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Title: The Girl in the Red Dress (Halloween Fic)
Pairing: YamaJima. NakajimaXMysteryGhost
Genre: Mystery. Suspense. Romance.
Rating: Pg
Summary: Nakajima Yuto is a professional photographer and Yamada Ryosuke is his top model—or rather the other way around. Yamada Ryosuke is a professional model and he prefers Nakajima Yuto to be his photographer… always. What would happen when they, together with their crew, go to a rural village in Aomori for a photo shoot?


“Uwaaaaah!! It’s so far from the city.” Daiki exclaimed as he opened the window and poked his head out, taking a better look over the scenery they are passing by as they continued to make their way to their destination.

“That would be the town where we will be staying.” Takaki—while driving—pointed to the coming of view small village.

They all peered over the place, checking it out.

“I still don’t get it why we are doing this in a far away province though.” Daiki mentioned, getting his whole body back inside the van and closing the window. He looked over their model and saw him prettily enjoying his position. Apparently, their main photographer: Nakajima Yuto, had gone bored with the trip and fell asleep halfway the ride, and coincidentally, he fell right on Ryosuke’s convenient and waiting shoulder.

“Because we need a change of environment—the city had gone so cliché.” Ryuu answered him.

Daiki rolled his eyes and looked over Ryosuke for back up. But he should have known better than asking for his help. As long as Nakajima Yuto is his photographer, Ryosuke would go even to the pits of the universe. Everyone in the crew knows how much he adores Yuto—it’s just the tall skinny guy himself doesn’t notice it… though Ryosuke is very obvious and getting bolder.

“Whatever.” Daiki gave up.

They arrived in the village entrance after a couple more minutes and they are welcomed by Yabu Kota and his lovely spouse, Kei. They would be their host as they stay in this place.

“Yuto-kun, it’s time to wake up. We’re here.” Ryosuke called out softly, waking up the tall guy. Though he badly wanted him to stay there

Yuto stirred and slowly opened his eyes, “We’ve arrived?” he asked out sleepily, waking up.

Ryosuke nodded. “Yes.”


“Thank you for letting us stay here.” Takaki, along with the others, thanked Kota and Kei for letting them in their humble home. “Ii yo.” Kota smiled at them, telling them that it’s nothing. “Hikaru is one of my favorite cousin, and he rarely gets in touch nowadays—with his busy schedule being a talent manager. So when he asked for a favor, I immediately agreed—anything as long as I can be of help.” He smiled more, his eyes disappearing in the process. It’s obvious in their faces how happy they are to have them here.

“Thank you again for the consideration.”


After the stomach filling dinner, Kota led them to their respective rooms. “I reserved three rooms—so two can occupy each…” he said stopping by a corridor with three consecutive doors.

And before anyone can react, Ryosuke has already grabbed Yuto’s arms. “You’ll be my roommate, alright?” he declared.

Yuto smiled and ruffled his hair. “He’s so adorable.” He added inside his head. “Sure.” He agreed immediately. He is not really bothered with who will be his roommate. Anyone would do.

“…but it doesn’t really make much of a difference since the three rooms are just separated by removable walls.” Kota added. That made Ryosuke pout. Kota laughed at his cuteness. “Gomen ne, Ryo-chan. If I knew I would have looked for a room with more privacy.”

Ryosuke blushed beet red. “It’s not like what you are thinking.” He denied unsuccessfully. And they all laughed at how adorable Ryosuke is flushing right now. Embarrassed Ryosuke is irresistibly attracting.


Each member of the camera club is now properly tucked in their respective futon. Yuto had just finished polishing and setting up the cameras he will be using tomorrow. He was about to turn off the lights when he saw Ryosuke looking all so problematic. And basing on his expression—knowing Ryosuke for the longest time now, it didn’t take him a hard time in figuring why. “Here.” he offered to him, moving little to the side and tapping the open space.

