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Title: Love and Legacy – Finale
Author: Mariko
Pairing: YutoYama.
Genre: Romance. Angst. AU.
Rating: PG for violence
Warning: Girl Ryosuke.
Summary: Ryosuke is the only daughter of the head of the ninja clan and she swore that she will kill the head of the Samurai clan, their enemy, with her very own hands. As a very intelligent individual, everything was going on along like she planned – but when she met the very person she have sworn to kill… she found her world starting to revolve around him. Stupid summary.


A loud bang was heard that made Ryosuke slightly jumped on her stand. What’s that…?! She trembled feeling scared.

The door of the dungeon was opened and the way was flooded by light. Someone is coming in to them.

Then she heard Ryutaro exclaiming a call of relief. “General, I knew you would come for me…! Kocchi~!”

Ge-general…?! Ryosuke stoned on her position. Did she hear him right?

“I told you, didn’t I? I won’t lose another precious soldier. I’ll save you wherever they will bring you…!”

That voice!

Ryosuke’s heart felt like beating in her throat when she heard it. She can’t be mistaken. She exactly knows the owner of that voice.

“I owe you my life, Nakajima-taichou~” Ryutaro said again. Then Ryosuke can only watch from her position as Yuto appeared on her view and lashed open Ryutaro’s prison door. Even with the thick armor and metal helmet, Ryosuke did not have a hard time confirming that it’s really him.

Yuto didn’t see her. And she was frozen on her position to catch his attention. “Yuto…” she muttered under her breath – a small call that is easily defeated by the ruckus happening above.

“Of course, you punk…!” Yuto managed to tease a little as he messes Ryutaro’s hair.

“Ah…!” Ryuu called out when he stepped out of his cell.

“What…?” Yuto asked out, wondering why.

“Ryosuke” and Ryosuke saw Ryuu scanning his eyes all over her cell, looking for her. She also saw Yuto stunned a little when Ryuu said her name. “There…!” Ryuu pointed. “Ryosuke , come…! Daijoubu…! It’s safe.” He smiled at her, motioning her to come near. “We’re getting out of here.”

But Ryosuke’s attention was taken fully by Yuto who was petrified when they met each other’s gazes. Then his eyes went down to her stomach and she swears she saw his knees waiver a little. “Ryosuke…” he said his name – disbelief… and joy!?

“Eh, you know each other?” Ryutaro looked dumb.

Still pretty dazed, Ryosuke watched Yuto destroyed the hinge of her cell and unthinkingly broke down the door. Then he ran to her and locked her in his embrace. “You’re alive…!” he breathes out in relief. She can clearly hear the happiness in it.

How come he is acting like this right now?! He was the one who made her life miserable and because of him, she was branded as a traitor, disowned by his father and need to endure all these hardships.

“E-Eh?!” Ryosuke forcefully broke out from his hug. “What are you doing…? What do you mean by I’m alive…!?” Ryosuke doesn’t know where it came from by sudden anger had surged her.

Yuto seems to have awakened up from that call.

“Don’t act familiar. Don’t forget what you have done to me…!” she managed to keep her voice steady, angry.

Yuto struck guilty. “I-I’m sorry…” he called out weakly. Then he hugged her again. “Please forgive me. I know I did wrong and I regret it… very much!” he pleaded desperately.

“The moment I sent you over the borders, I badly wanted to break in and bring you back with me. I don’t care even if I have to drag you out – I was desperate. It was the biggest mistake I ever made – letting you go.” Yuto explained his self. “Then the news that you were terribly sick broke out. I was worried as hell – and a few days later, the news of your death came after. I was broken when I heard that. I hated myself.”

“My death…?!” Ryosuke asked out. So her father had faked her death – instead of the public finding out that he has a traitor daughter, he spread the news that she is dead instead.

“Yes, your father had personally sent a messenger to us – telling the bad news.”

Ryosuke calculated him. He seems to be telling the truth. But Ryosuke needs to be careful – this guy has a soft spot on her heart and he betrayed her once.

