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Title: Poison
Pairing: YamaJima
Genre: Romance. Comedy. Hinted!!
Rating: Definite parental guidance is needed
Summary: Ryosuke is such a frustrated emo primadonna… and Yuto was such an idiotic fool.


“Honestly, Ryosuke… you’ve been with Yuto… for how long - six years?! And you still haven’t done anything?!” Daiki, Ryosuke’s best friend, exclaimed at him. 

“I’m telling you, Yutti is an upright person. He wanted us to tie the knot before doing anything life-changing.” Ryosuke rolled his eyes, sipping on his juice, same tint of annoyance lingering on his voice. Does Daiki think he is not frustrated with that fact as well?! If there is one thing he definitely wanted to do with Yuto, making love is one of them. It would create this new but stronger kind of bond between the two of them-and Ryosuke would be very happy. They would be claiming each other-and Ryosuke can be more assured.

But no… it was their valentine date four years ago when Ryosuke made an initiation. They have been together for two years and he believes that they are ready to take their relationship to the next level. At first, he thought Yuto was just being insanely naïve with what he is implying, it turns out: Yuto exactly realized it from the very start and him acting indifferent was to make Ryosuke’s mood to change. Ryosuke can still remember as their date was nearing to its end and he was aggravated more than ever when Yuto talked to him about it: explaining this and that and blah blah blah. In short, Yuto doesn’t want to do it until they are married. Can you believe it? A man like that still exists! Ryosuke was too dumb to react that time. He was so shock it made him hang up. And when he recovered, he was so mad it made him ignore Yuto for the next three solid weeks. It was a big blow to his pride-to be rejected by his lover when he is already wholeheartedly offering himself. Luckily, Yuto was persistent. He was sincerely apologizing and the same time, explaining his virtues and life perspectives.

Ryosuke forgave him. Like he can stay mad with him… he still loves him… very much.

“So what are you planning?” Daiki asked him, feeling his best friend’s frustration as well. Like the saying goes: Don’t rub salt onto the open wound.

Ryosuke shrugged. “Trust me. I’ve tried everything with the best I can! It’s no use. Yuto is implanted with his decision not to fuck me until we are legal to do so.”

Daiki frowned, something going on inside his head.

“What?” Ryosuke asked, taking notice that Daiki is thinking of something.

“…I don’t know…” Daiki answered slowly.

“…what?!” Ryosuke asked again, impatient.

“…have you ever considered using… you know?” Daiki fidgeted a bit. “…stimulants…?”

Ryosuke looked at him with a frown.

“You know… to make him arose, make his hormones get loose?” Daiki added. “You can easily slip it to his drink or meal… he loves eating your cooking, right?”

Ryosuke’s frown got deeper.

“If you setting up the mood is not enough, try to be more daring. Maybe that will do the trick.”


“Ryosuke, sweetheart, what’s up? Why did you call?” Yuto answered thru the other line. Happiness can be clearly traced in his voice.

With the phone pressed on his ear, Ryosuke looked over at Daiki, who gave him a firm nod. “Uhm… Yuu, can I sleep over at your place tonight?”

“Sure, why not? I would love you around.” Yuto answered back. “But what’s on?”

“You see… my family decided to have a vacation without me and I would be alone tonight. I’m just thinking of spending the night with you instead. I won’t be a bother?” Ryosuke wasn’t feeling sure about this.

“Oh, I see. Okay.” Yuto replied clueless of their true plan. He wasn’t having the slightest bit of idea that he is falling into their plan. “I’ll come and get you in your house later after my work? I’ll call when I’m in your front door.”

“No!” Ryosuke answered almost immediately.

“Huh…?” Yuto was shocked. Ryosuke had just raised his voice at him.

“I-I mean… that’s too much for you. My house is in the other way, right? I’ll just go to your house. You gave me a house key before anyway.” If Yuto come to their house, Yuto will definitely find out that he is lying. Their family vacation is set two months later. And they won’t definitely leave him behind, in fact, his mother is asking him to bring Yuto along.

“Oh… so understanding of you” Yuto believed him.

“I just don’t want to trouble you more.” Ryosuke asked. “Besides, I wanted to drop by the market to buy ingredients. I want to cook you a delicious dinner as a payback for keeping me for the night.” He lied smoothly. It’s too late to back down now.

“I’ll be looking forward to it then.” Yuto replied enthusiastically.

“Jyah, see you later?”

“Yeah, see you later.”

“Bye… love you.”

“Love you more…”

And they cut the line.

Ryosuke stared at his phone, taking a deep breath. This is it! He then turned back to Daiki. “What?” he asked, feeling bothered with Daiki’s grossed out expression.

