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Title: Legacy and Love
Author: Mariko
Pairing: YutoYama.
Genre: Romance. Angst. AU. SMUT-Rape for this chapter.
Rating: PG for violence - NC
Warning: Girl Ryosuke.
Summary: Ryosuke is the only daughter of the head of the ninja clan and she swore that she will kill the head of the Samurai clan, their enemy, with her very own hands. As a very intelligent individual, everything was going on along like she planned – but when she met the very person she have sworn to kill… she found her world starting to revolve around him. Stupid summary.


Through the entire night, Yuto couldn’t sleep. He couldn’t stop worrying over the short girl that now seems to be peacefully sleeping on his futon like it was her own. He can see her clutching on his blanket and seems to be having sweet dreams. It was just a while ago that she was shivering and developing a fever but now, with Yuto’s treatments, she is getting better.

He gave out a sigh. “Believe me, I’m asking myself the same. Why am I taking the trouble just for you?” he muttered lowly as he brushed away the fringes caught on her face. And leaning in, Yuto planted a kiss on her forehead before lying beside her.

And together, the two of them slept side by side.


The next day, it was already late in the morning for the sun is already high up in the sky when Ryosuke woke up – probably because her energy was drained with yesterday’s event. She got injured and lost too much blood. She felt her wounded arm and felt it better. Yuto did take care of her last night and the thought made her smile blissfully. Ryosuke slowly opened her eyes and the view that welcomed her almost made her heart leaped out from her chest. Yuto’s sleeping face was right in front of hers! She realized that she is sleeping in his embrace and he has his arms around her protectively – as if safeguarding her from any danger.

Ryosuke gulped on her position and slowly tried to break free. But Yuto stirred and just tightened his arms around her even more. He must be really tired and just have fallen asleep not long a while ago. She guessed she can stay in this position for a while. It’s comfortable anyway.

But when she unconsciously turned her eyes on the direction of the door, she widened her eyes and jumped on her position.

Feeling the violent action from Ryosuke, Yuto woke up and reacted violently. “Mou~ I had just fallen asleep you know!” he said annoyed, wanting to sleep again. But when he saw Ryosuke looking star struck, he turned his head to see and felt his eyes widening as well. “Ke-Keito…!?” Standing right there is Okamoto Keito – Yuto’s right hand general – looking at them with the same flabbergasted expression.

Yuto hastily stood up on his feet and straightened his self, “I-I can explain!” he said to him.

Keito immediately closed the door behind him – so no one can see them. “You are keeping an enemy inside your very room!” he hissed at him, his eyes accusing.

“I know~” Yuto approached him, his palms held out to tell him to stay calm.

“And it seems like she is the same thief who broke in the kitchen last night?” Keito added eyeing Ryosuke’s right arm. It was covered in slightly blood stained bandages.

“Yes~” Yuto admitted. “She is the same person. But she did not break in. I forgot to give her lunch, that’s why she got hungry and went to there for food.”

“Give her lunch…?!” Keito repeated aghast. “You have been taking good care of her…!? Since when…?!” Keito demanded. “You better start explaining it to me, Nakajima Yuto – being the highest rank general here doesn’t stop me from beating you.” He warned, his eyes flaming with anger.

Yuto gulped and Ryosuke wondered if it’s just his imagination but he saw a flicker of fear in his eyes. It seems like this Okamoto Keito affects him more than anyone else does. Well, what she knows is that they are best friends. They seem to be together since they were in diapers. Then she furrowed her brows when Yuto pulled him out, “Let’s talk outside.”

“Huh?” But it was too late. Yuto had hurriedly pulled Keito out and slid the door closed behind them.


“I know it’s wrong for me to keep her here…” Yuto started. “…and I’m sorry for that…”

“I’m not asking for your apologies, tall boy. What I’m asking is your explanation.” Keito cut him, still fuming. “Do you know the consequences of your actions when they found out what you just did…?!”

“I know~ that’s why I’m keeping her in my room. I told her that she can’t come out.” Yuto answered back.

“Apparently, she is not the obedient type, is she?” Keito referred to last night’s incident.