Ryosuke beamed at him and he swiftly crawled into Yuto’s futon, tucking himself comfortably. And Yuto can only roll his eyes in slight annoyance when Ryosuke prettily snuggled to him, placing an arm and a leg over him. It was obvious that he wanted to be pampered. And if Yuto hasn’t known him since a long time ago, he would probably get so pissed to him for being so unstoppably clingy. But no. Yuto has gone used to it, it felt so normal. In fact, he would be pissed if it’s the other way around—Ryosuke acting cold to him with no apparent reason.

So he cuddled him closer and placed a soft kiss on top of his head, “Sweet dreams, Ryo-chan. Sleep tight.”

He felt Ryosuke snuggling closer.


Around midnight, Yuto woke up with the undeniable feeling that someone is staring at him. At first notice, he thought it was Ryosuke. The guy has this annoying habit of watching him as he sleeps. But then… Yuto knows Ryosuke’s stare—and it wasn’t this… uncomfortable.

Yuto opened his eyes. The first thing he saw would be Ryosuke’s up close hair. He can also feel the constant rhythm of his breathing, indicating that he is still peacefully sleeping. What’s with the creepy sensation then?

Yuto looked around the room and his view landed by the slightly open door at the far corner of the room. He frowned at that. “How did it end up like that?” he wondered. Kota must have checked on them not a few minutes ago, and he hadn’t closed the door properly.

Yuto considered of standing up and closing it because of the chilly wind. But then, Ryosuke’s sudden movements stopped him. The guy had just unconsciously moved on top of him, looking for more comfort. He must be feeling the colds too. “Stay.” Ryosuke weakly mumbled in his sleep. Yuto smiled at that, like a sign for him to let the door open.

Yuto’s initial plan of closing the door is impossible now, with Ryosuke curling on top of him. So what Yuto did—preventing shaking movements as much as possible, he reached for Ryosuke’s blanket on his futon with his free hand and covered themselves with it, doubling the blankets they are using. The warmth was enough against the cold winds. Yuto let the door open as he wrapped his arms securely around Ryosuke.

At the back of his mind, he is kind of thankful to Kota-san for carelessly closing it. Because of that, he can have Ryosuke in his arms like this.

Without him knowing though, an eye was peeking through the gap.


Tomorrow the next day, they were having their shoot and it was going on smoothly.

“Okay, ten minute break. Then we’ll change wardrobe.” Yuto announced. And Daiki immediately came to Ryosuke’s side to help him change clothes. “You okay—need anything?” Daiki asked making Ryosuke sit down and fixing his slightly blown away hair.

“Of course.” Ryosuke replied enthusiastically.

Daiki continued to chat with Ryosuke while on the other side, Yuto was busily looking over the parameter for a good background when he accidentally looked over to a corner and stopped.

In there, Yuto can see a girl in a red dress waving at him. Thinking that it must be some random local, Yuto returned the greeting. The girl then walked away.

Not missing this one out, Ryosuke looked over the place where Yuto just waived at. He saw the spot empty of anyone. That made him furrowed his expression as he looked back to Yuto. He saw him going back to his work.

Ryosuke pouted, “What’s with that?”


They resumed their shoot with a brown themed wardrobe and Ryosuke was doing his poses as Yuto captures the shots. Daiki was on standby as Takaki and Keito are supporting the lights.

Yuto directed Ryosuke to look up in the sky and the shorter followed. Ryosuke looked up, doing some improvised poses as Yuto takes his photos… when Ryosuke noticed something off.

And he refused to think. He just dashed to where Yuto is—who was stunned at his sudden action, and pushed him out of the way as one of the light post toppled over, crashing to where Yuto was just standing a while ago, the fluorescent shattering to bits.

“Yuto…!” “Ryosuke…!”

The others immediately approached them in a hurry.

“Fine.” They both called out, thanks to Ryosuke’s quick reflexes. He had managed to push them away from danger.

But then, Ryosuke winced. They saw his ankle beneath the fallen pole. “Ryosuke…?!” Yuto called out worriedly.

“I’m fine. It’s fine.” Ryosuke assured Yuto. But the taller knew better. It was hit badly.