“The two of you are so in love with each other it’s so disturbing the two of you haven’t done anything beyond kissing.”

Ryosuke scoffed as he rolled his eyes. “Well I’m sorry we can’t be as daring as you and your boyfriend. I bet you have tried all different styles there is.”

“You bet.” Daiki stuck his tongue out at him.


And later that night, Ryosuke was carrying a bag of ingredients for the dinner he will cook tonight as he was walking to the direction of Yuto’s apartment. Unlike him who is still on his last year in college, Yuto is already working in one big company as a property manager. And because of that, Yuto decided to live independently. He brought a medium-sized house with a loan, and is now paying it on a monthly basis. Ryosuke remembered when Yuto talked to him about it. Yuto had just graduated and just two months with his job when he opened up the topic.

“Ne, Ryo-chan?”


“How many children do you want to have?”

Ryosuke can still remember himself spluttering that time. He wasn’t expecting such blunt question to be thrown at him. He wasn’t prepared! “Uhm, etou… one… or two…? I want to focus on each one of them as much as possible, so yeah, two would be enough I guess.” And that has been Yuto’s basis in buying the house: a place that can accommodate four people… and two dogs. “One for each one of them.” Yuto explained.

Fishing out the key from his wallet, Ryosuke entered the gates and opened the door. Basing on the off lights, he is pretty sure that Yuto is not yet home. That was his intention to being with, that’s why he came a bit earlier than planned.

Placing the groceries by the kitchen counter, Ryosuke made his way to Yuto’s room and borrowed one of his indoor shirts. And Ryosuke went back to the kitchen to start his task. He knows Yuto’s favorite meal and he had mastered cooking it by heart, just the right taste to Yuto’s liking. After cooking dinner, he proceeded on making their drink. He was thinking of buying beer. But Yuto rarely drinks them. He prefers fruit juices or fruit shakes. So Ryosuke chose on a fruit wine. After all, camouflaging the taste of the stimulant needs a strong drink.

Carefully dropping half of the contents of the small flask into Yuto’s drink, Ryosuke drained the remains on the sink and threw the bottle out. He can’t afford a flaw in their plan now.

And Ryosuke was just in time setting up the dinner table when he heard the front door opening and Yuto’s call after. “Okaeri!” Ryosuke came to welcome him.

Yuto gave him a smile, of how much happy he is to see him there. “Uhn, tadaima.” He had just finished wearing his indoor slippers. Ryosuke got his bag and coat before leading him inside. “Do you want to have dinner or hot bath first?” Ryosuke asked innocently. He was thinking that Yuto should choose dinner, for he was thinking of having their first time in the bathroom: Bathroom sex. Or whatever they call it. First time should be memorable after all.

“Dinner, of course.” Yuto answered, kissing him by the cheeks. “I’m starving.”

Ryosuke shivered. His thoughts training to the outcome of his actions, “Okay.” And the two of them occupied the dining table. Ryosuke, knowing his duties, served Yuto his food. He watched out of for Yuto’s reaction. “I’m really lucky to have you as my future spouse. You cook amazing as usual.” Yuto spoke after his first bite.

Ryosuke blushed. He never gets used to this, Yuto’s sweet talking. No wonder they are not making any progress.

But tonight… everything is about to change. Ryosuke eyed keenly as Yuto raised his glass to drink. He made a silent gulp. And when Yuto put down his glass, Ryosuke waited in anticipation what will happen next. Will Yuto attack him immediately? Okay, the word attack was too much. But then, Daiki mentioned the drug to be effective and stronger compared to others. He kind of worried if it can do something damaging to Yuto when they let him drink it, but Daiki just nagged at him if he wanted to do this or not.

“What’s wrong?” Yuto’s sudden question brought Ryosuke out of his trance. He jumped a little on his seat and looked at his lover, who is looking at him with a furrowed expression. “Do you feel hurt, are you sick? You haven’t started eating yet?”

“Huh-uh… yeah, I’m fine. There’s nothing wrong.” Ryosuke forced a smile and he started eating too, but at the corner of his eyes, he is observing Yuto. “I think it takes time before effecting…?” Ryosuke thought inside his head. Yuto was still acting usual. “Maybe later when we are about to sleep, he will crawl on to me?” Ryosuke can’t help imagining scenarios inside his head.

“Are you sure you are not sick? You’ve been spacing out…” Yuto is now clearly worried.

“I’m really fine!” Ryosuke answered back. They are now eating desserts and Ryosuke wondered if he should have poured the whole bottle instead. How come he seems not to be effected at all? Is that how much he clings on his virtues? That he can automatically shut off unnecessary desires and emotions?