“Truthfully, the moment I let you go… I want to run after you and take you back. I deeply regret what I did… please believe me. I love you!”

Ryosuke widened her eyes. Yuto said what?!

“They’re coming…!” the soldier with Yuto voiced out, catching their attention. It’s time for them to go if they don’t want to be caught.

Yuto broke the hug and looked at her directly to the eyes. “I know I don’t have the rights to ask you this – after everything that I had done to you… but I want you to be with me. I should have said this to you a long time ago – right before I returned you. I want you to come and stay with me – I promise I won’t hurt you again. So I’m asking you, come with me – stay by my side in this life, with our child.” And Ryosuke can feel his warm hand on her tummy.

“I won’t let you go… ever again. So please, believe me…”

Seeing the sincerity in his eyes, Ryosuke felt her eyes teary as she nodded – unable to say yes because of too much happiness. This man owns her heart after all. With that, Yuto broke out to a dazzling smile. Then he entwined their hands and carefully assisted her out.

“What’s going on here…?” Ryuu asked stupidly, looking at them dumbly.

“I’ll explain later. As of now, let’s get out of here…!” Yuto answered him, keeping Ryosuke on a position where he can cover her completely.

“Sire, we can’t get out the way we came in…!” the soldier said again.

Yuto clenched his jaw. He can’t be caught here alive.

“This way…!” a voice caught their attention.

“A-re?!” the three warriors raised their samurai swords in that instant. Ryosuke recognized him. “No, he’s an ally.”


“He’s Yuya. He’s the one who has been taking care of me since I was imprisoned. He’s a friend.” Ryosuke told them.

“Right this way. And hurry…!” Yuya walked deeper into the dungeons. Yuto and the rest can only follow. He led them to a dark and eerie path – that seems to be a maze. And after a few more minutes of tension, they found a tunnel and arrived out of the castle grounds and now on the open city of the ninja village. They needed to cross the town without being recognized. And get to the tall wall. And there, they will be on a forest – the vast land dividing the territory of the samurais from the ninjas.

The three of them hid their samurai crest as they try to blend in to the crowd. Yuto kept Ryosuke closer to him as they walked on with Yuya leading. “Are you sure he can be trusted?” Yuto whispered to Ryosuke.

She gave him a firm nod.

“This way~ and keep moving!” Yuya breathed out, obviously tensed too.

They nodded and walked briskly. They can’t afford to lose time.

“Shit…!” Yuya cursed out under his breath when they caught sight of several ninja soldiers all over the crowd – that seems to be looking for them. “In here…” he entered a small intersection. “We need to get out of the gate before they can see us. Especially you…” Yuya looked directly to Yuto. “The ninja kingdom will have a celebration feast for days with your execution.”

“You don’t need to tell me…” Yuto replied sourly.

Yuya glared at him. The two of them doesn’t seem to like each other.

“Stop fighting, we need to keep moving.” Ryosuke got in between them.

Yuya muttered an inaudible curse and he walked on. Ryosuke is right, they don’t have time for this. The others followed him.

“Damn it, they’re all over the place!” Ryuu groaned seeing that they are almost surrounded. Once they realize that it’s them, it will be easy to corner them. Much more they are only five of them – they will be easily overpowered.

“Come on~ we’re almost there.” Yuya voiced out. They can now see the tall wall and the gate that will lead them to the forest.

But when they were just a few more meters to freedom, they were surrounded by a group of ninja soldiers. “Stop right there!” they have nowhere else to run.

“Kusso~” Ryuu cursed out and he pulled out his sword. So did Yuto and the other. Being a doctor, Yuya doesn’t know much about fighting but brought out a kunai nevertheless. He will not give up without a fight.

Yuto pulled Ryosuke behind him. He will protect her at all cost. “Yuto…?” Ryosuke whimpered out lowly, enough for him to hear as she recoiled on his back – looking for assurance. “Shh~ daijoubu. It will be fine. We’ll get out of here!” he soothed her.