“Fine…?!” Yuto repeated cynically. He was about to scold him when Ryosuke beats him to it. “I’m fine, really!!” he persuaded him as Keito and Takaki removed the fallen post over his leg. “Daiki will just bandage it up and I’ll wear boots or some high cut shoes to hide it.” Daiki looked disapprovingly. Ryosuke shot him a begging look.

Yuto looked at Ryosuke’s face, scrutinizing him, contemplating deeply. Ryosuke might be childish and annoyingly clingy most of the times, but when it comes to his job, he’s a real pro.

“Okay.” Yuto admitted half-heartedly. “But promise to tell when it hurts and we’ll stop, okay?”

Ryosuke compromised.

And forcing his leg too much, Ryosuke got to make Yuto carry him back to the main house as they finished their shoot for the day.

“Didn’t I tell you to tell me when it hurts?” Yuto scolded Ryosuke, really angry this time. But the guy was still smiling at him, enjoying the attention he is giving him.

“I’ll be fine, Yuto. I’ll just sleep on it and it will get better tomorrow.” Ryosuke replied carelessly. He was smiling at him all so happily as Yuto takes care of him.

“Ryosuke. You’re supposed to be hurt, not rejoicing.” Yuto shook his head as he bandaged Ryosuke’s injured ankle.

But the guy just smiled more, making Yuto wonder if the shorter guy is really injured. “Why not? I think this injury is more of a blessing in disguise. Because of it, I can have your full attention on taking care of me.”

Yuto scowled at his narrow reasoning.

“Ignore him. The pain will kick in soon enough.” Daiki rolled his eyes.

Ryosuke stuck his tongue out at him.


And truly, like what Daiki had predicted, Ryosuke felt the pain of his injury soon enough. It was around two in the morning when Yuto woke up because he can’t feel Ryosuke in his arms. The two of them are supposed to be sleeping side by side.

“Ryosuke?” he called the guy sleepily. He saw him back in his own futon and curling into a ball, obviously quivering because of his injury. He moved to his side. “Ryosuke, you okay?”

“Yuto-kun?” Ryosuke turned to him with his teary eyes. It seems like he can’t sleep with his aching ankle so he decided to move back to his own bed so he won’t disturb the taller in his sleep. He was trembling badly. The cold must have seeped through his sprained ankle and is now aching badly.

“Sorry for the trouble.” Ryosuke said apologetically as Yuto tend to his wound. The guy gave a soft smile. “You saved my life. I am grateful. My only regret though is you were seriously hurt.”

Ryosuke shook his head. “You’re much important.”

Yuto felt a blush crept up on his cheeks. “Here… it’s done.” He finished by pinning the bandage so it won’t lose, then he placed it carefully over a soft pillow. “Just don’t move too much.” He tried to change the topic.

Ryosuke just nodded, not knowing what to reply. It’s either Yuto is playing dumb or he’s just too naïve. Ryosuke wondered if it’s a sign telling him to give up on the taller guy. He wondered about it.

“Sleep tight, Ryosuke.” Yuto kissed him by the forehead. Ryosuke wondered about the caring act—maybe he’s nothing but just a close friend for Nakajima—a brother at the most. He then watched as Yuto settles beside him. “Good night—have a sweet dream.”

“You too.”


The next day, Ryosuke’s injury had gone better. But for precaution, Yuto doesn’t want him moving around too much. So most of his shot, he’s either sitting or leaning on something.

And since there are only a few more wardrobes left to shoot, they decided to slow it down.

“Let’s head back for lunch.” Daiki announced. “Kei just called and said he cooked a delicious meal for us.” Everyone had gone energetic at once. So they packed up their materials and decided to continue later afternoon. They went back to the main house and proceeded to the dining room.

After everyone had washed their hands and settled in the food table, they started eating. Like they were expecting—and Kei not failing them, all the menu served were indeed mouthwateringly delicious. They were all busily enjoying their food as they chatter happily.

“Seconds?” Yuto noticed as Ryosuke immediately finished his food.

