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Title: 30 day sex challenge - Day 1 - Have some Normal Sex
Pairing: YamaJima

Genre: Romance. Smut
Rating: NC
Summary: A 30 day sequel of Poison. Don’t expect this to be on a daily basis. But one thing I can assure you, is that… I will complete this 30 days.
Author’s Note: Apparently, I saw something on 9gag. And Yamajima came into my mind. So yeah. *flies away*


Ryosuke felt his body not of his own. It felt so hot and uncontrollable. There is this unmistakable pool of heat inside his body that he just badly wanted to release. And there is only one person who can help him.

And that person is currently kissing him… as they lay on their bed… stripping him off naked. Ryosuke wanted to return the favor of undressing his now official spouse whom he had just exchange vows not a few hours ago, but… his hands just felt so weak that all he wanted to do is receive everything the tall guy above him would give.

“Yuu…” his breath was in pants and labored, as he begged him more than ever.

“Soon.” He murmured to his ear as he kissed him there, his lips now trailing down to his jaw down to his neck and now to his chest, as he fumbles on his belt, stripping him off his pants. Ryosuke kicked them off and they fell to the floor.

A few more while, Ryosuke is now completely naked and Yuto is taking off his pants.

Ryosuke felt Yuto’s lips on his again and he kissed him back, like there is no tomorrow as he snaked his arms around his shoulder, pulling him closer, wanting to feel his body heat on top of him, his skin against his own. “I love you” he spoke out when Yuto was ravishing his neck and leaving love marks. And through his kisses, Ryosuke can feel Yuto smiling with what he had just said. “I love you more.” Was Yuto’s silent message through his kisses.

And when Yuto’s hands trailed to his side down to his waist and hips, Ryosuke knew what was coming. And he felt Yuto’s hands on there. He jumped a little when he felt Yuto’s hand by his aching member and worked on him. He hummed in approval, savoring each stroke. And as his moans got smoother and pleasured, Yuto fastened his pace. And when Ryosuke felt his climax coming, Yuto’s hands disappeared, only to be replaced by his hot mouth. Ryosuke’s moan was stuck in his throat as his hips jerked upwards, gagging Yuto a little. He tried to keep steady as possible but it was proving hard to do, especially when that expert and hot mouth is around the center of your sanity. “…Yuu…” Ryosuke wasn’t in time to react when he spurted his seeds inside his lover’s mouth, while Yuto didn’t make an effort to move away. Ryosuke’s milk creating streaks of his essence by his face, and they started to dripped down.

Nothing can even be more erotic than Yuto’s appearance when Ryosuke looked at him. He is still recovering from his recent release as his breath comes in heavy pants. “Yu…to…” the guy’s face was smeared with his thing and his hair was messy, blame Ryosuke’s hands who doesn’t know where quite to place them. But the most striking of them all would be Yuto’s eyes, that are still dark with intentions, plus that malevolent smile. Ryosuke knew that the night is still long for them.

Cleaning his face a little, Yuto kissed Ryosuke by the lips, forcing his tongue in, making Ryosuke taste himself. He cringed a little, but he focused on Yuto’s kiss instead.

Ryosuke closed his eyes when he felt Yuto’s hands by his thighs, poking him. “Ryo…” Yuto’s tone was low and rough, like he can’t contain himself any longer. Ryosuke shivered at that, as he voluntarily separated his legs so Yuto can work on him easier. His fingers are long and agitated. And when they disappear with Yuto positioning before him, Ryosuke mentally prepared himself. This is the moment he’s been waiting since forever.

Ryosuke screamed a little when Yuto entered him. It was painful and Ryosuke clutched on to Yuto, asking him to stop moving. And kissing away the accumulating tears on his eyelids, Yuto endured. He may be a sadist. But his little sub is new to this world. He doesn’t have the heart to force everything in him in just one night. His little sub won’t be able to take it, and he won’t break him at all cost.

If he needs to take it slowly, then he definitely will. At Ryosuke’s own pace, with a little hurrying of course… his aching member can’t wait for forever. And he is the sadist… not the other one.

Yuto caressed Ryosuke’s hair as he scatters kisses all over his face and neck. “Can I move now?” he asked in a whisper, gripping on his hips.

“Slowly, please…” was Ryosuke’s weak answer.

Yuto nodded in understanding, as he pulled out a little and pushed in, moving his hips backward and forward repeatedly in a slow pace.

Just like he is expecting, doing the real thing than imagining it is way a whole lot better. Since the day Ryosuke became his boyfriend, Yuto wanted to make love with him-as painful as he could. Blame himself being a sadist. But as time goes by, Yuto realized that he can’t just do that with his lover. He treasures him more than anything else. He loves him for all goodness sake. And a true dominant will never hurt his little submissive, in bed, maybe. But it must be pleasured pain. Never ever hurting pain.

A common mistake in a dominant-submissive relationship

People believes that the dominant is the higher between the two-because all of his wants and needs must be obeyed and fulfilled. But no. It is the other way around. Because as the dom in the relationship, you must take consider of everything for your pretty sub. Because a true dominant can never hurt his little submissive. You can push him to his limits-but never beyond that. You must treasure him at all cost and give him everything he needs, the pleasure and everything else.

When Yuto felt Ryosuke getting accustomed to him, he gathered speed as he thrusts on him.


Ryosuke doesn’t need to say it.

Yuto fastened his pace, feeling his member inside Ryosuke as he plunges to him. He can feel himself climbing and climbing to his climax. The pleasure taking over his whole sanity. And Ryosuke’s expression was telling him no better. There’s no better stimulant for him than his lover’s pleasured face, that his lover is feeling bliss and it’s all because of him. He was moaning continuously as he grips on him, as if telling him to keep going. “Yuto…!” and he clenched around him differently. Yuto smiled in victory, attacking the same spot again and again. And Ryosuke was almost screaming in pleasure. How much he loves seeing Ryosuke like this…!

Yuto reached for his length and stroked him, just the right to compliment with his thrusts. And in no time, Ryosuke got his second release, melting unto the bed as he waits for Yuto to reach his climax too.

He looked up to his handsome spouse and saw him covered in sweat, his face and body glistening under the weak light as he fucks him. His face expression of pleasure and contentment, and when he goes deeper and stilled, Ryosuke knew he had reached his peak, feeling his essence sticking to his insides. And he was happy, feeling himself branded-by the very person who is the reason for his existence.

Yuto pulled out and collapsed beside him, catching his breath as well. Gathering his remaining strength, Ryosuke rolled to his side and settled, burying his face at the crook of Yuto’s neck as he hugs him. Ryosuke felt Yuto’s arms wrapping around him securely in return. He didn’t mind.

“Feeling better?” Yuto asked, landing a kiss on top of his head, knowing his crime.

Ryosuke nodded weakly, pardoning him, his eyes closing on their accord. He felt tired, but satisfied.

Noticing, Yuto just kissed him again on top of his head and fixed themselves to comfort.

“Good night, Ryosuke. Rest well. I love you.”


Author’s Note: *headache/begs for aspirin* I’m not really good at this. Please forgive my trying so hard writing smut. 

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