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Title: Love and Legacy
Author: Mariko
Pairing: YutoYama. TakaYama.
Genre: Romance. Angst. AU.
Rating: PG. Safe I guess~
Warning: Girl Ryosuke.
Summary: Ryosuke is the only daughter of the head of the ninja clan and she swore that she will kill the head of the Samurai clan, their enemy, with her very own hands. As a very intelligent individual, everything was going on along like she planned – but when she met the very person she have sworn to kill… she found her world starting to revolve around him. Stupid summary.


Ryosuke was clad in an old and worn out but enough to cover her kimono with her hands bind securely – not tight but enough to keep them useless. Her long hair tangled and falling freely down on her shoulder and her feet bare as she was pushed to walk on the ice cold ground to the gates out of the samurai kingdom.

Taking one last look behind her, she saw Yuto keeping his eyes ahead – cold and expressionless.

Like what he promised, he will return her safe and alive back to her clan. Ryosuke can feel herself wanting cry – but she shouldn’t show any weakness now. Yuto had messed her – some kind of a toy that he can easily dispose of when he wants to. It hurts. But what can she do. Life is cruel and she had let her guard down, now she can only suffer.

She looked back ahead and she can see the party that her father had sent to retrieve her. When she stepped over the boundary line, she can see her childhood friend dismounting his horse and almost running to her.

“Yuya…” she recognized him.

“Oh Ryosuke~ what have they done to you…?” he checked on her closely and tried to see everything. He untied her hands and massaged the slightly red marks. Then he removed his warmer jacket and throw it around her, “You’re freezing.” He said pulling it tighter around her.

Throwing one last glare to Yuto’s direction, Yuya pulled Ryosuke to his horse and helped her to climb. He sat her comfortably before climbing his self and hitting the leash making the horse turned around and ran back to their own castle.


Ryosuke was still in a daze when they reached her home – like she was half-dreaming all these past few hours. Yuya had carried her back to her room and there, he immediately cleaned her up and treated all of her wounds. She just let him as Yuya does his business. On the other hand, understanding that the princess must be in some state of a shock, Yuya can only look at her sympathetically.

In the middle of his work, Yuya was disturbed when Ryosuke’s father came to check on her. He motioned Yuya to continue what he is doing.

“Ryosuke…?” her father called her when he saw his daughter’s state.

Still not herself, Ryosuke looked at him with those wistful eyes. She looked at him with slight recognition. “Father~?” she paid respect.

Staring at her appearance, the general can’t help but to feel wary. The way Ryosuke holds herself is something different from before – like she was tamed. That usual free spirit she used to have is now gone… and replaced by something else… like she is mutely crying out for help.

And in disbelief, he realized it. “You are raped.” He said in monotone.

Yuya played deaf and continued doing his work. He was replacing the bandage on the princess’ right arm and kept his attention there. Yes, the moment he laid eyes on the princess – he knew that she was taken advantage of. But he kept his silence – thinking that it was for the safety and betterment of the princess.

But being a superior – someone with overflowing experience of unlikely situations, Yuya’s silence did not stop Ryosuke’s father from finding out.

Yuya clenched his jaw as Ryosuke’s expression turned more solemn and she started to cry silently, confirming her father’s assumptions.

“Who…?” he asked steely.

Ryosuke started to whimper.

“Your highness, please… the princess is in a trauma right now. For sure, she did not want what had happened to her~ please understand!” Yuya defended the poor girl. He can see her trembling now, and her father’s expression is sturdy scary – not helping at all.

“Who…?!” Ryosuke’s father repeated, ignoring Yuya’s words. “Tell me…!”

“Na-Nakajima Yu-Yuto…” Ryosuke stammered, closing her eyes as more tears poured out – the painful memory flashing back in his mind.

“Th-the general…?!” Yuya widened his eyes looking directly to the princess’ crying face. He can’t believe it. “He is the one who did this to you!?” Yuya felt enraged. If he had known, he would have busted that guy to pieces – he was just standing a few feet from him a while ago. And to think that he – the general – is the one who did it, he sure must have an agenda.

“Bring her to the dungeon.” Her father spoke finally, after a long moment of silence.

“Sire…?!” Yuya retorted aghast.

“That’s my order!” Ryosuke’s father repeated, firmly. Then he looked at her daughter, hatred burning on her eyes. “You should have known better than to come back here!” he spat in disgust.

“You are no daughter of mine.”

And Ryosuke can only laugh bitterly as she released more tears. My hell had just begun.


Several months later.

“Here’s your breakfast, hime-sama.” Yuya carefully inserted the tray through the gap so Ryosuke can access her food and start eating.

