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Title: 3 times Yuto failed to buy Ryosuke a birthday present + 1 he decided not to
Author: Mariko
Pairing: YutoYama
Genre: Fluff. Romance.
Rating: G
Summary: It’s May9 and Yuto is doing his best in finding the perfect gift for Ryosuke.


1.    A Strawberry Cake

Yuto woke up earlier than usual today because of one extremely important event that will be taking place on this very special day – his one and only boyfriend’s birthday… the day that Yuto felt very grateful – the day that his boyfriend came to life.

Yuto was really being problematic on what he should be giving him. Ryosuke was being particular that he doesn’t want anything expensive coming from him. If Yuto insisted, he won’t accept it and won’t talk to him for a week.

So right now, Yuto was settling on something not expensive – yet unforgettable.

“How about you bake him cake?” Keito suggested when he asked him.

“But he knows how to bake a cake himself?” Yuto considered the idea.

“Yeah~ but there would be more impact if it is made by you.”

And now, Yuto is on his way home – he will make his boyfriend a delicious cake. “I’m sure he will like strawberry.” Yuto doesn’t need to ask what flavor would Ryosuke like. He would be the dumbest of all dumbest boyfriend in the world if he doesn’t.

But Yuto’s fate is that of a husband – and husband doesn’t know the true meaning of kitchen cooking – and what’s more, baking. It takes years to master the art of culinary – apparently, Yuto’s will is not enough to study it in a couple of hours.

“This is pointless~” Yuto said sadly, giving up on the idea. “I need something else.”

2.    A rabbit stuff toy

“Stuff toys aren’t that expensive.” Yuto was thinking as he walks around the mall, looking for stores that sell fluffy stuff animals. He walked in the department store and headed to the direction of his goal.

Arriving there, Yuto immediately found what he is looking for. “There you are~” he started to look for a rabbit one. But they seem to be missing. “Eyn?” Yuto asked one of the attendants. “What color would you like, sir?”

“White…?” he asked thinking. Yes, white suits Ryosuke perfectly – cleanliness and purity suits Ryosuke’s personality.

“I’m sorry, sir. But they are out of stocks. The delivery will be next week. How about cream pink?” and she showed it to him. Yuto would love to take it – but then… it’s too girly. Ryosuke might burn it the moment he laid eyes on it.

Yuto gave out an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry. I’m being particular to white~” and he walked away, “Okay~ pass the stuff toy idea.”

A moment

“I suck at this~ mou!  I can’t even think of what I should give him. I’m the worst boyfriend ever!”

3.    A bouquet of flowers

Yuto was already walking back home – sulking. He can’t think of anything to give his beloved. Then he passed by the flower shop…

Yuto stood in front of the shop – looking over the flowers through the clear glass window for a long while. Then a couple walking out of the said shop gave him an idea. Yuto smiled goofily as he walked in the shop and is smiling wider when he walked out – a large bouquet of white lilies on his hand. He is sure Ryosuke will like this.

He is happily humming on his way back home – thinking of what they should do as they celebrate his birthday. Smiling stupidly to his self, Yuto admired the flowers. And whether he smelled the good fragrance or not, Yuto smiled even more stupidly. Typical Yuto.

When all of a sudden, a kid playing along the road caught his attention and Yuto was just in time to realize that a car is speedily on his way to hit the clueless kid. He abandoned all thoughts as he ran to save the small boy. He pulled him out of danger and they rolled to the pavement.

Yuto opened his eyes breathing heavily and looked down on the kid on his arms – who is equally scared. “Are you alright?” he asked as he pulled their selves to their feet.

The kid’s mother came to them and thanked him with full of gratitude for saving her son. Yuto said that it’s alright. Then he remembered – the flowers!

He looked around for them and saw them on the road. Yuto groaned. He and the kid survived – the flowers didn’t. They are now scattered all over the road, destroyed.

Yuto was thinking of running back to the flower shop when the thought that it is probably close by now dawned to him.

He looked gloomily at his wrist watch. He doesn’t have any more time to look for a present. He guessed he won’t be giving anything to him this year.


Its evening and Yuto was sulking when he rang the doorbell of the Yamada residence. He doesn’t have anything for his boyfriend and he can’t accept it. He’s the worst boyfriend ever. 

The door opened and a fully dress Ryosuke welcomed him. He was giving him a very bright smile. “Good evening, Yuto-kun. Shall we go?”

“Uhn~!” Yuto answered timidly. “Let’s go.” He could have brought him to a fancy restaurant. But Ryosuke’s rule is strict: no expensive gifts or treats!