“That’s an exemption. She was hungry that’s why she went out. Besides, didn’t she come back inside right after?” Yuto defended the poor girl.

“Because she is hurt…!” Keito saw the flaw. “When did she get here anyway?”

“The night before yesterday” Yuto answered right away. “She broke in my room and tried to kill me. But I disarmed her and took control over her – I got all her weapons and threw them away. That was just before the guards came and told me that the ninja princess had broken inside the mansion.”

“So you decided to keep her in your room, is that it – just because you gain control over her?!” Keito scolded him. “God, Yuto~ she is the ninja princess! We don’t know what is going on inside her head. And the nerve that you actually sleep beside her, she could kill you…!”

“But she didn’t…!”

“Yeah~ I can figure that out. Because if she did, I won’t be talking to you right now – I’ll be hunting her down if that’s the case.” Keito rolled his eyes. “She even snuggled closer to your embrace, did you know that?” he said somewhat disgusted.

“She did?” Yuto asked, his tone and expression changing.

“That’s beside the point!” Keito groaned, “Why are you keeping her anyway? You know that what you should be doing is turning her over so we can prepare her public execution!”

“Believe me, Keito. I don’t know myself why I’m doing this to her – jeopardizing my position and risking my life just because of that girl…” Yuto admitted and Keito can see that his friend is really confused. And one thing coming to his mind, Keito can only pray that his conclusion is wrong. “I’m warning you, Yuto. You can’t fall in love with her…! She is the enemy!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t!” Yuto answered confidently to him, but his tone waivered.

“Lie” Keito countered him lightly. “You already did.”


Ryosuke was anxiously waiting inside Yuto’s room. She has no idea what had happened when Yuto and Keito left her alone so they can talk privately. “Gosh~ what’s wrong talking here, do they hate me that much to walk out on me?” she grunted inside her head. But as much as she wants to follow them, she can’t. Its daylight and many servants are walking around the mansion. There is a big chance that she will be caught and that will be unfavorable for her – so with her savior general.

After a few more minutes, Yuto came back with an expression that Ryosuke had a hard time to decipher. “So… how did it go…?” Ryosuke can’t stop herself but to ask. She gulped and waited for Yuto to answer.

But it wasn’t Yuto who answered her question. He was shortly followed by his friend again. “Okamoto…?” Ryosuke doesn’t know the words she should say.

“I don’t know what the hell you did to my best friend for him to take you in. But I’m warning you, miss – any funny business, any at all… I will be the one to behead you. Go that…? You are still an enemy and I’m keeping that in mind.” He said dangerously. “I got my eyes on you.” And he walked out the room without another word.

Ryosuke and Yuto were engulfed in a moment of silence.

“It didn’t go well, did it?” Ryosuke laughed dryly.

“He’s really kind –he’s just being careful.” Yuto said to her.

“Well, I’ll take it as a good sign that he is still not yet killing me. I’ll just hurry up and get out of here – I might cause you more trouble if someone else finds it out.”

“Ye-yeah, you should.” Yuto answered weakly. “Jyaa~ I’ll be going downstairs. I’ll just get you your breakfast. You must be hungry.” And he walked out too. As he did so, Ryosuke wasn’t sure if she saw a glint of sadness in his eyes or not.

“What’s with that reaction?” Ryosuke thought. How come Yuto suddenly acted so indifferent…? But she shrugged it away and patiently waited for her meal. She’s starving anyway. She guessed that waiting in tension can make you hungry.

Having an empty stomach surely affects her thinking…


The several days that followed went on well. Yuto continued his duties of being the head of the army and Keito remained quiet of what he found out. And of course, Ryosuke kept her presence low to everyone and remains as much as possible inside Yuto’s room. She had now made an improvise disguise just in case someone enters Yuto’s room to clean or something. For all the servants in the mansion, Ryosuke is Yuto’s concubine and she is to remain inside his room. No one is realizing yet that she is the ninja princess and she hopes that no one will.


