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Title: Forbidden Love - A second time around (Part 2)
Pairing: YamaJima
Genre: Romance. Fluff. Comedy.
Rating: PG!!! (Sorry to disappoint you guys, I know you want the other genre… if you know what I am talking about
Summary: Finally, Nakajima Yuto met the half moon and half wolf god. Now, what shall he do about it?


Final Examination Week.

Since next week would be the finals week, Yuto was forced to stay in the office until late at night as he fixes and compiles the examination papers that would be used for the examinations next week. Luckily, he wasn’t alone. He was along with the other homeroom teachers that needed to do the same thing for their class. And when they are done, Yuto was more than relieved that he can finally go home. But before that, their principal initiated for them to have a dinner together. Since it’s Friday night and next week would be a hell week for them, there’s nothing wrong in having one. It would be his treat, for his hardworking teachers. Yuto wanted to decline, but he doesn’t want to be left out. So he agreed reluctantly.

And of course, it ended up with them drinking. Yuto was forced to down two shots. And after that, he strictly declined the following. He still needed to get home, and for him able to do that, he needs to remain sober. And thanks to them wasting the whole night, Yuto was only able to go head home when its already an hour past midnight. And thanks to that, he can’t go home to their family house but instead to his solo rented apartment, a couple of blocks away from the school.

Walking along the hallway, Yuto fished out the keys from his bag inner pocket and inserted it by the door of his apartment. He heard the locked clicked from the inside, he pushed it open. “Guess I’ll just go home when the day breaks.” He decided as he removed his shoes and placed them by the shoe rack as he turns on the light. The unmoved medium sized room greeted him. The same way as he left him the last time he’s been here.

But then…

Nakajima Yuto stopped on his feet when he realized something off.


This wasn’t the way he left it the last time.

Someone’s been here.

Feeling the entire house, Yuto tried to find out if someone is with him inside the house.

Keeping his silence, Yuto rounded the house, checking the area as quietly and as surreptitiously as he could.

First was the kitchen. He can see his kitchen in complete disarray. Like someone’s been here looking for something… but completely failed to do so.

Next was his study room. It was messed too. But not too much compared to what happened in the kitchen. He saw his book shelves weren’t touched, but the books he’s been reading the last time by the table are completely moved. Then to his veranda

And basing on its slightly ajar appearance, Yuto figured out that the trespasser must have entered here. He traced the slight crack by the glass door. He sighs heavily with the money he needed to fix this. He wondered if he can ask the admin of the building to pay it for his sake. After all, his safety is at stake here. The bathroom was obviously messed too. He can see all of his things and hygienic materials in complete disorder too. He doesn’t know if someone is looking for something or just making a mess out of his house.

Then the last… is his bedroom.

He stared at the door. And it was closed.

If the break in happened a long time ago, few days perhaps, he can somewhat feel assured that the perpetrator mush have gone away undetected. But then, Nakajima cannot put his guard down. Reaching for the knob, Yuto take a mouthful of air before turning the knob, and pushing it open as quietly as he can.

He can see the lights by his bedroom off. And casting his eyes all over the place and seeing no signs of movement, he believed that there is no one there. He believes that whoever came must have left as soon as he can. “I wonder if it’s robbery. Nothing seems to be missing.” Yuto felt relived after realizing that he is all alone now in the house.

Picking up his blanket that seems to be thrown to the floor, Yuto placed it back by his bed. He needed to start arranging his house back in order. “Troubling…” he sighed heavily again, considering all the mess he needs to clean up. But at least, he’s not hurt. He’s grateful for that. But then, he noticed something off by his bed. There seems to be white strands of hair on them. “Hmm… what’s this?” He shrugged it off.

But when he turned around to head out to the kitchen to start cleaning there, for there seems to be the biggest mess made, Yuto jumped back and fell on his bum when he saw someone standing just by his back and seems to be quietly following him as he checks around the house.

Looking at him with his gray white innocent eyes, Yuto can only stare back at the very same creature he had seen the last time in the beach. Same white hair, gray white eyes, white flowing clothes, “Y-you…” he stammered in disbelief as he stared. That’s all he can do… he is too flabbergasted to move, much more react anything. 

The guy crouched down to his level and gave him a smile. “Hello.” It greeted him cheerfully, showing his milky white teeth, the canines noticeably pointier.

Yuto gulped.

“Do you have food?” it asked him with its low clinking voice.

Yuto can only just stare more.

And he must have been staring for a long time that the creature furrowed his expression and waved his hand in front of his face. “Can you understand me?” he asked slowly, moving closer.

