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Title: 30 day sex challenge - Day 2 - Try a New Position
Pairing: YamaJima
Genre: Romance. Smut
Rating: NC
Summary: A 30 day sequel of Poison.
Author’s Note: Apparently, I saw something on 9gag. And Yamajima came into my mind. So yeah. *flies away*


The moment Yuto got home from work, he knew immediately that there is something wrong with his spouse. He saw it the moment he first laid his eyes on him. Blame him for being too observant-plus it is his spouse that they are talking about here. But as a caring husband, seeing Ryosuke’s effort to hide it, Yuto decided not to interfere yet. He’ll wait if Ryosuke will try to open the matter to him first.

Dinner passed and both of them are now preparing to sleep. But still, Ryosuke is pretending that nothing is wrong. When Yuto can outright see that there is. And Ryosuke’s silence is bothering him. The small guy is putting up his effort in trying to pretend that everything is alright. They are now married, vowed to share the rest of their breathing days together. But how come… Ryosuke is keeping secret from him. And it is bothering Yuto to no end.

He is already comfortably lying in their bed when he decided he needed to do something about it. He sat up on their bed and crossed his leg-thinking of good ways for his spouse to spill the beans, at the same, Ryosuke got out from the bathroom, finished from his night time bath.

Yuto reached out his hand to him and Ryosuke walked near to him, meeting his hand with his. “What is it?” Ryosuke asked softly, thinking that his husband is wanting his attention to be pampered.

Yuto was supporting a warm affectionate smile, Ryosuke returned it with a tender one.

Yuto saw that the smile reached his eyes. But still… there are lingering sadness in them. He furrowed his eyebrows at that.

Yuto gave off a sigh before tugging on him, making him fall and sit on his lap, facing each other.

Ryosuke blushed in that instant, knowing what his husband is trying to imply. “Yuto… this is…” Ryosuke whispered getting nervous.

“Shhh.” Yuto cooed, as he stripped his husband off his pajamas, leaving him naked. Rule 1: Make him vulnerable.

“…but…” Ryosuke said yet again getting a mixed of embarrassment and excitement. But he stopped when he felt Yuto’s large warm hands on his lower back, pulling him closer. Rule 2: Make him realize who is in charge.

Ryosuke gulped, his hands automatically holding on to Yuto’s shoulder for support as the taller guide his thighs to wrap them around his waist, making him completely sitting on his manhood. Ryosuke couldn’t deny that he didn’t feel it, the unmistakable hardness poking him. And rule 3: Dominate him.

And Yuto kissed him, so hot Ryosuke felt himself melting with it as he kissed back, getting carried away with Yuto’s drive. His hands going to Yuto’s hair and nape as they deepened the kiss

Ryosuke couldn’t deny the fact that it is one of the things he loves about Yuto… the way he kisses, the pleasure and the love of it. Ryosuke can feel it. He cannot help but to be overwhelmed

“Hmm…” Ryosuke tilted his head, giving Yuto more access as he trails wet kisses down his jaw to his neck then to his shoulder. And all Ryosuke can do is clung to him… clung to him for sanity. But that too… is fading away.

Especially when Yuto had grasped on to his erected member.

Ryosuke gasped at the suddenness. And Yuto stroke him with the right grip, the pressure just enough to stimulate him. “Yuu…” he panted out, feeling himself short on breath as he started to feel the all too familiar tug in his belly, his feet curling with the pleasure and all he could just do is grasped on to Yuto.

“Look at me, Ryosuke…” he barely heard Yuto spoke out. Through the intense pleasure, Ryosuke forced himself to open his eyes and look at Yuto. He was smiling at him. And the way he looks at him, Ryosuke felt like surrendering. He can let his guard down and this man won’t betray him. “Do you trust me?” Yuto asked deeply, and the way he held his eyes. “Yes.” He nodded. And he felt Yuto’s fingers making it’s entry, prying and experimenting. He was kind of dry still. And because of that, it kind of sting. He let go of a small whine. Yuto kissed him for comfort. “Does it hurt?”

“No” Ryosuke replied, his tone cracking a little. Yuto hummed with his response, then he added another finger.

Ryosuke stopped a whimper. His body on instinct moving away from Yuto’s hurtful fingers

“Does it hurt?” Yuto asked again.

Again, Ryosuke replied. “No.” he was bearing it. Yuto’s fingers were long and penetrating him deeply.

Another finger was added and Yuto was working rough.

“Does it hurt?” and before he can answer, Yuto added the fourth and curled them. This time, Ryosuke wasn’t able to stop a cry of pain. He gasped out in pain, grasping hard onto Yuto’s shoulder, his fingernails obviously leaving marks on them.

“I’m going to ask you one last time:  Does it hurt?” Yuto asked him, his tone low and disappointed, still working rough. Ryosuke felt like bleeding.

“Y-Yes.” Ryosuke felt the sensation getting raw. After all, Yuto is a sadist. He likes it when his partner is feeling hurt. But then, much to his surprise, Yuto’s fingers began to move slower and gentler. He looked at Yuto with an asking expression. And Yuto was looking at him with a small sad smile. “You said you trust me.” And it struck Ryosuke… of what Yuto is trying to do. The first moment he felt hurt, Yuto knew it. But he was testing him. Ryosuke felt guilty. “Hush now.” Yuto cooed when he saw Ryosuke’s expression getting teary. “It’s alright.” He spoke to him gently. “Just don’t lie to me again.”

And Ryosuke huffed as he moaned out. Yuto had just found his sweet spot and pressing it, playing with him, teasing him. “Yuu…!” In complete contrast to his tormenting treatment a while ago

“I know.” Yuto smiled, scattering kisses all over his face, then he laid him on his back on the process. Ryosuke’s expression turned asking again.