“Well… well… well… look what we have here – the samurai general himself.” Much to their surprise, the head of the ninja clan, Ryosuke’s father, appeared before them. “Right in the middle of the very ninja village – how daring you are.” He looked at the five of them one by one – and he paused on Ryosuke and Yuya’s face. “Traitors…” he muttered.

“Sire, isn’t she…?” a ninja soldier asked him while looking at Ryosuke’s face.

“Surrender now.” Ryosuke’s father told them.

“Like hell we’ll do that.” Ryuu replied to him bravely. “We’d rather die!”

The ninja head sneered. “We’ll get to that, young man. No need to hurry up.” And they advanced on them. “Get them!”

But before they can make further steps, the closed gate of the ninja wall burst open and an army of samurais flooded in. They were forced to retrieve a certain distance. And that’s not all, from the top of the tall walls, they can figure out a troop or two of samurai archers taking their aim on them. Once a signal is given, it will be raining arrows.

“What the…!?” Ryosuke’s father called out in disbelief.

“Do you really think I will go in here that stupidly?” Yuto looked at him, challenging. “Let me remind you – I am a general as well.”

“Do you think I will let you go that easily?” the other general snarled back, his face fuming. Yuto has a backup plan and he had not anticipated it.

Yuto smirked, keeping his cool. “I’m expecting to fight my way out.” He shrugged. His strut attitude never changed. And a fight broke out. They clashed at each other.

“In here~” Yuto called Yuya while holding Ryosuke’s arm firmly and pulled her away. Ryutaro and the soldier cover for them over the other side. The five of them made their way back to considerable safe zone. Several ninjas came in their way but Yuto immediately disarmed and set them aside. Soldier against soldier are fighting everywhere and Ryosuke can only keep close to Yuto – her condition unfavorable here.

And when they were about to get out of the gate, someone came on their way and they were forced to stopped. “Father…” Ryosuke mouthed. He is standing before them – blocking their way out.  Yuto tightened his hold on the hilt of his sword, hiding Ryosuke on his back – considering everything. The older general might use dirty tricks to prevent them from getting out.

“So you really are choosing him over me?” his father asked softly – his expression just solemn, no demand at all. He didn’t mean to disown his daughter. He is just being problematic – who will she choose: him as her father or Yuto?

And with those eyes, Ryosuke saw him as a father.

“Huh?” Yuto cocked an eyebrow. What is this old man playing at? He glanced back to Ryosuke and saw her doubting. “Ryosuke…?” he said her name. But Ryosuke did not hear him. She was looking back at his father with sad eyes. She is contemplating on something.

Then the next words that came out her mouth surprise them all, “No, father. You are not even on my choices from the start.”

“I cannot choose someone who is not on my options.”

They looked at her stunned.

“Souka~” her father seems to understand why –accepting it whole heartedly. Since birth, he was not a father to her – but a someone with high authority… a general… like to everybody else. For him, there was no family. His legacy to keep the ninja clan existing was his only focus – nothing else.

Just like Yuto…

Yuto has the legacy to keep the samurai clan moving on to the future.

But their difference, Yuto had made way for love.

Yuto looked at the two of them, back and forth trying to understand what’s going on. Then understanding, he raised his sword and charged to him – his aim not to kill but get him out of the way. “I believe she had made herself clear already. Now get out of our way!” and he collided his sword with his with full of impact, causing Ryosuke’s father to lose his holding of his weapon and it flew to the air then landed several feet away. “Ninjas are shadow warriors – but fair fighters.”

“Sir!” a soldier tried to aid him. But Ryosuke’s father raised a hand, stopping him. “Let them go – just this once.”

Yuto looked at him contemplatively and understanding what’s on the old man’s eyes, he nodded. He got Ryosuke again and pulled her out the gates. In there, horses they can use as getaways are waiting.

“What about them?” Ryosuke asked worriedly about Yuto’s soldiers.

“Don’t worry. They are stronger than you know. Besides, now that we are out – they will be retrieving soon too.” Yuto helped her on one horse and climbed his self. He positioned his self behind her. “Hold on tight. We’re going home.” And he hit the leash.


