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Title: Forbidden Love - A second time around
Pairing: NakajimaXMysteryperson (But do I really need this?! Come on, guys!!)
Genre: Mystery. Romance.
Rating: PG
Summary: The reason why the wolf howls when the moon is full


Ever since he was young, there is this one particular story that Yuto has always love. It’s not some striking story that can be put into movies and earn blockbuster rates and be aired in movie houses for weeks or even months, but then… it had hit Yuto differently ever since the first time his mother told him about it. It was supposed to be one normal fairy tale that should send you to bed… but for Yuto. The story had claimed his heart and now, that he’s already of the age, he still asks his mother to tell it to him every single night. His mother would wonder at his childishness while his little brother would scoff at him in annoyance. But as time goes on, his mother would just laugh at him when he ask for it and his little brother would listen along.

It’s just a normal story to be honest!!

And the story was about: the reason why the werewolf always howls when the full is moon.

According to legends, thousands of years ago, when the earth is still young and innocent, where the gods and goddesses can freely roam the land and mingle with the humans: the goddess of the moon would descend to earth every night-as her duty of being the goddess of the night.

Then one night, the moon goddess has decided to walk in the mountain woods. And in there, she was met by the god of the wolves. And blame his striking handsome face and gorgeousness, the moon goddess was easily captivated by the canine god. And blame as well, the unmistakable beauty of the moon goddess, the god of the wolves has fallen for her as well.

That was the start of their love story.

Every night, the moon goddess would descend to the earth to meet her lover, for it was the only free time she can do so. For during the day, she needs to hide for the sun god would need to do his duty. It was the duties assigned to them by the great sky god. The two of them would spend the whole night together, careless of others. Like only the two of them exist in the universe, their worlds revolving around one another

But then… as the moon goddess always visits her lover and stays with him for the whole night, she had gravely neglected her duties of roaming the land. Giving darkness the chance to freely roam the earth instead, and it caused disturbances and damages

It had reached the sky god and he was furious about it. And because of that, the moon goddess is forbidden to descend to earth ever again. Her duty to give light to earth during the night was kept, but she can no longer go back to earth-for whenever she does so, it will cause great plagues such as high tides and flash floods. The closest distance she can go near is during her fullest, which is the full moon.

The wolf god was more than devastated as well. That’s why, every night when the moon is full, he would go howl, crying how much he misses his lover-for it was the same time that the moon goddess is nearest and hear his cry.

“It’s unfair, don’t you think?” Raiya, his little brother, said one night. They are about to sleep when his little brother initiated the conversation. “They just love each other.” Raiya said next, making Yuto realized what they are supposed to be talking about.

Yuto frowned, agreeing with his little brother.

“Alright, I get the part where the sky god got angry-for the moon goddess has neglected her duties. But he doesn’t need to be harsh. The two of them maybe are gods, but that doesn’t mean they can’t fall in love. He could have just punished them so they won’t do it again-but he doesn’t need to separate them.”

Yuto nodded. “It’s just a legend, Raiya. No need to get yourself perked up.” He tried to pacify his brother’s mood. But deep inside his heart, Yuto can’t help but to feel this unexplained madness towards the great sky god.


It was the vacation planned by the school for the summer festival. And being one of the most trusted teachers, Nakajima Yuto needed to accompany his advisory class to this so called team building get-away or whatever they want to call it. It’s not like Yuto doesn’t want to go, but he prefers to stay at home and read books or lazes out on his bed the whole day.

“Nakajima-sensei!” one of his students, on a white two piece swim suit called him. “Let’s go swim!” to be followed by some of her girl classmates. They are all under Nakajima sensei class and they all have this unmistakable crush on the said teacher. After all, Nakajima Yuto is your unmistakable example of bachelor you definitely want to get married with.

Yuto just gave his usual smile and shook his head. He is currently enjoying the tender loving care of the beach umbrella he’s currently under on. And he wouldn’t exchange it with anything else as of the moment. The girls clearly whined in disappointment but went swimming without him nevertheless.

Yuto just gave off a smile of relief when they left him alone. Pulling out the book he brought along, Nakajima spent the whole morning and afternoon reading as he watches over his student at the same time.