Recovering a little, Yuto stiffly nodded his head. Feeling now the discomfort of their proximate distance, for the white creature had started sniffing and checking on him. He felt ticklish and can’t stop shivering as the creature holds on to him. “You smell nice.” It even managed to compliment him, as Yuto felt the creature sniffing his neck now and he jumped from his sitting position when the creature gave him a lick by the cheek.

That caused for them to break away.

Yuto doesn’t know what to feel, but be shocked. He should be afraid. But the creature was too beautiful and angelic for him to think that it can do something bad to him. So Yuto… can only be shock. That’s all.

He raised his hand and touched the spot where the creature licked him as he just continued to look at it, who is now looking back at him with wondering expression.

And the staring game began.

The creature just stared at him with his innocent naïve expression, while Yuto can only look back, taking a whole lot longer of time to recover himself.

And realizing that it won’t be so soon, the creature decided to initiate the conversation, “We met, by the beach the last time.” He spoke. “I was communicating with my mother when you walked in on us. I apologize if I have to leave immediately, for my father had called on to me suddenly.”

“He made me do some errand for him. And when I finished, I decided to get back to you. But you were gone.” It continued to share. “I searched for you in the whole building but you weren’t there. But your scent was still fresh. Luckily for me” He must be referring to the resort building. “I followed your scent before it disappears and it led me here.”

Yuto remembered going straight here when they returned from that little vacation. Then casting his eyes by the corner of his bedroom, he saw his luggage that he had used. And it was already messed up. Like someone had rummaged on it… which he can only conclude to be the white creature positioning right before him, and the same creature who had messed up his whole house.

“Sorry for messing your house-I am hungry and I’m looking for food.” At least he had the values to apologize. “Do you have some? Can I have some?” it pleaded to him, literally attacking him with his puppy eyes.

Recovering, Yuto shook his head. “I’m sorry. I don’t have food right now.” The creature immediately became sad, his eyes and expression saying it all. “I don’t stock here much since I’m not staying here much often.”

The last time he remembered going here was last week, when he left his things for it was a hassle to bring them to the family house. And to think that the white creature had following him immediately, the white creature must have stayed here for that span of time as well. And he hasn’t eaten anything. No wonder it is demanding for food.

“I’m going to get you food. What do you want?” Yuto felt pity on the creature. He doesn’t seem to be dangerous enough to hurt him. Surprise him, definitely. But hurt… Yuto is still wondering.

“Meat!” the white creature answered immediately, getting giddy and jumping on his laps and hugging him. That made Yuto jumped in surprise again, but not as violent a while ago. “I want meat!” the guy licked his cheeks again, but this time, it reached his nose that made Yuto cringed back.

The white creature looked at him, wondering. “Don’t you like that?”

“Uhm, eto…?” Yuto doesn’t know what to answer. He’s not accustomed to people licking him in the face.

“When I transforms to my animal form and pretend to be a dog, people likes me doing that to them.” He explained.

Yuto understood immediately why he’s doing that. “A dog is understandable. But for a human…” Yuto’s thoughts get kinky at once.

“What are you thinking?” the white creature asked him. “Your face is red.”

Yuto immediately shook the idea away. But it was too late. For he can feel something throbbing down there, in which the white creature immediately noticed for it is exactly sitting on it.

“What’s this?” the white creature moved a little to reveal the small tent by his pants. “It suddenly poked me.” The white creature stared and poked it with his small hands.

Yuto widened his eyes. And he groaned when the white creature suddenly started touching it, as if figuring it out.

“Don’t” Yuto’s body was in complete contrast with his words. He hold on to the white creature’s wrist to stop him from touching him there further.

The white creature looked at him with a half-hurt and half guilty expression. Yuto felt guilty too. “Come with me, so you can choose the food that you want.” He stood them up together. Those words made the white creature’s expression to gleam again. To think that he hasn’t eaten for days, he must be really starving. “Come on.” He placed a beanie over the white creature’s head whose expression completely showed that it doesn’t like it, then a scarf and a jacket by the body. “It’s freezing outside.” He explained.

The white creature frowned, “I don’t feel cold.” His expression disgusted with the clothes he put on him

Yuto ignored it and pulled him outside, half-thinking that he must be dreaming.


When the sun has risen, Yuto woke up with this uncomfortable feeling of something hairy brushing on his whole body. He tried to shake them away. But then… his eyes flew open when he remembered what happened last night. Or precisely, what happened a while ago early in the morning… way too early

And beside him by his bed, is an overly large spotless snowy white wolf, curling into a circle and squeezing his body by his side.