Everything was going on along fine. They are travelling with enough speed that will bring them back to the samurai kingdom before dawn. But halfway the road, Yuto was forced to stop. “What is it, sire?” he was asked. But Yuto’s attention is fully on Ryosuke. There is something wrong with her. She is pale and having cold sweats. Her breathings are ragged and come in short pants. She is also clutching on her stomach tightly.

And Yuto widened his eyes as he realized it. “Of all time…?”

“Ryosuke is giving birth.” He said getting tense all of a sudden as he dismounted his horse. He supported Ryosuke as he carried her down.

Yuya, on the other hand, came to his aid in a hurry. “Over here.” He pointed to a convenient level of ground and Yuto obliged. He laid Ryosuke there as Yuya checked on her condition. The other soldiers hurriedly set up a tent to give them proper covers.

“It hurts!” Ryosuke breathe out, her expression heavily pained. Her stomach feels like heaving.

Yuto can only hold her hand as he doesn’t know what to do. He can feel her holding back viselike. It must be really that painful.

“She’s giving birth now…?!” Ryuu reacted super late, his eyes widening in surprise. Honestly, he is too inexperienced in this type of situation. He had only caught up now. “Ne, aka-chan~” Ryuu talked, leveling his self with Ryosuke’s stomach. “Can you wait until we arrive back in the main castle…? There’s a more comfortable place of going out than here…!” he said as if it can hear and understand him. “Ne~?”

He was answered by Ryosuke’s groan and accidentally, she kicked him.

“Ow~!” Ryuu jumped away.

“Stay back~” Yuya told him. “Laboring mothers can be violent.”

“You only tell me that now?” Ryuu righted his self but he was still within Ryosuke’s reach that she accidentally gripped on his hair and pulled it. “Ittai~” Ryuu whined out, teary eyes. Then he was slapped next. Ryuu hurriedly scrambled back to a safe distance looking at Ryosuke idiotically frightful.

“Her amniotic sac is dripping and her cervix had spread wide.” Yuya informed them, doing his work composedly – professionally.

“That means…?” Ryuu asked stupidly.

“It means the baby is coming out.” Yuya said, impatient. “She must have started laboring even before we managed to get out of the ninja castle. But due to the tension of escaping, she mustn’t have noticed the pain and cramps on her body, signaling that she is giving birth.”

“What do we do…?” Yuto asked, toning down his panicking. He looks very nervous right now.

“Help her to give birth.” Yuya answered the obvious, preparing his medical things.

“I need a lot of sheets and hot water. Hurry…!” he barked at Ryuu who jumped on his position and ran out of the tent to get what he had asked. While Yuto kept his hold on Ryosuke’s hand. He squeezed it tightly, telling that he’s just beside her – a silent message. “Stay strong.” He murmured.

“It’s painful.” Ryosuke said between grunts. She looks pale more than ever. And she seems to be losing energy. She is sweating excessively.

Once Ryuu came back with the things, Yuya got them and spread over Ryosuke. “Try to take short light breaths.” Yuya said to her calmly, proceeding on with his work. They don’t know if she heard him. “You…!” he caught Ryuu’s attention again.

“Yes?” Ryuu turned to him tensely.

“Massage her stomach downward – as if pushing the baby out. Do it gently.” Yuya ordered him. “And now, Ryosuke…” he supported his hand and waited as if looking for the right momentum, “…push!”

Ryosuke did so with an accompaniment of a stopped shriek.

“It’s not enough.” Yuya said calculating when Ryosuke lie back down again, unable to take the contractions. “Yuto, take position on her back and make her lean on you. Let’s do a semi-upright position. Ryosuke should feel better and more confident if you are holding her from behind. It will give her more courage.”

Yuto nodded and slowly lifting Ryosuke’s shoulder, he positioned his self behind her and made her lean on his chest. He held her securely.

“Ryosuke, you can do this…! It’s crowning already. Just one final push…” Yuya said to her gently but firmly.

“Relax yourself, Ryosuke…” Yuya cooed giving her assistance. “Take two deep breaths and on the third, make one strong and steady push. The head is coming out.”