“This… is what we call the cowboy position.” Yuto said, straddling him next. “The usual is the cowgirl… where the girl will straddle the boy and ride him.” Yuto explained. “But this time… let me do the straddling.” As he positioned on entering him, “But I want you to promise me one thing, for this is going to hurt a bit”

“I want you to tell me when you can’t take it anymore, okay? I want you to tell me when it hurts…” Ryosuke nodded. “Good!” Yuto rewarded him with a kiss in the lips.

Then Ryosuke saw the fault of their position. “Yutti… I don’t think this…” How is Yuto supposed to enter him when the space he can spread his legs is refrained?

“It’s alright.” Yuto realized his concern, caressing his cheeks with his knuckles. “Yes, it will be hard for me to enter… due to your tightened entrance. But then… it will make us feel each other more.”

“Oh…” Ryosuke understood. And spreading his legs a little, to how much Yuto’s straddle allows him, he felt the taller entering. And just like how they did it before, Yuto entered him in one forceful push, earning him to choke on his breath. Yuto doesn’t need to ask if if hurts or not. It was obvious in his expression. And Yuto stilled. Just like the first time, he doesn’t have the heart to hurt him. Not like this anyway, much more that his entrance is tightened compared before. He has other plans. So he busied himself by distracting Ryosuke from the pain and helping him get used to the intrusion.

“Can I move now?” he asked after a few whiles, kissing him by the cheeks.

Ryosuke nodded. “Slower, please.” And just like what Yuto had warned before. Even Ryosuke can feel the difficulty of their position. But then… thanks to it, Ryosuke can feel Yuto even more… his every movement, his every pound… felt like a sense of title, that Yuto owns him and this is his way to tell it to him. “I alone own the whole of you”

Yuto kissed him by the lips. Another reminder of ownership, “Everything of you is mine.”

“I love you so much.” Yuto breathe out to his ear, as he broke the kiss, their rhythm gaining speed as he felt him getting accustom to it. He was thrusting to him crazily, Ryosuke rocking in sync.

“I love you…!” Ryosuke replied, getting carried away with the current of their activity. He badly wanted to spread his legs wider, to make it easier for Yuto to claim him, to let him bring him to his peak. But then, this position, it’s also driving him crazy. He can completely feel him deep inside. He guessed that as long as it’s Yuto… it fucking doesn’t matter. “Yuto…!!” And screaming in delight, Ryosuke came. “That’s it -- that’s it.” Yuto encouraged, making Ryosuke to release everything as the thrusts slower now. And when he emptied, Yuto pulled out and fixed him to comfort, lying beside him next.

Through his remaining strength, Ryosuke looked over at Yuto, “Yuto, you…!” The taller wasn’t able to get off yet and he was going to comment about it when Yuto kissed him, cutting off whatever he has to say. “I’m fine.” Yuto kissed him fondly. “But…!”

“Don’t worry about me. I have my drive, but that… is not our priority right now.” Yuto said.

Ryosuke furrowed his expression. “What?”

“Tell me, what’s bothering you?” Yuto asked, cuddling him now.

Ryosuke kept his silence, looking somewhere else, unable to look at Yuto in the eyes.

“…Ryosuke…” Yuto called his name dearly. “I’m your husband, you can say anything to me.”

Still, Ryosuke didn’t spoke up.

A long pause

He head Yuto sighing. “…you said you trust me…”

Ryosuke was struck again by his guilt. “It’s…” he started hesitantly. He doesn’t know to start without making the taller angry.

“…yes?” Yuto waited expectantly.

“I ruined your favorite shirt.” Ryosuke confessed, getting teary, avoiding his questioning gaze. There, he finally said it.

“…excuse me, what?” It took time before it sinks in.

“Remember your mother’s gift last year?” Ryosuke stuttered. “She gave it to you during your birthday celebration last year and I saw how you really liked it. And you consider it your lucky shirt, you always wear it when you have an important event to attend to.”

Yuto looked at him confused, already catching up. But still not quite yet

“I was ironing your clothes a while ago when I accidentally burned it. I’m really sorry.” Ryosuke apologized and Yuto swear to all gods that if he didn’t stop himself on time, he could have taken his spouse once more… and this time, he’ll make sure to get off. With that adorable apologetic expression… Yuto’s hardness had just gotten more unbearable

Yuto chuckled, pulling his spouse closer and caressing his back. He looks like crying any moment now. “It’s alright, sweetheart. It’s just a shirt - I have others.”

“But it’s your favorite!” Ryosuke pressed his point.

“You have a tendency of making everything a big deal, don’t you think?” Yuto kissed him by the temple as he tightens his arms around him, and even trapping him with his legs.

“I j-just… thought you’d be sad. Your mother gave it to you after all… and I ruined it. I tried to fix it, but it was just plain hopeless…”

“Forget it…” Yuto said yet again. He saw Ryosuke about to argue again, “You know what, how about you make it up to me by accompanying me buy a replacement this coming Saturday? And we can have a date in the process.”

Ryosuke looked at him blankly.

“Just because we are married, we aren’t allowed to have dates you know. Besides, I missed having a whole day of fun with the person I love.” Yuto winked at him.

Ryosuke’s eyes cleared and his face break into a smile, “I like that.”



Author’s Note: Sorry for the long tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I never thought that writing smut fics can be this hard. I hope you enjoyed it. If you’re getting sick and I’m doing it wrong, just give me a heads up. And I’ll do everything to make it up with it. Please be really honest, okay? Thank you so much!

٩( mariko
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