Evening came and Yuto was more than relieved that he can finally resign for the day. After making sure that his students are going to sleep, he went back to his assigned room and lied on his bed. But he wasn’t going to sleep yet. Turning the bedside lamp on, Yuto brought out the other book he had brought. In fact, he never leaves this book anywhere and always brings it with him wherever he goes: The unhappily ever after story of the wolf god and the moon goddess. He started reading it. Even though he had read it a thousand times already. He must have memorized every single word by heart, but still, Yuto keeps on reading.

And unlike the other books Yuto had read regarding their love story, this version is his favorite.

Because in this version, the wolf god and moon goddess had managed to get married before they were separated by the sky god.


Yuto can’t be mistaken. He had heard something. At first, he thought it was his students fooling around and not yet sleeping. But when he checked on their rooms, he saw that all of them are on bed and already peacefully snoozing. No one is missing.

Yuto suddenly got a bad feeling. He considered on waking up the other teachers, but then, it might just be his imagination and he doesn’t want to create a ruckus just because of some bodiless sound disturbing him during his night time reading.

And there it was again.

Yuto wondered if he should follow it or just let it go. For all he knows, it can be something dangerous. This is a down side of going to a foreign place. You are just not familiar with anything. But then, it can be something else. Who knows, someone is needing his help.

Making a decision, Nakajima decided to follow the sound.

And exiting the beach hotel their school had reserved, Yuto found his self walking in the sand. In contrast to the burning heat of the sun awhile ago, the temperature is now down and cold.

Yuto managed a smile as he playfully thanked the moon goddess for it was full moon tonight, giving him full visibility on where he is going-and a little courage as he searches for the source of the mysterious sound.

Walking for a few more distance, Yuto felt the stillness of the surrounding, the sound finally disappearing. It seems like he is just imagining it all this time. Yuto mentally scolded his self for the trouble. Now he needed to get back and he just realized how freezing cold it is.

But then…

Nakajima Yuto stopped dead on his feet as he stood frozen, his eyes widening and contracting as he stared at the person standing by the shore, the waves hitting his bare feet weakly. The person had obviously hasn’t seen him for he was facing the other way, facing the horizon. But then, Nakajima Yuto knew at first glance that his person he is staring at… is not just a person.

He was all white and seems to be glowing with the moonlight. His silver white hair and flowing robe are swaying with the night breeze.

And Yuto gulped in fear and excitement when he concluded who this person might be: The moon goddess. It can’t be.

Yuto made an unconscious step forward.

And the person turned to look at him.

… with those astonishing gray white eyes.

And it hit Yuto who could this person be.

Their child.

The child of the wolf god and the moon goddess, that wasn’t supposed to exist.

Standing there, all solid and real.

Yuto felt his self being sucked up.

And a strong gust of wind blew, making the sand flew and hit Yuto in the eyes. It made him cringe and close them on instinct.

And when Yuto opened them again to look at the majestic person, he was gone.

“Huh? Where did…?!”

“…or was it my imagination?!”


Author’s Note: The idea came from Ryosuke’s hair and eyes during Jumping Carnival, especially when he performed March 14, serenading us like that. I felt my heart skipped a hundred beats. Just kidding. I’m probably be dead by then. Lol. Hope you like it. Still thinking on how they will end up together. For I hate unhappily ever after up to my very bones. Hoho. Happy Birthday to me. J

٩( mariko

Date: 2016-03-08 04:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yurikamome19.livejournal.com
ENCORE! I need ENCORE of this!!! >< sorry for being a very demanding reader

and, Happy Birthday for you~ <3

Date: 2016-03-08 02:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yuusuke810.livejournal.com
thanks!! I was safe in posting it. Lol. just a few more minutes and my special day would have been over. hahaha

Hmm. Still thinking on the continuation. and it's working up all of my brain cells. hahaha.

Thank you so much for reading, yurika-san. :)

Date: 2016-03-08 05:03 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ichigoainosuke.livejournal.com
waiting for the next one (when they're ended together)~ XD
and, indeed he's so beautiful in that silver hair o>_<o happy birthday Mariko-san~ wish you a good year!! ^^ btw, sorry for a late comment~

Date: 2016-03-09 02:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yuusuke810.livejournal.com
I'm currently doing my best LOL!! hahahahah.

and yes. I'm so captivated by Ryosuke. He knows our weaknesses. LOL!!
Thank you. I'm finally a year older. Hoho.

thank you for reading!! :)


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