“Where are we going?” Ryosuke asked. Yuto is now driving them to who knows where.

Since Yuto doesn’t have anything – it forced him to his ultimate resort. “You’ll see~” it’s not really a bad surprise – what he got for Ryosuke – but Yuto believes that Ryosuke deserves better. And the thought that he has been reasoning since a while ago: I’m the worst boyfriend ever.

Ryosuke realized that Yuto is driving to the mountain side where a famous nature garden can be found. He frowned. “Yuto, I’m reminding you that I won’t be accepting any expensive treats tonight.” Ryosuke said stubbornly.

“I know~” Yuto grunted keeping his eyes on the road then he threw him a lotion bottle.

“What’s this?”

“Mosquito repellant” Yuto answered curtly.


“Just apply it on.” Yuto snapped.

Ryosuke frowned bigger. What’s with that attitude? And pouting like a kid, Ryosuke did what he was told. Then Yuto parked the car in front of the nature garden. He climbed down the car and rounded for Ryosuke’s door. He opened it. And Ryosuke climbed down with a very visible frown on his face. Yuto rolled his eyes at that and got his hand.

“Yuto, I’m telling you…!” Ryosuke voiced out because his boyfriend will insist on bringing him to the famous expensive nature garden. But he stopped when Yuto did not lead him to the entrance but rather to the mountains across it.

“Where are we going?”Ryosuke asked worried. It’s dark and quiet.

“To a cult ceremony that’s gotta be around here somewhere…” Yuto answered tonelessly.

“Huh?” Ryosuke reacted blankly.

“No, I’m just bringing you somewhere isolated so I can rape you.” Yuto took back his first answer.

Ryosuke narrowed his eyes as he hit Yuto’s head. “Answer me seriously!”

“Ow~” Yuto hissed. “To the mountains of course.” He massaged his head. “I could have brought you there through the garden if you weren’t persistent with your rule. But yes you are, so bear with it.”

“And why would we be going there?” Ryosuke demanded.

“Now that is my surprise to you – so you have to wait for it.”

And they continued to trudge their way deeper.

“Mou~ are we there yet?” Ryosuke whined. The mosquito repellant that Yuto gave him is now wearing off. It lessens the itchiness but that doesn’t stop the insects from biting him – plus the fact that his legs are aching. They have been climbing the rocky ways for an hour. And he will definitely strangle the taller guy if he mentioned about getting lost or something related.

“Not yet~”

Ryosuke whined louder.

“Quit the childishness – we’re almost there!”

Ryosuke puffed his cheek. “If you will just tell me what’s in there – then probably I’ll feel better.”

“Yeah~ and ruin the surprise.” Yuto rolled his eyes sarcastically.

Ryosuke tsked.

Then Yuto almost lost his balance when Ryosuke jumped on him. “Piggyback me. My legs are sore!”

Yuto rolled his eyes again. “Fine!” and he placed is arms on Ryosuke’s legs to secure him on his back.

Ryosuke smirked inwardly. He just wanted to be spoiled why he did that. And now, he is enjoying Yuto’s warmth and scent.

Then finally, they arrived into a small clearing. Ryosuke was stunned in the view in front of him. It’s like a small oasis in the middle of the mountain forest. He can see a small waterfall on the far side flowing to a mini stream. So that’s what the soft sound of gushing water he is hearing. Then the different kinds of flowers planted randomly all over the river. What got his attention the most is the glowing butterflies and fireflies flying all over the place. It’s like a mini nature sanctuary. “It’s beautiful.” Ryosuke mouthed in awe.

“Do you like it?” Yuto asked as he led him nearer. Then with the trees clearing, they had a view of the perfect night sky. It’s full of stars scattered beautifully in the heavens like sparkling diamonds. Yuto can only be thankful that it’s moonless and cloudless tonight.

“Of course!” Ryosuke said – still not taking his eyes off the view.

Yuto smiled, glad to hear that. It was last year when he accidentally found this place – because he got lost during their camping trip. “It’s not much. But it’s all I can think off~”

Ryosuke shook his head. “It’s the best gift ever!” Expensive gifts can be easily destroyed. Expensive treats can be easily forgotten. But this is something worth treasuring – Yuto’s gift for him: the beauty of nature… the beauty of life.


Author’s Note: So lame… I know~ I still have another. And it’s longer~ fuu~ I think I’ll post it in the morning – I mean the morning where there is already the sun so high in the sky. XD

٩( mariko

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