Yuto kept his arms around Ryosuke – assuring his presence. “I’m here.” She looks so drain and she looks like passing out any moment. “You can do this, Ryosuke.” He whispered. “Keep strong. You said yes to me, remember? You’ll stay with me. Now you have to fulfill your promise…!” He gave her courage. “I need you – so you have to do this.”

Ryosuke looked up to him with her half-closed eyes. She just badly wanted to close them and let sleep take over. She feels so tired – like she has been working non-stop for a long time now. She wanted this to be over.

“I need you beside me so you have to survive this… for our baby.” Yuto said. “Ryosuke…?”

Ryosuke made one weak nod, holding on.

“Take one big breath intake…” Yuya’s voice instructed clearly. “And…”


A sound of a healthy cry of a baby resonated around the enclosed tent.

Every one of them almost breathes out in relief when suddenly Ryosuke groaned again, “It is still hurting…!” she breathe out.

Yuya grasp widening his eyes. “She’s giving birth to twins. There’s another one.”

“What?!” Yuto and Ryuu reacted in unison. And wrapping the baby with the clean cloth, Yuya gently shoved it to Ryuu’s arms who openly accepted it – not knowing what to do else. The baby was crying and Ryuu was hysterically cradling it – not knowing what to do. “Why are you crying?” Ryuu asked out in panic, about to cry himself. “Ne~ ne~ stop crying.”

Then hearing another voice of cry, Ryuu froze on his position. He widened his eyes as he stiffly turned back to their direction and saw Yuya wrapping another baby with another white sheet. Yuya placed it on his arms too. “You’ll make a good godfather.” Yuya whispered to him with a playful grin. Now, Ryuu is frantically cradling two babies – obviously helpless on making then to stop crying.


12 years later,

“Stop!” Yuto got in between his twin sons. “We are here to know how much you have learned with your sword lessons – not for you to try and kill each other.” He said hotly as he got in between them.

It was one typical day in the mansion and they are in the dojo having their daily training.

Yuto suggested for them to have a spar with each other and checked on how much they have improved. At first, the small battle was going on along fine. They are blocking and slashing swords with each other – but as the match goes on, they seem to be aiming of taking the other’s life already.

Twelve years ago, by the forest… when Ryosuke made the final push, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Then Yuya was waiting for the placenta to come out, telling the end of the labor. But instead, Ryosuke gave another short scream and another healthy baby boy came out – shortly followed by the placenta. Ryosuke gave birth to a twin. They looked like Yuto so much – his younger carbon copies.

“What I need you to show me is your skills – not your murderous intentions.” Yuto scolded them, pinching his nose bridge. Somehow, he regrets having two overly brilliant sons. He doesn’t need to teach them anything… they learn it on their selves. Very passionate children…

“Sorry…” the identical boys muttered to their father.

Yuto shook his head. They are too great for their own good and always in competition of each other. He wonders what he needs to do with them – they are brothers for goodness sake.

“Boys” They were interrupted by someone.

“Ah, mama…!” the two boys called out.

“I prepared you snacks. Go and wash your hands now.” Ryosuke said as she entered the dojo. “Don’t play with the water alright.”

“Hai~” the two kids answered as they ran out to obey.

Ryosuke watched them out before turning to her husband. “Calm down.” She said as he approached her. “I can hear your voice up to the third floor.”

“That’s exaggeration.” Yuto raised an eyebrow at her. “Besides, they’re too disturbing.” He defended his self why he’s losing his temper.

Ryosuke giggled. “They are cool-headed – just like you. Besides, you are their father. It’s expected from them to be aggressive.”

“You say it like I’m worse. What I want are adorable children – the ones that my heart will go kyun as I spend time with them. Not kids who give me headache as I mediate them from trying to kill each other.” Yuto pouted at her. “Those two are too good – it makes me feel unneeded.” He said getting emotional.

Ryosuke laughed. “Aw~ you’re so cute.” She pinched his cheek. Then Yuto placed his arms around her waist and pulled her closer then hug her from behind, nuzzling on the crook of her neck.