“Thank you!” Ryosuke beamed at him, a grain of rice stuck on his chin.

Yuto just chuckled at Ryosuke’s cuteness as he reached to get his bowl.

“Me too!!” Daiki added. And the rest handed Yuto their rice bowls for refill. Yuto could just laugh. “Fine. Fine.” As far as he remembers, he only asked for Ryosuke. He playfully shook his head as he stood up to the rice cooker not a few steps away from the table. The rest continued with their conversations.

While filling up their bowls, Yuto accidentally casted his eyes by the corner of the room and through the veranda. In there, he saw the same girl in the red dress passing by. But this time, the girl didn’t seem to see him so he wasn’t greeted or anything. The girl just straightly passed by and she disappeared from Yuto’s line of view.

Meanwhile, Ryosuke was watching Yuto as he does his errand, smiling all so idiotically—thinking on how Yuto can be a potential nice caring husband in the future. He can’t stop but to daydream about it. Then his vision flew to the upper shelves of the pantry, right beside where Yuto is standing. In there, he can see several boxes neatly placed on top—and one of them seems to be dangerously dangling. Ryosuke stared at it in fear as he saw it slipping on slow motion. And Yuto was still indifferently standing there.

Ignoring his protesting leg, Ryosuke stepped on it and dashed to Yuto as he pushed him out of the way. “What the…?!” they all jumped in surprised as a loud crash was heard.

“Ryosuke?!” Yuto called out in worry.

A pained groan was the answer.

His shoulder was hit.


Ryosuke can’t stop wincing and grunting in pain as Kei presses a cold compress on the obvious lump by his shoulder. And because of having a wrong step using his injured leg, it had swollen again too.

Now, Ryosuke is lying on his side with both of his injuries being tended to. Somehow, Ryosuke felt his senses numbing with the pain. Talking about trouble. How are they going to do the shoot now—when he can’t move?! Thanks to the unbearable pain.

“No, Ryosuke. We are not doing any shoot until all of your injuries are healed. We’ll just postpone the project if we can’t make it on time. I’d rather pay the damage fees with the manager than risk you.” Yuto said to him when Ryosuke shared to him his idea of just bandaging his sprains tightly so blood won’t flow, and he won’t feel the pain.

Ryosuke felt touched and annoyed at the same time. “But…!”

“No buts, Ryosuke. I’m not taking any argument this time.” Yuto said seriously. His eyes say it all.

Ryosuke pouted. Knowing Yuto when he’s dead serious, he hears nothing but his own words. Ryosuke reluctantly agreed. He slowly nodded his head with that defeated expression.

Seeing that, Yuto’s gaze softened. He leaned forward to Ryosuke’s lying position and kissed him by the cheeks. It kind of surprised Ryosuke. He stared at the tall guy who was having a guilty apologetic expression. “I’m sorry.” He said to him softly, biting his bottom lip in guilt. “If it wasn’t because of me, you wouldn’t be like this.”

Ryosuke rolled his eyes, the conversation getting light. “Yeah, you were being unbelievably clumsy.” He teased him to lighten Yuto’s mood. He knows that Yuto is blaming his self. After all, he saved his life twice now. But injuring himself in the process twice also.

“Go to sleep.” Yuto suggested.

Ryosuke hummed. “Can’t… with this pain.” He mumbled. But after a couple of minutes or so, Yuto saw the short guy calmly snoozing and softly breathing already. Thanks to the lack of sleep last night—his eye bags say it all, and Yuto’s continued caresses on his head. Yuto smiled weakly as he continued to lull him to keep sleeping.

But half an hour later, Ryosuke stirred awake. “It’s hot.” He commented.

Yuto felt it too, the sensation inside the house is kind of sticky. Probably because of the humidity. “I’ll open the window.” He volunteered on walking to the windows to open them, when Ryosuke reached for him with his good hand. He shook his head. “Let’s go outside.”

Yuto frowned, against the idea. When Ryosuke added obliviously, “I want fresh air.”

