asked kissing him.

Ryosuke slightly shook his head. “The only threat I can see right now is you… devouring me with your desire.” And he kissed him back, replying in full passion. He felt Yuto laughing in their kiss and he smiled as well, with his own joke. Between their lip-locking, Ryosuke moved his hand and pulled away the annoying bow tie on Yuto’s neck. Truly, he does not like it on him – it looks so out of place. Then he popped open the coat, vest and polo all at the same time – not having the patience to undo them one by one. And he wandered his hand – mapping the skin of his lover’s bare torso.

“Then be prepared, my love… for I will fulfill my needs to its fullest.” And Ryosuke blushed as he felt a sharp tug at the side of this dress.

“Eh…?” he reacted a little late. Then he felt the cold air brushing against his side – Yuto had just pulled off the ribbon keeping it on place, revealing more of his creamy skin. “Why trouble yourself making me wears this difficult dress if you are just going to take it off me?” he asked him a little sarcastically. He knew that it’s Yuto who arranged this scheme – with his passion of dressing him up. What’s the reason? Why all this trouble just to get him off his pants? A wedding gown – adding more to the point!?

Maybe, Yuto is wanting something more daring – something new. Honestly, Ryosuke needs to do something with Yuto’s getting lewd and even wilder fantasies. This is too much!

“That’s the best part!” Yuto grinned getting him back from his little thoughts. “…so I can enjoy every bit of you as I stripped it off slowly. Just like your favorite food – you don’t eat it all at once, but rather savor every bite.” He told him seductively as he inserted his large hands on the opening he created.

“Ah~” Ryosuke moaned unconsciously as Yuto caresses him – like small bolts of electricity tickling him delightfully. Then it wandered more. And another tug was felt and Ryosuke felt pity on the dress – it would be such a waste on Yuto’s merciless hands. It seems like effort was really placed in order to make this one. He can now feel both of Yuto’s hands working on him.

Yuto pulled open the zipper on Ryosuke’s dress – completely revealing his back, up to the boundary of his waist. “Ryosuke…?” he called his name lowly, “…a little help?” Yuto traced his spine with his skillful lips, going upward and sending shivers on Ryosuke who could only gasp and moan more.

Then sending a final kiss on Ryosuke’s nape, the two of them shifted to the position that Yuto is leaning on the head board and Ryosuke is seated across him. Ryosuke pulled Yuto’s pants open and pulled it away along with his underwear. He clutched on Yuto’s already hard length and stroke it a couple of times, earning impatient grumbles and annoyed stares from Yuto. He gave him a short chuckle before lowering his head and facing it.

Ryosuke kissed Yuto’s member from the head down to its base, keeping his eye contact with his lover. The two of them stared at each other as Ryosuke worked on him. He was licking, kissing and nipping but not quite giving what Yuto is craving for.

“god, Ryosuke…! You’re making me crazy!” Yuto gasped out reaching for Ryosuke’s head, brushing his slender fingers on his hair. The shorter guy giggled and he finally engulfed his member, giving him the most pleasurable blowjob yet. He licked and sucked, bringing Yuto to the pits of ecstasy. “Damn, Ryosuke… I need to…!”

Ryosuke bobbed his head faster and sucked more as he tastes Yuto’s pre-cum. He can also feel Yuto bucking his hips a little, thrusting to his mouth. “Ryosuke… I’m…!” Ryosuke was just in time to pull away as Yuto spurted his essence – creating streaks of cum across his face. And Yuto felt another hard on as he watched Ryosuke licking his lips and smeared hands – very erotic. It’s like asking Yuto to give him more. How much Yuto wanted to capture that tongue and suck on it himself.

Panting for air, Yuto eyed Ryosuke through his half-lidded eyes. He watched him crawled on his lap and kissed him fully. Yuto has no idea whether he is tasting his own self or Ryosuke’s sweetness but he just kissed him back.

Then the sound of poor fabric being torn was heard as Yuto ripped Ryosuke’s dress into two from either side – then discarding them on the floor. “Finally…!” Ryosuke thought as he was freed from the itchy gown. The dress wasn’t really comfortable for him. He took the liberty of removing the gloves as well.

It’s just a shame that Yuto destroyed such a very beautiful dress – not like Ryosuke really cares.