“What is it…?” Ryosuke asked feeling tickled. She placed her hands over his arms that are holding her.

“I want another kid, Ryosuke.” Yuto said with puppy eyes and pouty lips. “How about a daughter that I can spoil?”



Author’s Note: So what do you think about the ending? I tried to make it light as possible. Please do share your thoughts. Hehe~

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Waah. . . ! Ending na? . .

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Waah. . . Yuto. . Ryosuke's saver~ :3

i'm glad na nakatakas sila, at pinalampas nlang cla ng tatay ni ryosuke sa huli~ ^^

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wah will Ryosuke fulfill Yuto's wish? To have a daughter? Weeeeh <3

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happy ending is always welcome :D

it must be hard for ryosuke to choose yuto over his father despite what his father has been doing. but i'm glad she chose yuto *biased as always*

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well, choices are necessary. ryosuke just chose her happiness. (what??! nah~you're just bias. XD) and of course, it will be a happy ending. always expect that yutoyama will be together in the endings that i make. :D

Thank you for reading!!

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Yuto's deeply in love with her and I love it :D

I'm so happy it's a happy ending :D

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I'm glad that your heart went that way. LOL~ drama lang ni yuto ea.. hahaha! lalo na dun sa last part. XD sorry naman. gusto lang naman nia ng adorable na anak - hndi yung nakakatakot. wahahahaha~!!

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and your homework, pag di ka nakapagpasa tonight, three chapters ang kailangan mong ipasa by then. (Whut?! hahaha~!!)

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Ang laptrip ni Ryutaro dito XD Lalo na ung pambubugbog ni Ryo sknia XD


E di ksama ba si Yuya sa Samurai clan :O

Sige! Gawa pa kayo ng isa :3 Gusto ko yaaaan, I wanna see :3

Another awesomely done fic ^^

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sorry naman. hehehe~ nabully ko lang si ryuu dito. :p
para kasing bagay naman sa kanya ea. LOL~!!

and yes, pwedeng-pwede nang maging papa si ryuu. LOL~! at tlgang special mention na ikaw ang mama a... wahahaha!! >/////<

yhep, kasama na po si yuya sa samurai clan. :D

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omg Yuya so professional here :""""""""""""""""""">
I hate Ryosuke's dad hahaah, but atleast He lets them go :)
I lveo RYUUUUUUUUU zoo much tooo
The ending is cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! :)
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Yeah~~ he's the superhero here. kung wala sya, hndi makakapanganak ng maayos si ryosuke. :D ii ne~?

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for a sec, Ryuu took the spotlight from the yutoyama couple~ lol-ing much~XD

ah~a well-deserved happy ending for the two of them~*throws confetti*

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Well, i'm missing Ryuu. LOL~!! so i kind of bullied him here~ heheh~ at least he got the attention. XD

Thank you for reading!! ^^v

Date: 2013-05-08 11:26 am (UTC)

Date: 2013-05-08 11:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] alsykt.livejournal.com
I love your stories! Short and sweet!!!

Hahhahah I can't imaging have two more "yuto"s!!! Kawaii!!!
For a moment I was wondering if yuto was that cold hearted in the previous chapters but glad that it was all a misunderstanding and he still loves ryosuke~! Kyaaaaa

Will be anticipating more stories from you~!
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Date: 2013-05-08 12:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yuusuke810.livejournal.com
love can melt even the iciest of heats. (Wut?!") XD
Of course, he loves ryosuke so he can do anything for her - and to their adorable babies. >////<

Thank you for reading!! :D

Date: 2013-05-31 01:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] gold-saxophone.livejournal.com
I dunno how must react.... So tense but funny in one time....

Yokatta happy ending..

I like their twins baby,

Thank you for Yuya and Ryu chan

They all so sweeeeeet after all. ^.

Date: 2013-05-31 02:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yuusuke810.livejournal.com
hahaha~ of course, happy ending. i always and always make them happily living together. XD I'm too biased that i can't separate them... and i even always give them babies. XD

Thank you for reading!!
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