After finishing dinner and making a hot bath for Yuto, Ryosuke walked back to the kitchen to start cleaning the dishes. And while on it, he can’t help but to call on Daiki. It took a while before Daiki answered, and when he did, basing on his tone and the way he breathes, Ryosuke badly wanted to end the call just there and then.  He and his lover must have just finished making love. And there Ryosuke is… still a virgin.

“I hate my fucking miserable life.” Ryosuke gritted his teeth, whether in madness because life is unfair or sadness because of the same reason, he doesn’t know. And he cut the line. He doesn’t need any more mockery as of the moment. And finishing the dishes as fast as he can, Ryosuke changed to his pajamas and went to sleep.



Four months later, Ryosuke and Yuto had just finished the official ceremony of their wedding and are now in the reception entrance hall, greeting everyone who came to celebrate with them in their union. And one person who wouldn’t miss this one out would be Ryosuke best friend, Daiki.

Once he got Ryosuke away from the others, he congratulated his best friend wholeheartedly. “I’m so happy for you. You deserve this more than anyone else.” Daiki said teary eyed as he hugged his best friend. “Thanks!” Ryosuke thanked him.

“I guess I can no longer call you Yama-chan…?” Daiki teased.

Ryosuke laughed. “I guess so too.”

“So where will the honeymoon be held?” Daiki continued to tease.

Ryosuke widened his eyes as he flushed beet red. “Shut up!” he scolded his friend. “Someone might hear you.”

“Aw, come on, Ryosuke… the two of you are finally legal. No one will judge you! Besides, I bet everyone else is dying to know the same thing. But since I’m your best friend, I have the privilege to know first.” He smirked.

“Honestly…” Ryosuke’s expression had gotten down a little. “I have completely no idea. Yuto and I had just talked about the wedding and the reception. Nothing else. And knowing Yuto for the longest time now, I won’t really wonder if he hasn’t planned anything about it.”

“I’m sorry.” Daiki turned apologetic. He knows how sensitive his best friend is when it comes to this matter. He doesn’t even know why they are making it a big deal in the first place.

Ryosuke shook his head. “It doesn’t matter.” He smiled bitterly. Maybe after that night, Ryosuke has long accepted defeat. Then he turned when he felt an arm around his shoulder, it was Yuto. “They need us in front now to cut the cake.” Yuto told him.

Ryosuke just nodded. “Okay.”

They bid Daiki goodbye as they made their way to the front. Like the program had dictated, they cut the cake and fed each other. Then drinking the wine with intertwined arms and everything else new couples do right after getting married. Ryosuke doesn’t have any idea why they are doing it to begin with. He guessed it had become part of the culture. And now they are going along with the flow. And for the sake of their guest’s entertainment. Ryosuke got tired suddenly.

And he was more than thankful enough when the food is being served. He finally got the chance to sit and rest his legs. He got his glass of juice and drank to quench his thirst. “Tired?” Yuto talked to him with a gentle voice. His eyebrows are worriedly furrowed. Ryosuke shook his head as he smiled, settling down his glass. “A little, but I can manage.” He caressed his cheek.

Yuto gave him a tender smile as he placed his hand over his, earning them some whistles and teasing from the crowd. “Oh, stop that.” Ryosuke rolled his eyes, stopping their loving act in that instant. Yuto just gave a teasing smile. He did that on purpose.

And when one of their parents is talking up front, sharing to them about his experiences and advices to them as a newly wedded couple, Ryosuke started to feel a little uncomfortable. He kept changing position finding his comfort. Ryosuke was careful enough not to let it show. But he can’t hide it from Yuto, who is sitting right exactly beside him. “Ryosuke…?”

“I’m fine.” Ryosuke said to him, telling him to ignore him. “I’m fine.” He repeated, stopping a shiver. And he felt the room temperature rising. Or was it his body temperature? Ryosuke repositioned his self again.

“Ryosuke, stop.” Yuto told him off in a whisper. And at the same time, he held his hand tighter. 

“Wha…?” Ryosuke didn’t get it.

“You’ll only make it worse by moving too much.”

“Wh-what do you mean?” Ryosuke asked, getting nervous. And hiding between his fingers, Ryosuke widened his eyes when he saw what Yuto is holding. And he glanced at his newly drunk glass of juice. “Y-you…? Ho-how could you?” Ryosuke’s voice was restrained. He is feeling very uncomfortable now.

Yuto gave off a soft smile. “I’m sorry, Ryosuke.” He apologized tenderly. But somehow, Ryosuke can hear the hiding sadistic tone in it. “I never thought it will affect you this much. I was able to handle it just fine before…”

It took Ryosuke a long time to catch up.