“It wasn’t a dream.”Yuto mumbled to himself, reaching for the wolf’s ears and scratching it by the ears. The animal woke up and stared at him with the all too familiar gray white eyes, this time, it’s more animal like. He gave it a timid smile.

Yuto remembered last night. He brought the creature to the nearest convenience store he can find and it made him buy all the canned meat they have available. The white creature must have been starving for in a few minutes, the sweet smiling and innocent white creature had managed to devour them all, an undeniable carnivore.

Feeling tired and sleepy, Yuto decided to sleep ahead of time. He dropped to his bed and lay there, falling asleep in no time. Not long after, the white creature must have become drowsy as well for he dropped beside him, glowing for a moment and when the light ceased, Yuto was cradling an overlarge dog in his arms.

The white wolf stood on its four legs as it moves closer, and gave him a sensuous lick. “Food.” Yuto can feel it. “Alright” Yuto agreed, getting ticklish with the white wolf’s action.


“Now that I have come to think of it, what is your name?” Yuto initiated a conversation. He and the white creature, who had now transformed back to his human form, are now eating by the slightly arranged kitchen table. Yuto wasn’t still able to fix everything the white creature had messed up. “I’m Nakajima Yuto, by the way.”

The white creature had looked at him for a moment, contemplating and giving him a toothy smile. “How about Ryosuke?”

Yuto raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t really have a name. I wasn’t formally given one you see…” he explained.

“Then why Ryosuke…?” Yuto asked.

The white creature just shrugged. “It sounds cool…?”

“Really?” Yuto could only react in disbelief.

“Then call me whatever you want.” The creature suggested.

“Ryosuke will do.” Yuto doesn’t want to argue anymore.

“Then Ryosuke it is” they settled on it.

They continued to eat breakfast.


Later that evening though, when Yuto came back from the supermarket, he decided to have the grocery done--with the initiation of buying double amount of meat compared to his usual servings, probably triple, in consideration of his extraordinary guests. But then, when he opened the door and entered his apartment, he saw it empty of anyone, not a single sign of any living thing. “Ryosuke?” he called out, trying if Ryosuke is just asleep. But no, he rounded the whole house, and no is around.

Yuto frowned. “Maybe his father or mother called him?” then shrugging his shoulders, he decided to arrange the grocery before they got spoiled, storing all the meat in the fridge. “He needs to come back soon. I won’t be able to eat all of this on my own.” He thought on the idea of such waste. He then decided on what he will have for dinner. He decided to have an easy one to prepare. Since he needed to clean the house and arrange everything back to their proper places, mentally reminding himself to call the maintenance tomorrow for his broken veranda door.

“If he doesn’t come back early tomorrow, I’ll drop by in the family house.” Yuto decided as he lies on his bed preparing to sleep, his hand automatically reaching out to this all too familiar book. He was about to open it when he stopped midway.

Contemplating for a moment, Yuto looked over at the cover of the book. Then thinking of his beautiful guest, Yuto placed it back on his bedside table, deciding not to read the all too familiar story as he switches off the table lamp.

For the first time…

Yuto decided not to read it.

For he is currently thinking of their child…

“They did have their happy ending…

…not together though.”

And sleep sets in.


Monday came and there are still no signs of his extraordinary guests that it made Nakajima to be worried of Ryosuke. “Did he run into any trouble?” he frowned with his thought. But then, convincing himself that he is a god, Yuto believes that nothing can go wrong. “He maybe half and half, but both of his parents are still gods. What can happen to him?” and focusing back to his students that are currently taking their final examination, he made sure that everything is under control. But not a half hour later, Yuto and his students, along with the others in their school are disrupted by what seems to be a commotion outside. It seems like that someone has forcefully entered their school premises. They can see several armed people trying to chase the person. And whatever it is, it seems to be very strong for a number of people are struggling with it. They all looked at the source of the commotion. “What’s going on?” they were all asking the same thing.

And widening his eyes, Yuto recognized who… or precisely what they are chasing. It’s a wolf--a snowy spotless white wolf to be exact. Or at least it should be. But in contrast to what Yuto remembers him to be, Ryosuke’s animal form is dirtied and he is wounded. The red stain on his fur around his shoulder is standing out. And his expression alone is enough to convince Yuto that he is in pain. He can see him struggling with his pursuers and enduring. That made Yuto put into action. He immediately got out, surprising his students and the other teachers. He came to Ryosuke’s aid, putting himself between Ryosuke and his pursuers.