“Oh…” Yuto caught up. “Okay—the garden will do.” He agreed. “I’ll just ask Kei if we have something to lay you outside.”

Ryosuke nodded. And in no time, Yuto is carrying Ryosuke as he supports him to go outside. Then gently, he sat him on the convenient bench prepared ahead of time. “Thanks.” Ryosuke said to him as he let go of his arms around Yuto.

Yuto just shrugged as he sat beside him.

“Now, this feels better.” Ryosuke voiced out as he breathes in the warm but comfortable afternoon air. They are by the back garden where there can see a small area for vegetation. It seems like this is where Kei had gotten the vegetable ingredients in their lunch a while ago. Also they can see several clothes line. It seems to be the place where they dry their laundry.

Ryosuke looked around more, discovering and familiarizing himself. Since they are always going out from the time they got here, Ryosuke wasn’t able to appreciate the very house that they are staying at. “I wonder if we can have some.” Ryosuke asked, eyeing the fruit bearing trees planted not far from them. They can see that there are several of them.

“I think so? I’m sure Kei wouldn’t mind.” Yuto felt sure. They know that it wasn’t in Kei’s personality to be mad just because they got some fruits from his plants without asking for permission first. “Do you want some? It looks like they are ripe anyway.”

“Get some for me.” Ryosuke requested.

“Okay.” Yuto answered immediately. He smiled at Ryosuke before standing up and proceeding to his task.

As he makes his way there, Yuto again saw the girl on a red dress passing by until once again, she turn on a corner and disappeared from his sight. That made Yuto stopped on his feet as something suddenly bothered him. He is realizing something—but not quite yet… concerning the red girl. And as he contemplates, a strong gust of wind came their way—making the clothesline pole sway, not far from where he is standing right now.

Yuto saw it coming—somehow, unconsciously realizing that whenever he sees the girl, something will fall on him. He swiftly made a side step as he avoids it.

Ryosuke, on the other hand, stood up to run to Yuto to check on him on instinct, forgetting that he is currently having disability as of the moment. “Yuto!” he called out and he felt the sharp pain as he applied weight on his wrong foot. That made him trip and fall over, slipping to the small pond by the back garden, creating a loud splash—calling everyone’s attention.

“Ryosuke!” Yuto called out as he immediately made his way to him. He upright Ryosuke and saw him coughing a little with the sudden fall on the water. It seems like he had swallowed some.

“Are you alright—are you hurt anywhere?” Yuto asked panicking as he carries him out of the water.

Ryosuke shook his head. “Nothing new.” He shivered, and he sneezed.

“What happened?” The others asked as they checked on them.

Yuto wasn’t able to answer as he makes his way inside of the house—silently calling Daiki’s attention to help Ryosuke’s change his clothes on the process.


“He’s having a slight fever.” Kei informed Yuto. He and Daiki had just finished changing Ryosuke’s clothes along with his bandages and reapplying the ointment to help ease the pain. Now he’s sleeping by the bedroom.

Yuto nodded, can’t remove the worry in his chest. He had just finished changing too. He had soaked himself as he carried Ryosuke out of the water.

“I’ve just fixed the clothesline pole. It seems like that one of the screws had loosened up, so when the strong wind blew, it had completely given up.” Kota had just entered the house, together with Takaki who helped him in patching things up. “Sorry for the trouble.”

“Honestly, what’s wrong with the two of you?! It seems like you’re attracting all accidents within a ten meter range.” Daiki voiced out a little hotly, looking at Yuto with sharp piercing eyes. His tone is full of sting, but they can also hear that he’s just worried for their friend’s sake.

“You’re right—I guess I’m attracting all the negative energy around.” Yuto admitted, guilty and down. “All the bad things are directed at me—and Ryosuke has just been unfortunately always around to be the receiving end.”

“Yuto… it’s not your fault. It’s not like you wanted all of these things to happen…” Takaki tried to reason out with their friend. Yuto is not on his proper thinking and he is blaming himself. It’s too absurd to think of such things.