It was already late in the afternoon, almost twilight, yet Yuto is not yet coming back. The last time she saw him would be during noon when he delivered her lunch. Then he went away again, an emergency occurred and the general’s presence is deeply needed. Yuto said that he will be back soon.

Now, Ryosuke is getting hungry already. Though almost healed, the bandage on Ryosuke’s injured arm needs replacement too. “Mou~ where is he – what’s taking him so long?” And she grunted, enduring herself. She clutched on her grumbling stomach and thought of sneaking back to the kitchen again. But then, she remembered Keito’s warning. She shook her head feeling shivers – that guy looks scary.

Evening had come yet no Yuto was coming. Ryosuke is getting queasy. “What if something bad had happened to him?!” Ryosuke panicked. “Mou~ I need to hurry and get out of here.” Ryosuke doesn’t have a good feeling about this.

Then when she was pacing back and forth to at least ease down her anxiety, the door slid open and an expressionless Yuto came in. “Yuto, about time for you to…!” but Ryosuke cut herself when she saw the look that Yuto has on his face. “Yu-Yuto…?” Ryosuke called out his name warily. There is something wrong with him.

Yuto lifted his gaze to her with empty eyes. Ryosuke stepped back in fright. The Yuto in front of him… he’s different from the usual. Like he was possessed by a demon…

“Keito is dead.” Ryosuke heard Yuto said in monotone. “He was on duty to patrol the borders and his troops were ambushed by your clan…!” Yuto shouted walking to her direction and he pushed her hard. “Your father had killed my best friend – the only family I have left…!” Yuto looked down at her, madness reflecting on his eyes.

“I-I was gone too long – my father must have thought that you have held me captive. Now he is getting aggressive… he must have thought that you have me as a prisoner.” Ryosuke shakily explained.

“Well… you are now.” Yuto corrected her. He bent his knees and leveled with her. He was giving him this evil look. Then in another second, she was harshly thrown to the spread futon. Ryosuke hit the soft mattress still hardly so she winced in pain. And Yuto was on top of her, looking down at her with those darkly disturbing eyes. And for the first time, Ryosuke felt afraid of him – very afraid.

Yuto gave her an evil smirk – like a slap to her face that he has full control on her from the very start and he was just toying her – having a fun time. “I changed my mind. I guess I will just return you to your father…”

“Yo-you will…?” Ryosuke squeaked out in disbelief. Why the sudden change of decision.

“Yes…!” Yuto answered as he ripped her clothes off causing Ryosuke to yelp. Ryosuke widened her eyes. This is different. The first time that Yuto did this, she can sense the playfulness in him. But now, everything feels to be on an entirely new level. “Right after I have my way on you…!”

“No…!” Ryosuke struggled. She needed to get away from him. The Yuto in front of her – he’s not Yuto that she knew. He’s someone else – a different someone having Yuto’s face – a Yuto who has bad intentions. But it was futile. Like the first time, Yuto got her under his full control. He is stronger than her no matter what angle you look at.

“Before I return you, I will make sure that you will bear my heir.” Yuto said his evil plan. “After that, I want to know what your father will do – his very own daughter, carrying the child of his very own enemy…!” he harshly pulled the remaining clothes that Ryosuke has.

“No, stop…!” Ryosuke retaliated but a slap landed on her cheek. She felt it stinging as another one came on the same cheek.

“Your father is getting too much on my nerves. I want to kill him right now – but no, I have better plans to make him even more miserable.” Yuto said, molesting her skin with his clever lips and rough hands.

Ryosuke felt warm tears endlessly falling down from her eyes as she feels Yuto taking advantage of her. She kept fighting but as time passes on, she can feel herself weakening and slowly giving up.

Yuto straightened up and the two of them caught each other’s gazes – Ryosuke’s eyes reflect hopelessness and Yuto with victory. His eyes full of lust, telling that she is the most delicious thing he had ever tasted. “How can someone as handsome as you can be so ugly inside?” Ryosuke said painfully. She admits – she loves him… with all her heart. She doesn’t know why or how. And she can’t help but to feel pain to see the person she loves like this. She closed her eyes and prayed that everything was just a dream.