“Nakajima-sensei?!” they all exclaimed out at his dangerous stunt. And Yuto was just in time to cover the white wolf with his body, taking that shot from the taser that is supposed to be for the animal. Yuto obviously felt the voltage as he fell to the ground, convulsing. But still, using a lot of effort, he shielded the white wolf from the others, hugging it from the others view. A silent message not to hurt him and that they have to pass through him first before they can get him

All who witnessed was more than flabbergasted with what he did. He could have been killed with what he did. The effect of the taser was more than obvious in his face and the way his body twitches, his expression alone is agonizing. But through it, they can still see that he is determined to protect the white animal that trespassed in their school and caused an unintended ruckus.

He was immediately ordered to stay away from the animal. But Yuto shook his head and even hugged the animal closer, who in turn, gave him a weak lick in his face, an act of gratefulness for helping him out.

“Yo-you know this animal?”

“Y-yeah…!” Yuto answered as he recovers from his earlier shot. “S-Sorry for the trouble.”

“Ho-how… what?!”

“He is my pet.” Yuto can only say what his unclear mind due to the pain can think of.

“Pet?! You are keeping a wolf as a pet?!”


After clearing out the commotion and promising to make up with the damages because of what happened, Yuto brought the wolf back in his apartment and laid him on his bed as carefully as he could, for any little movement seems to hurt him a lot.

A weak light covered the wolf and when it disappeared, Ryosuke is lying by his bed, covered in dirt and wounds and an obviously large lump by his injured shoulder. Yuto felt guilty at once, seeing Ryosuke like this. He just have this unexplainable feeling inside his chest for letting this horrible thing to happen to him.

“Let’s do something about that first.” Yuto referred to the worst, unable to look at Ryosuke for so long. “Then the rest, before getting you cleaned up.” He stood up from his position beside the bed and proceeded to look for medicine.

Ryosuke, on the other hand, didn’t know what to do. Yuto looks so sad. But he doesn’t know why. “Does he blame himself for what happened to me?”

When Yuto returned, he removed Ryosuke’s upper shirt, letting them slip down to his waist, and he saw several bruises scattered around Ryosuke’s torso. That made his chest tighten even more. He clenched his jaw. He forced his hand to work on treating him.

Once in a while, Ryosuke will wince or hiss. Yuto was doing his best to be gentle and Ryosuke was enduring.

“Ne, Yuto-kun?” Ryosuke called out.


“You are hurt too.” Ryosuke reached out his hand to Yuto’s face and gently stroke the scratch on it. Yuto can feel it sting but he had tuned down the pain as he was busy worrying over Ryosuke’s state. “It’s nothing…” Yuto dismissed it. “…compared to you, it’s nothing. I’ll manage. I’ll treat it later when we’re done with yours.”


“Let’s see your feet now.” Yuto changed the topic. He doesn’t want Ryosuke worrying for his sake when his state should be his own priority in the first place.

Ryosuke can just let him. He watches Yuto as he tends to the wounds on his feet and leg. Then seeing something off, Yuto furrowed his forehead when he saw a quite unusual wound on Ryosuke’s leg. “Where did this came from?” he doubts if this was caused by what happened a while ago. Yuto cannot help but to trace the obvious teeth marks by Ryosuke’s thigh

Ryosuke peered to what he is referring to and seeing, his expression turned anxious and mad at the same time that it put Yuto into wondering. “Ryosuke…?”

Ryosuke bit his bottom lip as his expression finally turned grim. “It’s my brother. He bit me.”

Yuto looked at him in disbelief. “Your brother bit you, why? Did you have a fight or something? And you have a brother?!”

“We’re not full brothers. After all, I’m a child that wasn’t supposed to exist.” He said bitterly. “He’s father’s son with his legal wife.”

“Oh…” that all Yuto can find to react. “The wolf goddess”

Ryosuke nodded. “Being the oldest son, he is set to be the next alpha of our pack, to be married with our eldest sister.”

“But?” Yuto can feel the climax coming.

“Father made a decision that the next alpha should marry me.” Ryosuke dropped it.


“Yeah” Ryosuke spoke a bit sardonic. “Father wants to keep my mother’s bloodline, so whoever becomes the alpha, I would be his mate.” He finished it with a mocking laugh. “Can you believe that?”

“Of course, his wife was against it. She wanted me to be gone the first moment I was born. She threw me to the most dangerous river she can find, thinking that it can kill me. But my mother’s power can control the waters. And where does river flows to? The sea! And that’s the mass of water that mom can control the most. So yeah, I felt like swimming in a kiddie pool that time, floating as I play with the sea creatures.”

