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Title: (I have no idea how to give title to this one)
Pairing: Nakajima Yuto X Yamada Ryosuke
Genre: Romance. Fluff.
Rating: definitely PG


Falling in love with a super hero can be a good thing… and a bad thing.

That’s what they say at least. With all the heartbreaking dramas and heart clenching clichés… no wonder they thought that way. It’s a good thing, for your lover is someone responsible and can be relied upon at times of deepest needs. When your life is in danger, you can always count on them to save you… from the bad guys and everything else. But bad… because it can be dangerous… really dangerous. Like some superhero had said before: with great powers come great responsibilities… or something like that. A superhero cannot just abandon his duty to be always around and save the day. That includes sacrificing their life…

But then…

…what they do not know… is that it cannot just be a good or a bad thing… it can also be a great thing!

Especially when the two of you are in bed… not sleeping… clothes off… if you know what I mean

Just like right now… he is thrusting so hard, I can feel myself being carried along as he rocks our hips together.

Also, with too much ecstasy, he didn’t notice that he is already using his powers to fly. Probably a foot or so more, we could use the ceiling as our bed instead. Luckily, it’s quite high. And he is not yet totally losing control of him self so that were are not banging on it… yet. I don’t want to imagine it. Poor are those who live above us.

But for me… who is losing myself as well… with the aggressiveness and wildness of his thrusts on me, can I really give a single ounce of fucking care on it? For goodness sake! I’m feeling his very existence right to the very inside of me. “Oh, gosh, Yuto… there… again!!” I cried pleadingly, starting to feel this swirling sensation in my belly as I clutched on to him, snaking my arms on his bare back, feeling it against my fingertips, and wrapping my legs around his hips to give him more access to fuck me. Oh how much I love to touch him, feel him in my arms like this: skin against skin. I can do this for forever. And there, he hit me again… again… again in my sweetest spot. I moaned louder, more shameless. “Yuto, touch me… please…” I begged for release. And in no time I was spurting my essence unto the air, literally. Remember we were in midair? How embarrassing. But I wasn’t giving it notice yet.

A pro and a con: My superhero lover has an ultimate sex drive. Which can be a good thing… and a good thing! It takes me two releases or so… before he can get his first release. If he wanted a second round, I’m probably so exhausted and worn out he needed to wait for the next day. Such a shame I’m just an ordinary human being… I cannot keep up with him with this kind of matters. Sometimes, it really bothers me. Doesn’t he feel… you know… disappointed? I mean he needed to hold himself!

One time, I opened it up to him. I was the complete definition of embarrassment and shame! Imagine all the guts and confidence I needed to muster to start the conversation. What more to ask the very question itself! I could die due to humiliation that time. Thankfully, my lover is the complete definition of understanding by then. So lucky to have such a righteous person, “Don’t bother. I love you as you. I choose you so I need to deal with it.” With a matching sweet affectionate smile. I almost melted with the way he stared at me!

“Ryosuke… hold on a bit.” He whispered to me huskily as he gripped on my hips tighter. I shivered as I felt his hot breath by my ear. He is plunging on to me, slowly now. How considerate. Even if in the verge of his climax, he can still think and consider my weak human body. I just nodded, unable to say a coherent word as I moan and catch my breath. My brain seems like to be made of a mush. Thanks to my recent release-making me quite sensitive and weak… but Yuto needed his release too. I maybe not a superhero, but I can hold on for his sake. But then… he needed to do it soon, or else I will be numb with his too much thrusting.

And when Yuto rocks in to me, staying for a long moment, I knew he had found his release. I can completely feel it by the way. The way my hole contracts with his manhood and his thick hot essence… I just clutched on to him. And exchanging our position, I felt our bodies lightly bouncing on the mattress with him hitting the bed. He rolled over and pulled out, making a small grunt escape from my lips.

With my barely able to keep open eyes, I looked at him with a tired satisfied smile. He knew I am tired. He knows his strengths… more than enough to make me exhausted. “I love you…” I barely heard him whisper. “…love you…” I mouthed back nodding slightly, my eyes slowly closing and I drifted to sleep.


I woke up probably an hour ago and Yuto and I had just finished taking a shower together. As I blow dry my hair and sat in front of my mirror, I saw Yuto walking out of the bathroom wrapped with the same type of robe as I was wearing. He has a towel by his hand as he dries his hair as well. He saw me looking at him and he gave me his signature heart throbbing smile. I scoffed and rolled my eyes. What an airhead. I looked back to my reflection in the mirror and curse a little. I saw my face red! Dating for years and I still make this reaction when he smiles at me…

Then he’s by my side, using his speed, and kissed me by the cheek… which only made it redder.  I playfully punch his chest. “Stop doing that!” I whined like a girl. That made him laughed… that attractive and manly laugh. This is one of those moments I want to keep for forever. And before I know it, I have already grabbed on to his nape and crashed our lips together. I kissed him hot and hard-as aggressive as I can, trying to convey how much he means to me. I really really love this guy!

Yuto replied in the same passion, taking seat beside me and pulling me on to his lap, on which I voluntarily climbed on. We continued to kiss for no one knows how long. I just wanted to claim those lips, monopolize it for the rest of my life.

I knew this is going to be another session, for Yuto had already removed my robe and laying me on the soft bed with him still ravishing on my lips, his arms and legs trapping me in place-with no escape. Like hell I will

When he figured out I needed air, he broke the kiss, but still, the air was stuck on my throat as he continues to kiss me downwards: my jaw, my neck, down to my chest. I can feel his lips all over me. “Yuu…” I breathe out achingly. No one can put into words how much I want this.

And then he stopped.

I looked at him with a furrowed expression. Why did he stop? He was looking over the window of our shared apartment room.

I know that face.

“Go” I said, the tension going down.

He turned to me with a bitter smile.


He waited for what I will say.

“…just come back to me…” I said quietly, begging.

He gave me a weak smile and nodded, pecking on my lips quickly. And he was gone, leaving the bedroom window open and the curtains swinging with the wind of the night. I guess he’ll just change into his superhero costume as he flies to the scene. He must be in a real hurry. I smiled bitterly, half disappointed and half understanding him. Too much for having a superhero boyfriend… but then… the worry. It was consuming me. He might be powerful, with the speed and strength. But then, for someone who loves him so very much, you cannot just tell me to stop worrying. Because no matter what happens… I just will. Period. No more explanation needed.

I grabbed on the blanket and rolled myself over. Better sleep on this now, and I burry my face on the pillow


I don’t know how much time had passed, probably a few hours or so, when I felt someone snuggling on my back and wrapping me in tight securing arms causing me to wake up. I know this warmth. “Yutti…” I managed to turn around and snuggle back, still sleepy. It’s still wee hours after all. “Okaeri” I mumbled, “Tadaima.” was his weak reply. I felt the slight vibration on his chest next, meaning he was laughing. “Go to sleep, my Ryosuke. I love you.” And I felt his kiss on top of my head. I just nodded and fell asleep.

“I love you too.”

“Thank you for coming back.”

Just like I said: Having a superhero boyfriend isn’t just a good and bad thing… it can be a great thing too. For all the love and affection…



Author’s Note: Weak update. Hahaha! I hope you like it. :)

٩( mariko
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