“Takaki is right. They are accidents—inevitable.” Kota supported Takaki.

“Maybe you have just angered some spirits around the area and now directing all misfortunes at you.” Takaki teased.

That triggered something in Yuto’s mind—like some knowledge resurfacing.

“What?” They got bewildered with Yuto’s sudden change of expression.

“Don’t tell me that you really did?” Daiki clarified, cutting his thoughts.

Yuto turned and stared at him—still trying to grasp on whatever he is trying to think.

“What?” Daiki felt conscious.

“Now that you mention it…?” Yuto’s voice died down.

“What’s wrong?” Kota asked, getting serious now.

“I… I-I always see this girl…” Yuto started. “…and whenever I do, something bad happens…”

“A girl…?” they all repeated.

Yuto nodded.

Kei caught Yuto’s attention, “…is the girl wearing a red dress…?”

Yuto turned to him surprise. “Ye-yeah… how did you know?”

Kei’s expression darkened. He then walked away, coming back after a few whiles—carrying what seems to be a thick book. He placed it over the table of the living room for everyone to see. Kei dusted it before opening. It’s a very old photo album. He showed to them one particular photo of a girl, wearing a dark colored kimono—from the robe itself to the obi. And even though the picture itself is black and white—since there are no colored pictures before, they can figure out that the color of the dress is red… for all of them are experts in photography or at least has a good background.

“Is she the one you are seeing?” Kei asked grimly.

Yuto looked closely since the photo is quite blurry. And weakly, Yuto nodded. “That’s her…”

“As I was expecting…” Kei spoke to his self… his tone weak and defeated.

“Who is she?” Yuto asked, still looking at the photo. Since he had seen her personally, he wanted to really confirm.

“Serizawa Riko.” Kei answered. Everyone’s attention is on him now. “She’s my great grandmother’s cousin.”

“What about her?” they asked about her story.

“Well…” Kei thought of a way to start it. “Since it’s just a small town, and only small number of people lives here…” he introduced. “…Riko-san, my great grandmother’s cousin…”

“…she fell in love with one of her childhood friends. And they were engaged.”

“But you see… the guy loved someone else. And before the day of their wedding, the guy ran away—he eloped with the person he truly loves.”

“She wasn’t able to handle the shame and broken heartedness, so she committed suicide by jumping off that cliff.” Kei pointed to another side of the village through the open window. It leads to the mountain side and there’s this some kind of a trail and it ends with a cliff. “Then she became a vengeful spirit.” Kei ended. “Every now and then, she will show herself to some of the villagers and something bad will happen to them.”

“She must have taken a liking to you, thinking that you are new in town. And that you are charming enough…”

Yuto grimaced. “Of all people…”

Then Keito caught their attention. He had just got down from his room where he was busily doing his tasks. He was still oblivious of their conversation. “Uhm—guys, sorry to interrupt you but you definitely need to see this.” He was carrying his laptop with him and he showed to them the screen. Keito was showing to them the photos he has just been transferring from the memory cards into his hard drive.

They all widened their eyes when they saw what’s wrong in it.

In every picture, there is a figure of a person that shouldn’t be there with Ryosuke—and as the photo gets recent, the figure gets closer to Ryosuke… and gets clearer.

“What the…?!” Yuto almost cursed.

And the last shot was when Ryosuke is sitting on a bench by the town’s bus station—and the girl was just behind him, reaching out her hand to Ryosuke.

“What’s the meaning of this…?!” Yuto confronted Kei.

But Kei showed a completely dumbstruck look. “I don’t know…” he mumbled weakly, not understanding it either. His head was racing as it tried to think what’s really going on. Then he realizes it. “That’s it…!” he caught Yuto’s full attention now. “Serizawa Riko—she was left by her fiancé because the guy loves someone else… and all she wanted was someone to love her back. And Ryosuke—with his innocence in love…”

“All the attacks weren’t for you… they were all for Ryosuke. And knowing that he loves you—Serizawa Riko-san is directing all of the accidents at you—as if testing how far Ryosuke can go to save you.” Yuto cringed with the word love. “Now that she has proven it—she wanted Ryosuke for herself.”