“…four months ago to be exact.” It was the same brand of stimulant that Ryosuke had used on Yuto.

“Y-you knew…?” Ryosuke spluttered out, felt like crying. So it did affect Yuto. But… he was able to control it.

Yuto nodded.

Ryosuke can only stare at him in disbelief, as his feeling of discomfort grew stronger. And at the same time, he can feel something inside him wanting to get loose. And something else getting hard. Luckily, the table can hide it perfectly. But not from Yuto. And basing on his expression, Ryosuke knew that Yuto had taken notice immediately. It seems like he is expecting it anyway. “Soon, my love…” Yuto caressed his cheek, at the same time knowing what that little gesture had done. Yuto had just provoked him more.

If Ryosuke hadn’t clung to all sanity left on him, he could have just pulled on Yuto and crashed their lips together. He just badly wanted to ravish Yuto’s lips right there and then. And the same time, climb on his lap and ride him endlessly… to get rid of this heat. But he knows he can’t do that. They have a lot of guest. Much more, his father is talking in front. He doesn’t want to make such a scandalous scene.

“Now you know what you are making me feel all this years-acting all so enticing and vulnerable-making me want to fuck you as hard as I can.”

“Then why didn’t you?” Ryosuke was enduring himself.

“Because I am discovering something” Yuto answered simply. “You see… Ryosuke… I have this… kind of fetish. And I need to confirm something first.” He continued. “And basing on the way you react to me right now… I am completely sure that you complement this fetish I have.”

“You are a sadist…”  Ryosuke figured out.

Dominant sadist…” Yuto corrected. “…and you would be my precious submissive masochist…”

Ryosuke looked at Yuto again, empty of words to say. Yuto just returned the look with a soft smile. Then realizing something, he swiftly turned to his best friend’s direction, who is seated not far from him. And his expression answers it all. Daiki’s expression was beyond apologizing. “Sorry.” He mouthed to him guiltily.

“I have my own ways to know things.” Yuto whispered to him, catching back his attention. “And trust me, Ryosuke, I will have my own ways on you too.” He kissed him by the cheek again. “But as of now, I want to warm you up more.”

The spot where Yuto kissed him felt like burning.



Author’s note: Okay, that went to a complete different direction. And Yuto transformed! I wanted to make a smut. And my brain decided to stop functioning. So yeah… I’m stopping it here. Lol. I hope you guys like it. XD

٩( mariko

Date: 2016-03-02 11:00 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] melsaoktav.livejournal.com

Dont stop, please continue ..
aahahahahahahaaa ..
dominant sadist, yuto kakkoii ..

Dai chan you (つд⊂) ...

Date: 2016-03-02 12:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yuusuke810.livejournal.com
deshou...?? hahaha. I can't help imagining dominant and sadist Yuto. Lols. I wonder if I should feel bad for Ryosuke or not. hehe.
and Daiki...

I want to continue too... but, it depends on my brain cells. hoho
thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it. :)

Date: 2016-03-02 11:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yurikamome19.livejournal.com
I always love character with a gap and you won't be able to figure at how much I love Yuto here. Mariko don't tease me, please do the smut part T________T *kneeling to God to bless you with mood*

Date: 2016-03-02 12:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yuusuke810.livejournal.com
that's too much yurika-san. haha.
I'll try to do my best. but no promises. hoho.
after all, smut is your forte. XD

thank you so much for reading!! :)

Date: 2016-03-02 12:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ghiekaye-20.livejournal.com
Yun lang masasabi ko :)

Date: 2016-03-02 12:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yuusuke810.livejournal.com
che!! hahahaha

Date: 2016-03-02 04:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sophiienyan13.livejournal.com

Why do you stop there nooo a sequel please!
I really like this kind of Yuto <3

Date: 2016-03-03 05:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yuusuke810.livejournal.com
my brain cells are not cooperating. hahaha
I want to write smut too. but my brain is too numb to think. haha
sorry for cutting there. T____T

thank you so much for reading!! :)

Date: 2016-04-25 04:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] reina-chuu.livejournal.com
yuti is meanieeeeeee omggg... poor ryosukee....
yuto is indeed sadist nee...

now they are married already~~happy for them~~~^O^
they can do as much as they want later nee... be patient ryosuke...

Date: 2016-05-27 01:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yuusuke810.livejournal.com
Gomen ne for the super late response. hehe. More than a month. T____T
Yes, Yuto is a meanie. after all, he is a sadist here. LOL!
and now that they are married, Yuto is unstoppable!! and that's more like it. hehe.

Thank you so much for reading!! :)


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