Yuto laid Ryosuke on the mattress showering him with wet and messy kisses. And Ryosuke was just there – submitting his self and moaning in anticipation. “Turn over~” Yuto told him and sending him a quizzical look, Ryosuke obliged.

Ryosuke felt Yuto’s hands sliding to his knees up to his inner thighs then up and before he knew it, Yuto’s finger is probing him open, “Gah~” he sounded surprise with the prick.

Another finger was added and Ryosuke winced, biting his bottom lip. He is familiar with the pain but no matter how many times they’ve done this, he just can’t get used to it. Yuto was spreading him wide. Then the third and fourth finger was in and Ryosuke is moving according to Yuto’s fingers. “Ah…!” he buried his head on the pillow. “Yuto, please… inside…!” he moaned out, unable to take the teasing anymore. He’s craving for him already.

Yuto smirked evilly. How much he loves Ryosuke’s begging please – it just turn him on even more.

Ryosuke sighs when Yuto pulled out his fingers but he tenses up when Yuto shoved inside him. “…t-too big!” he gasped out, adjusting with his size.

“Relax, Ryosuke…” Yuto caresses him. Then withdrawing a little, Yuto pushed back in. He repeated his action a few more times, gaining speed and pressure –and Ryosuke was shaking beneath him in pleasure. It didn’t take long for Ryosuke to move his hips, meeting Yuto’s deep thrusts – his moans getting shameless and almost turning into screams. “Ah- there! Yuto-kun…! Uhn… faster…! Again~”

The bed creaked in accordance with their movements and the sound of slapping skin became louder and the mattress bouncing according to their rhythm, the neat bed now a heap of messy sheets and torn fabrics of what they were just wearing a while ago. It didn’t take long for Yuto to find his sweet spot and he was aiming there – making Ryosuke’s hole clutched him in pleasure. How much he loves this ass bringing him to seventh haven.

“My love…” Yuto whispered on his ear through his pleasured pants. And Ryosuke felt Yuto gripping on his chin, lifting it up. “Open your eyes…” he demanded.

Obeying, Ryosuke opened his eyes and he was shocked with the view that welcomed him. In front of him is the large mirror and he can see his self clinging on the bed almost for dear life with Yuto pounding from behind – the two of them red in the face and panting. Their body covered in sweat and other essences. “Watch us…!” Yuto breathe out seductively in his ears continuing to thrust on him. “Carve it in your mind, my Ryosuke… how we make love – of how we join together and become one…”

With the view, Ryosuke felt his self branded – his body, heart and mind… all owned by this person abusing his body to the peaks of earthly delights. “Never forget that you are mine…!” Yuto hissed out possessively. Ryosuke could only agree.

He knew that Yuto is nearing his second orgasm when he reached for his length and stroked him. “Ahn~ Yu… ah~!” Ryosuke clutched the sheets as tight as he can, maintaining his hold keeping his steady. Ryosuke turned his head sideways and they shared a sloppy kiss. It didn’t take long for him to reach his climax, soiling Yuto’s hand and on the bed. Then a few more thrusts, he felt Yuto burying his cock way deep into his ass as he released his seeds inside him – feeling some of it leaking out when Yuto pulled out.

The two of them collapsed on the bed, catching their breaths. “…that was tiring.”

Yuto rolled to his back and pulled Ryosuke to his embrace. He felt him wincing. “Does it hurt?” he asked worriedly, giving him a kiss on the forehead.

“…feels like burning.” Ryosuke admitted with his eyes closed and catching for air. “…but no matter. You are the only one who can do this to me anyway.”

Yuto chuckled humorously, “Of course…!”

And with another kiss on now sleeping Ryosuke’s forehead, “Happy anniversary, my Ryosuke… I love you.” He pulled the blanket over them and sleep settled in.

“I love you too, Yuto-kun…!” Ryosuke mumbles in his sleep.



A/N: *evil laugh. Porn on YamaJima’s wedding anniversary!!! Yeah. It’s May 5, right – their official wedding as the sea horse OTP. XD Sorry for being lame. NC is not my thing! ==” *sulk in the corner and emitting dark gloomy aura
Just leave your comments and reactions down below. ^^v

٩( mariko
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