And not knowing what else to do, Yuto just found his self wanting to be with Ryosuke right now. Before he can control what he is doing, he just found himself barging into the room where Ryosuke is. And he widened his eyes when he saw a flash of the red girl standing by the middle of the room before it completely disappeared. “Ryosuke…!” Yuto looked over the room—but it was empty. “RYOSUKE!!” he repeated, calling out loudly to make sure that the person will hear him.

The others had caught up with him and they also realized that Ryosuke is missing. The futon where they had laid him is empty and the blanket was in disarray, like Ryosuke had stood up and gone somewhere.

“Where is he? Where did he go?!!” Yuto made a dash for it to look for him, pushing them out of his way. And through the open window where the cliff is, Yuto saw the red girl floating a few steps from the edge… and there was Ryosuke… making his way to her. The red girl was stretching out her hand to Ryosuke, calling for him—and the short guy was unsteadily and clumsily walking to her… as if the aim was to reach for her. “NO!!” Yuto shouted.


“No—Ryosuke… please don’t do this to me.” Yuto’s expression was beyond begging.

Not minding the several feet high veranda, Yuto jumped out of the window as he ran his way to Ryosuke—feeling the impact on his sole going up to his knees when he landed. He ignored the pain as he sprinted and lunged for Ryosuke. He was just in time to catch him with his injured arm causing Ryosuke to cry out in pain.

Yuto ignored that he is hurting the other boy as he clutched onto him, not affording to let go. He gritted his teeth as he endured the gravity—for he can see the red girl still holding on to Ryosuke’s injured ankle—adding on to the weight and pulling him down. “Ryosuke… please, please—I’m begging you!”

Ryosuke looked up to Yuto—who was clinging to him for dear life. He furrowed his expression—not quite understanding what’s happening. He can’t understand why Yuto is having that severe look.

Then he felt something wet hitting his face.

And he realized that they were Yuto’s tears: his expression speaking everything—that he can’t afford to lose him. It was a wakeup call. “Yu-Yuto…?” he wondered how the hell he ended up in this position—dangling over a cliff. The pain was unbearable but being in a life and death situation, Ryosuke quicklyreached out his good arm and hold on to Yuto—who with all the force he can muster pulled him up.

The two of them collapsed to the ground as they breathe heavily to catch their breaths. “What happened?” Ryosuke asked through his pants. But instead of answering, Yuto just reached for him once again—this time gently—and enveloped him with his strong arms.

“I love you—that’s what happened.” Yuto whispered to his ear.

And Ryosuke felt his arms around him tightened.



“So let’s make this straight: a vengeful spirit of a love-deprived girl dressed in red had just put her liking into me—and tried to kill me by trying to kill Yuto-kun because she knows that I will do whatever it takes to save him?” Ryosuke said to them of what he understood with what they told him.

“Yeah—something like that.” Daiki nodded his head.

They are now back in Tokyo, particularly in a hospital—with Ryosuke’s injuries turning to real injuries, he is admitted and both of his shoulder and leg now on a caste… with Yuto personally taking care of him.

It made Ryosuke shiver in fear.

“That’s too much.” Yuto spoke quietly. “I think she wasn’t trying to kill anyone.”

“A-huh… say that to Ryosuke’s doctor.” Daiki replied sarcastically, gesturing to Ryosuke’s injuries.

Yuto wasn’t convinced.

“How can you say that?” Ryosuke asked instead.

Yuto reached for his good hand and Ryosuke turned pink with the tender smile Yuto is directing at him, before leaning in and giving him a chaste kiss in the lips. That made Ryosuke blush deeper, “I think… she’s just trying to make me realize of what I’m losing before it’s too late.”



Author’s Note: This is a lifetime overdue. Sorry for being soooooooo late. T_____T *bows deeply* I hope you enjoyed it—obviously rushed. I’m so sorrrrrrry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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