“She hated my very existence. I am the evidence that he doesn’t love her, at least not anymore. Father used to love her you know. But when mother came, my father was struck hard and after a thousand years, he still cannot move on. And that’s what’s making her furious. Imagine my life living with them.” Ryosuke ended with an irony.

“That must have been… awful.” Yuto can only say in order to console him, giving Ryosuke’s sore leg some sort of a massage.

“Excruciatingly awful” Ryosuke cleared. “That’s why I never stay at home, always travelling if I can. But once in a while, father wants to see me, so I need to get home. You know, I’m the favorite child, and my old man is not getting any younger. His earthly body is upon its limit, he needed to find his replacement.”

“So he’s kind of impatient on marrying you off with his oldest son with his first wife?” Yuto guessed correctly.

Ryosuke nodded. “He needed to transfer his wolf spirit to his replacement soon, for age is coming to him. But before he does that, he wanted my oldest brother to marry me first and have an offspring.”

“So he’s like making sure?”

“Yeah” Ryosuke answered. “So my mother’s bloodline will continue with his descendants.” 

“And I presume, you don’t want it either as much as your stepmother doesn’t want to? How about your oldest brother’s standing?” Yuto spoke his concern.

“My oldest brother doesn’t give a damn, as long as he can lead the pack. And you’re right. Of course I don’t want to. I am not some sort of mother dog they can use for breeding.” He said angrily. “They insisted and now I ran away. My brother, of course, tries to stop me. But as if a weak bite on the leg can stop me.”

And with the expression that Ryosuke is supporting, Yuto can’t help but to laugh. He might be angry and it’s not a laughing matter, but Yuto can’t just help it. He’s so adorable!

Ryosuke turned to look at him annoyed, “What’s funny?” he asked.

Yuto just gave him a soft smile as he shook his head, placing the shorter leg on his laps and massaging them. “It’s just… you’re so brave. And I can’t help but to be proud.”


Yuto shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know.” He spoke nonchalantly. “Since I was young and still to now, I am so captivated with your parent’s love story. I don’t know what made me. They didn’t have their happy ending, that’s why I am kind of happy that you are fighting for your own… as their child.”

Ryosuke just looked at Yuto with what he had just said. He can only watch him massage his legs with a soft relieved smile in his thin lips. That put him into thinking.

And feeling something stirring inside him, Ryosuke wasn’t able to stop himself as he suddenly climbed on Yuto’s laps and straddled him. That action definitely shocked Yuto and before he can react, Ryosuke had already grabbed on to his hair and pulled his head closer, their face an inch apart, their lips just a breath away. Yuto can literally feel Ryosuke’s hot breath into his lips. “Ryo…?” before Yuto can finish, Ryosuke had cut him. “Make me yours, human…” Ryosuke’s voice is alluring and captivating. Yuto cannot resist it. “…claim me.” He growled out as he pulled their mouths together.

Yuto widened his eyes as he realized that Ryosuke is kissing him. No, he was devouring him. And Yuto winced when he felt a sharp sting on his mouth, to be followed by this rusty iron taste.

Ryosuke’s canine had accidentally grown out, his predator instincts coming out, and grazed both of their lips. But the pain was gone as Ryosuke lick the small wound shut.

But it had done something else to Yuto. He was late to realize that Ryosuke had intentionally done that to arouse him. He doesn’t know if it is the kiss or something in his blood or probably both that changed something in him, particularly to his groin. Yuto was completely overwhelmed by this sudden desire surging inside him. Getting unstoppable now, Yuto threw Ryosuke by the bed and trapped him beneath him. The smaller guy just welcomed him with his arms and legs spread open

Yuto worried over Ryosuke’s wound as he thought of ways to be gentle, but it was thrown out of the window when he saw Ryosuke’s wounds and bruises quickly healing and fading away. “How…?”

“I would gladly explain everything to you.” Ryosuke breathe out, barely able to control himself. His nails pointing out as he stripped Yuto off his clothes, “But as of now, I want you to claim me. I want your scent all over me… inside me.”

Clenching his jaw, the need and excitement completely controlling him now, “Then do me a favor, don’t transform alright.” And Yuto descended to initiate the kiss this time.



Author’s Note: Hi Guys!!! Still remember this fic? Hahah. I hope so. I’m going to give this fic its ending. I cannot promise it to be a happy one though. After all, Ryosuke is the half-wolf and half-moon god that isn’t supposed to exist. *Is that a clue of character death?!* Please share your comments and concerns, guys. They will be really appreciated.

٩( mariko
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