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Title: 30 day sex challenge - Day 3 - Quickie
Pairing: YamaJima

Genre: Romance. Smut
Rating: NC
Summary: A 30 day sequel of Poison.
Author’s Note: Apparently, I saw something on 9gag. And Yamajima came into my mind. So yeah. *flies away*



Just like what Ryosuke had promised, our sweetest couple is celebrating their much awaited date. Yuto had purposely cancelled all of his appointments set for this day just to make way for a whole day with his spouse. And just like what Ryosuke had promised, they are now in a meticulous infamous boutique for men, finding a replacement for the shirt that Ryosuke had ruined a few days ago.

“How about these, sirs?” the sales lady gave them several options, but Yuto was completely ignoring her, as he was focusing on Ryosuke’s picks. “Try this one.” Ryosuke gave him a pure white one with contrasting shiny black buttons. “Okay.” And Yuto entered the dressing room to try it on.

A few moments, he came out to show how he looks.

The sales lady immediately praised him. Well, with Yuto’s physique, everything will just suit him just perfectly.

But Ryosuke was frowning. Somehow… he doesn’t like the fit of it. Yuto could be better off with something else.

“No?” Yuto read his expression.

Ryosuke shook his head. “Try another one.”

“Okay?” and with a few more trials, Ryosuke cannot seem to get what he wants. And Yuto was just following his demands.

One can see that their lady support is getting tired and irritated with everything that Nakajima had already tried, but…

“No. Another one…” Ryosuke said yet again, having more picks. And the sales lady is agitated more than ever. Yuto wondered if he should say a word to his spouse for Ryosuke was too busy looking to notice. She seems to be having a fit that will go to heart attack soon. And finding a midnight blue one, the same shade as what he has ruined, Ryosuke gave it to Yuto, still completely ignorant of the people around them.

“Come inside and help me try it on?” Yuto suggested.

“Okay.” Ryosuke responded naively.

And the moment the door closed behind them, Yuto immediately attacked Ryosuke. Pushing him off to the wall and kissing him right on the mouth. Ryosuke gasped in surprise and Yuto put his tongue in, tasting his spouse. “Yuu…!” Ryosuke moaned out after their long breath taking kiss as Yuto continuously trails kisses on his neck and slightly exposed chest. “This is…!”

“Shh…!” Yuto shushed him.

“I don’t think this is the appropriate place for this?” he tried to stop the taller. He felt him unbuckling his belt now and opening them. And Ryosuke was off his pants as Yuto pulled him up, making him wrapped his legs around his waist. “…kinky…” Yuto commented, and he inserted his fingers inside Ryosuke.

Ryosuke shivered at the intrusion. Yuto was working fast and slick. He knew he was hurrying. And hearing Yuto’s belt getting unbuckled, he wrapped his arms around his shoulder for support.

And there… Yuto is banging him against the wall. Ryosuke was holding his moan but some are just proving persistent to spill. He wondered if the others outside can hear it. He can feel themselves perspiring as they catches their breaths. So he made up with his labored pants. “Yutti…” he voices out, seductively.

Removing the little space between them, Yuto pulled his spouse closer and thrusts on him harder that Ryosuke felt himself getting push more up. He stopped a cry of shock with the deepness

And seeing their reflection on the mirror, Ryosuke can see himself messily clinging to Yuto, his legs around his waist, his arms around his shoulder and getting banged on. Nothing can be more erotic the way he can see Yuto’s hips moving, grazing against him. And seeing Yuto’s butt was just an added bonus

“Oh, gosh, Yuto… hurry!” Ryosuke voices out, desperate for his release.

“Almost there” Yuto replied as breathily.

And reaching their peak at the same time, the two of them stilled, feeling each other’s body beating against one another as they tone down from their activity.

“I didn’t know you are this adventurous.” Ryosuke commented as Yuto helps him put on his clothes properly then wearing his own afterwards.

Yuto smiled happily at him, “Just with you.” And he gave him a chaste kiss in the lips.

And they stepped out, after making sure the small cubicle is free of their naughty activity.

The sales lady who had just finished returning everything Yuto had tried stopped dead on her feet when she saw the two of them emerging out. She was about to speak when she realized their slightly sweaty and disheveled appearances. “Did the two of you just…?!” she whispered out trembling when Yuto cut him off. “We’ll be taking this.” He handed him Ryosuke’s latest choice. “And whatever you thinking, you got it right.”

The saleslady’s eyes widened up like saucers as her mouth dropped open. “But I would deeply appreciate it if you will believe that nothing happened.”

“O-okay…!” she nodded agitated and hurriedly walked to the cashier.


The two of them had just walked out the store and now heading their way, looking for somewhere place to eat.

“How did you do that?” Ryosuke asked Yuto.

“Do what?”

Ryosuke frowned at him, knowing that Yuto knows what he is referring to.

“Aw… you’re such a cutie.” Yuto chuckled, leaning in and kissing him by his meeting eyebrows. Then wrapping his right arm around his shoulder, pulling him closer

Ryosuke returned the favor by doing the same with his waist.

“So… how?” Ryosuke persisted.

Yuto laughed again. “Ryosuke… Ryosuke… Ryosuke…” he sing-song. “It’s my nature.”

“I’m a dominant”

“I make people obey me.”



Author’s Note: I’m trying to make up a story with each day. So it won’t just be… you know… just this and that. Hahaha!

Two millions brain cells had just died on me. But  I only have a million. So yeah, I have a deficiency of another million. Hahahah! Just kidding. I hope you are still liking this. *Still working on FL* Please give me a heads up if I’m still doing it correctly. I’m ruining myself with this. =____=”


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