Yuto smirked at her bitterly “This is not yet my true form, Yamada Ryosyke. I’m just warming up…!” and she felt his hands on her hips, lifting it up. Yuto spread her legs wide and she felt his hard length against her entrance. Yuto was not joking when he said that he will have his way on her. “Yuto, please…” Ryosuke tried again, her eyes releasing more tears.

Yuto laughed. “Please what…?”

And Ryosuke shrieked in pain when Yuto entered her without warning. “It hurts…” she gasped out for air. And she unconsciously grabbed on his shoulder for support. It feels like she was being ripped apart. Then not giving her a chance to get use to it, Yuto started moving. Ryosuke was almost screaming in pain. She can feel wetness down there – she must be bleeding. It’s her first time after all.

But Yuto’s actions are proving that he doesn’t care. He kept pounding and thrusting. “You will be just the first step of your father’s fall.” Yuto panted out, forcing his self deeper into her – ravaging her deepest core.

And not standing the pain, Ryosuke closed her eyes and darkness set in.


When Ryosuke opened her eyes again, she can see the full moon shining brightly on the opened window and a sleeping Yuto lying on his stomach right beside her. She can see that both of them are naked under the covers. At least Yuto got the initiative to wrap her with the blanket.

Ryosuke can feel her waist to her buttocks sore. It seems like Yuto did not stop even when she fainted. He must have been going on for rounds because Ryosuke can barely feel anything on her genitals.

She tried to sit up but give up midway. It’s very painful even with the slightest movement. Not to mention that Yuto’s right arm is over her waist securely – as if making sure that she won’t get anywhere without waking him up. “I don’t think I can move…” she quitted by lying back down completely again. But felt something poking on her neck, “What’s that?” she placed her hand under the pillow and felt what it is. It’s a cold metal. Ryosuke pulled it out and realized that it’s her own knife. She remembered the instance why it got there.

Then seeing the flicker on the dark metal then to sleeping Yuto, Ryosuke gulped. Yuto is lying just beside her – open and vulnerable. She considers her options: Yuto is the head of the enemy clan. It’s enough reason for her to kill him – much more with what he did to her.

She pointed the tip right to Yuto’s slightly exposed neck. It’s going to be bloody when she pierced there. Then all the memories coming back to her – from the very first time that Yuto held her, it was when she attacked him. Then when he kept teasing her – and when he helped her by acting intimate with her… the shirt he rendered… the breakfast… when he treated her wound – stayed by her side to keep her company until she recovers… and the rest. Ryosuke felt herself silently crying once more. That is the disadvantage of being a girl – she gets emotional easily. Funny how someone can change completely because of the death of someone dear to him. And taking her decision, she pointed the blade back to her own throat. She won’t be a gateway for Yuto to start his revenge – to start being someone he is not. He is kind – someone who has a gentle heart.
Closing her eyes, she uttered a small prayer of goodbye and poised on striking. But before she can feel the pain on his skin, she felt a quick strong hand holding her arms tightly – preventing her from making a further move. Ryosuke snapped her eyes open and she saw Yuto wide awake and holding her. “Silly girl~ do you really think I will let you have it your way…?” he tightened his clutch resulting Ryosuke to let go of the knife. It fell down on the bed with a small bounce and Yuto grabbed it. He stood on his feet, slipping on the free yukata on the floor. While Ryosuke can only follow him with her eyes

“Go to sleep. I will escort you to the boundary by tomorrow morning.” Yuto said, still his cold back on her. “A small reminder: no funny business.” And he stepped out and closed the door, leaving her alone.

It took a moment for Ryosuke to comprehend what just happened. She was too engrossed in her own little thoughts as her gaze fell on the medium sized mirror in the room – and there, she saw a girl looking so pathetic looking back at her: messy hair, puffy eyes, red nose and pale skin scattered with bluish some violet bruises and a lot of hickeys. Anyone would feel pity when they see her in this state.

Ryosuke can only cry – she can’t do anything else anyway.



Author's Note: Uwa~ sudden change of events. O_o

٩( mariko
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