“Arigatou, Yuya~” Ryosuke mildly said as she approached the divider. “A-re?” she said slightly surprised for she can see a small packet of strawberry along her breakfast meal.

“Its hime-sama’s favorite so I sneak in some. Gomen ne~ that’s all I can bring to you.” Yuya chuckled nervously. “You used to eat a lot of them and can even consume a kilogram or two before.”

“Mou~ hazukashi!” Ryosuke replied. “Stop saying that – it reminds me of how I used to eat too much before…” Even with the weak lightings of the dungeons, Yuya can figure out that she is blushing. He laughed playfully.

“What’s with that laugh?” Ryosuke pouted, “Kimochiaru!”

“Nothing. It’s just that… you never changed. You are still the same gentle and brave-hearted Ryosuke that I have met – after everything that you had passed through.” He said softly.

Ryosuke looked at him wonderingly. “What do you mean?” she asked innocently.

Yuya smiled dearly. Then his gaze fell down from Ryosuke’s face to her protruding belly. Yes, it’s almost nine months now and any day now, Ryosuke would give birth to Nakajima Yuto’s child. And because of that, her father had completely disowned her. What did Ryosuke do to receive this kind of harsh treatment…?

“You’ll be a mother soon.” Yuya said casually. Actually, they could have prevented this situation. Being a medical person, Yuya learned about abortion thoroughly so he can help Ryosuke dispose of the baby. He studied hard the proper and correct way of doing it so he won’t jeopardize Ryosuke’s life when they do it. But Ryosuke calmly declined his offer when he suggested it. “It’s a life, Yuya. And you, of all people, should know its worth.”

Ryosuke looked at him for a while, surprised because of the sudden change of topic. “Maa~ I guess?” and she laughed care freely. Then Yuya saw her placing her hands on her stomach, her expression saddening.

“What’s with the face?” Yuya tried to lighten the atmosphere.

“It’s just… I wish to be with him.”

“Eh?” Who is Ryosuke referring to?

“I want him to grow up. As his mother, I want to stay by his side and watched over him.” Ryosuke shared her sentiments. Oh, she’s referring to the child. But Yuya can feel that Ryosuke also wanted to be with him. She wanted her child to grow up with a complete family. Of course, any mother would wish for the same.

“But I guess that’s impossible. My fate is here~ branded as a traitor of my own clan.” She bit her bottom lip, preventing herself from crying. “Ne, Yuya~ can you watch over him? Even just from afar… make sure that he will be fine? Please? I’ll be forever in your debt.”


“I know it’s too much of a favor. But I really want him to live on~” Ryosuke said, caressing her stomach now.

“Why are you willing to go that far just for the sake of that heartless bastard?” Yuya exploded out of a sudden, can’t stop his angry feelings from pouring out. “You know that he used you – so he can have revenge on your father. But we can see that it’s worthless… for your father had disowned you. It’s pointless keeping that child now. You have to save yourself…!” For the long time that Ryosuke had stayed in this wretched and unhealthy place, it was Yuya who kept her company. Every time she needed help, it was always him that stayed by his side – not once he failed her. Also, that made him Ryosuke’s some sort of diary. She told him everything that happened with her short stay in Yuto’s home – and everything that she feels from that event thereon.

Ryosuke shook her head in disagreement. “I can see it in his eyes – he didn’t mean his words. He was just hurt, his best friend was killed and he needed someone who will comfort him.”

“But being the head of their clan, he can’t show his weaknesses. He needs to stand firm – for his and his people sake. He must have been really confused.” Ryosuke said sadly. “And I guess it was me who was there for him…”

“Comfort from someone who came from the enemy?”

“He’s a good guy.” Ryosuke said slowly. “The two of us are just trapped by our own destiny – the overly long battle of our families…”

Yuya looked up to her and by seeing the small yet full of affection smile spreading from her lips, “You have fallen for him.”

Ryosuke just avoided his gaze and looked down on her stomach once more. She firmed her hold on it, as if already cradling the baby itself. She did not deny what Yuya had said but gave off another weak smile. “I’m sorry. You have helped me this far – yet I stubbornly kept resisting your offer. It’s just that… I want this child to live.” A tear fell from her eye

“Your intention with this child is different with him, you know…” Yuya told her. “You want this kid to have a good life – the father wants to use him against you.” He said the bitter truth.

“Even though, I want him to live.”

“But when this baby is born, your father will surely have him killed. It will be his disgrace to have a kin with the enemy.”

“That’s why I’m asking you to look over him…” Ryosuke pleaded to him. “Protect him…!”

“Why, Ryosuke…?! Tell me, why…?!” Yuya demanded angrily. “He had abandoned you…! Right after he found you’re useless to him, he never cared for you anymore…! So why…?!”

“Why do you keep believing in that guy?!”

“Why do you keep on fighting for this child’s life…??”

Yuya knew the answer. It’s just that… he doesn’t want to accept it. He doesn’t want Ryosuke to undergo hardships for a guy who doesn’t know her true worth. “Because it is the child with your beloved.” He finally spoke in defeat. Denying it is useless. There’s no point in asking a question when you already know the answer – much more painful if you will hear it from the person’s mouth itself.

Ryosuke gave out a sad laugh. “But I will be only up to that.”

Yuya creased his expression.

“He will never see me as a woman who loves him – I am the daughter of his enemy after all.” She stated grimly.

He looked at her sympathetically – unrequited love. And as if enlightenment came to him, Yuya spoke the contrary. He wanted to comfort her – her pain is too much. He doesn’t want her to feel more hurt. And he is now determined to help the princess with her fight until the very end. He won’t let her effort for all this time to go to waste. She had suffered enough.

“I think you are mistaken.” Yuya countered lightly with a slight sigh. “Like what you said, you belong to the enemy clan – so no matter what happens, I’m sure that he won’t show his weaknesses to you… his vulnerable side I mean. But he did.”

“That means that he trusts you – he trusts his life to you.” Yuya gave her another sigh. “The feelings are mutual.” He said confidently.

“It is…?”

Yuya rolled his eyes, “Like what you told me in your stories, he kept you inside his room for several days. He might have imprisoned you there but… he fed you, dressed you, treated your wounds and most of all, let you sleep in his bed.”

“Let’s switch your places. If the daughter of your archenemy wanders in your room like that and you can kill her very easily- which is downright expected for you to do so, will you do those things?”

Ryosuke shook her head, “I will kill her right away.”

“Exactly!” Yuya said to her. “But he did not… and much more, he made love with you – resulting for you to carry his child.”

“Basing on our conversation, he is definitely in love with you also.” Yuya gave her an encouraging pat in the head. “Though you did not give him your verbal consent… unconsciously you wanted it too.”

“But the fact that he used you is the thing I can never forgive. You are not a toy – you’re a human… that is supposed to be loved! And with whatever you are showing to me right now, you are just proving of how unworthy he is to deserve you.”

“I’m really sorry.” Ryosuke looked at him apologetically.

Yuya shook his head, slightly disappointed. “It’s alright. If I’m in your place, I’ll probably do the same. You love him… I can’t blame you because of that.”

“Eh, you forgive me…?” Ryosuke asked.

Yuya shrugged his shoulders, “That’s you… what can I do?” he added.

“Mou~” Ryosuke mocked punched his shoulder. “Stop teasing me. You’re bullying me too much.”

“But I’m still grateful to you. Without you, I don’t know what could have happened to me right now. You are still the same sweet Yuya.”

“Yeah, I know. Too bad – you choose that arrogant and stubborn guy over this sweet guy. Now you have lost your chance with my awesomeness.” He bragged airily.

Ryosuke giggled. Yuya is so kind, and she is lucky to have him. But she had made her choice.

It will be Yuto – not Yuya.


It was afternoon and Ryosuke is alone in her stone cell. Yuya is away to attend on some urgent business – promising that he will be back soon for dinner. Ryosuke is currently playing with some string puzzle – like the usual… Yuya had given it to her, so she can pass her time without getting bored.

When all of a sudden, she heard the guards making noises above… and someone was brought in: a new captive. Ryosuke saw the person harshly thrown to the cell across hers and she heard him landing on the stone ground loudly. It must have been hurt. Then Ryosuke watched as they closed his prison door, clanking loudly and the guards walked away.

Ryosuke tried to check from her position, and she warily approached nearer. “Daijoubu?” Ryosuke asked softly, trying to catch a glimpse of the new guy. She was craning her neck to take a look.

Then a face of a guy became visible to the light. Ryosuke can see his face badly beaten. It seems like he was involved in a brawl and ganged up.

“I guess…?” The guy answered. Ryosuke checked on his appearance and tried to make an impression of him. He looks kind. She wonders how he ended up here. Then she realized it. The boy is wearing a samurai uniform. “You are a samurai…?” she still asked.

“Yeah~ got a problem with that?!” he said somewhat getting pissed.

“Iie~ I didn’t mean to offend you.” Ryosuke replied quickly. “Just asking…”

“Wait…” the guy halted on his words, realizing something.


“You’re a girl…” the guy spoke.

“Uhm… yes. I am.” Ryosuke replied. He doesn’t seem to know who she really is – or rather who she was.

He saw the guy raising an eyebrow. “How did a girl like you end up here…?” Ryosuke can see him looking at her, giving her a full body scan. “Uwah~ pregnant…” he popped his eyes out when he saw Ryosuke’s stomach. “How…?” and he realized it – the reason why she is here. “The father is a samurai, right…?” he stated getting ahead.

Ryosuke just smiled weakly.

“Jya~ that’s too bad…” the guy dismissed the subject. “The ninja clan treats us lower than demise… tch~ acting like they are gods or something…!” and he winced because of the harsh facial expression he made. “Ittai~!” his hand flew to his bruised face.

“Here…” Ryosuke handed him a small glass vial. She gave it to him with slight difficulty because of the iron bars. “Apply it to your wounds – you’ll feel better.”

The guy received it. She can see him opening the bottle and sniffing on it first. Then he obeyed. He got some on his fingers and he applied it to his face. “Hontou da~ I feel the pain becoming bearable.” He exclaimed relieved. “How did you manage to have this…?”

“A considerate guard gave me.” Ryosuke answered simply, thinking of Yuya. Well, she always receives special treatment from him.

“Probably because of your condition ne~?” the guy didn’t pry much. “I’m Ryutaro by the way. You?”

“Ryosuke…” she answered timidly, wondering if it is right to give her name away. But she can see no harm on doing it.

“Weird name…” Ryuu said. “Maika~ seems like we’ll be prison mate from now on.”

“Saa~” Ryosuke replied cheerfully, feeling happy that she made a new friend. Until now, she was just alone. She doesn’t have anyone she can talk to. But now, she has a company. Since it’s just the two of them in this same level, they talked to each other and tried to know each other more. Ryosuke realized that he is two years younger than her – quite a young age to be a warrior.

“Thank you for the ointment. It helped a lot.” Ryuu thanked her.

“Don’t mention it.” Ryosuke smiled at him.

They spent the remaining hours talking to each other. And Ryosuke felt lighter. She had never talked to anyone so deeply like this before. She feels like the burden of being alone is lifted from her shoulders. She guessed it’s because every time Yuya will visit, he will only stay for a short while then he will go. The guy has his own responsibilities. Ryosuke can’t blame him.

“I’m hungry.” Ryuu whined out suddenly. “Isn’t it time for dinner…? Wait, don’t tell me they starve the prisoners here…?! Unfair, we don’t starve our ninja captives in our kingdom!” Ryosuke can hear the soft trembles in it. It made her laugh. “Don’t worry, I’ll share mine with you if that is the case.”

“Of course they wouldn’t starve you – ii ne~” Ryuu nodded childishly, referring to her condition again.

“Now that you’ve said it: It’s really about time for dinner.” Ryosuke tilted her head, wondering too. Then they heard loud and rough commotions from above. It seems like a fight is going on.

“What is that…?” Ryosuke asked getting fearful. It’s the first time she encounters those kinds of noises. It seems like a big fight is going on above. For someone like her, it’s scary.

“Who knows.” Ryuu became alert as well. “Move back – just in case it’s something nasty.” Ryuu tried to peer over the bars and see what’s really going on up there.

Ryosuke nodded as she obeyed. She moved back herself to a safe distance and protected her stomach. “Please – let me stay alive… even just for the time until I give birth to my baby. If I will die, please let him live at least. I want him to see the world.” Ryosuke prayed in her heart.

Then a loud bang. Ryosuke slightly jumped on her stand. What’s that…?! And she can see the door way of the dungeons being flooded by light from above and two people descending down. “A-re?!”

Ryosuke heard Ryutaro exclaimed a call of relief. “General, I knew you would come for me…! Kocchi~!”


Could it be…?!


Author’s Note: Short appearance of Takaki and Morimoto. Don’t worry, they will be in the next chapter too… hehe~ :D

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OTP mo pa e... XD

Date: 2013-05-07 11:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rikuxbits.livejournal.com
i want the next part now~!hahaha~ XP
I'm super excited to see how this story will move from now on.

Will Yuto save her too? I'll slit his neck if he doesn't! >///<

thanks for the update~! XD

Date: 2013-05-07 01:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yuusuke810.livejournal.com
oh well... it's done actually. next chapter will be the last. so yeah~~ i squeezed everything there. @_@

and dont worry. ryosuke will be saved from her prison. :)

Thank you for reading!! ^^~

Date: 2013-05-31 01:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] gold-saxophone.livejournal.com
Aaaaaa so much hurt..... my hearth is hurt now.... someone help me...

I did cried in real.... when Ryosuke ask Yuya for safeguard her child.... So touch...

And i'm happy for Ryu chan in here, somehow make me relieve.

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