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Title: Forbidden Love—A second time around (Part 4)
Pairing: YamaJima
Genre: Romance. Fluff. Angst.
Rating: PG
Summary: Ryosuke is destined to be the mate of the next alpha of the pack. But Yuto had claimed him. Will their bond be able to make it?


“Taboo…?” Yuto lingered the word on his tongue for a moment. And for the first time, Yuto realized it. Of course, Ryosuke is a god and Yuto is a human. How can they be legitimate mates with the difference of their levels? They are just… too far, like some drama cliché that people should get tired of watching.

Yuto felt like hurting himself for not realizing it at first hand. He guessed he is so pre-occupied with his love for Ryosuke that he didn’t realize, when it should have been what he noticed at first hand. He inwardly groaned. So what they should do now?!

Yuto bet it’s impossible for them to separate now. He may not be a believer of extra ordinary creatures before, but he knows that once a wolf has claimed his mate, there’s no turning back. His involvement has gone too far, he doubt they will just let them go. Much more that Ryosuke is the favorite child and destined to be the mate of the next Alpha.

And his mind decided to do a rundown of all the possible things they can do to them—worst case scenario is to separate and kill them.

And to make things worse than they already are, a dangerous looking woman, which Yuto need not to ask who, walked in on them. She has the same authoritative aura around her just like Ryosuke’s father. She is definitely the wolf goddess. She is looking at them all so wild-like and untamed. “Well… well…” she started. Her voice breathy and rough, but sharp enough to catch everyone’s attention. “The runaway illegitimate son—has returned home.”

And flicking her eyes dangerously towards him, Yuto can only gulped down his fear. “…along with his claimed mate—that is a mere human.” Yuto can’t be mistaken. He heard it, the double emphasis on the last word, mocking him that he doesn’t belong with them. Yeah, yeah… Yuto is getting used to it… of being put down because they are gods and he is not.

The wolf god was speechless. It seems like that even he had felt the menace that his queen had brought. “I suggest for them to be executed immediately.” The wolf goddess spoke up.

“Executed? Isn’t that too much?!” Daiki reacted aghast, looking at his mother in pure terror.

“Expatriate then~” she spoke earnestly.

“But still…!” Daiki wanted to argue.

The queen just gave him a timid look, “Why—he is supposed to be the mate of our next Alpha—the very host that I should transfer my wolf goddess spirit. But because of what he had done, that can never be. You know our rules—a claimed wolf is for eternity. Even if we get rid of the human. Surely, everyone will agree with me that they don’t want a second-hand mate for our future Alpha—much more a half-blood.” She sneered.

Ryosuke had just managed to stop himself from lashing out the wolf goddess. “You never approve of me in the first place—as if you will transfer your wolf spirit to me” He growled out sarcastically. 

“Indeed.” The wolf queen didn’t even bother to hide it. “But thanks to what you did, I no longer need to worry. Besides, even if I approvingly wanted to pass you my wolf spirit, would you accept it?” she challenged.

Ryosuke’s jaw clenched. Yuto knows that face. Of course not. He knows Ryosuke can be stubborn. No one can persuade him that easily when he had decided on things.

“See…” the queen emphasized. “…that’s why I never liked you. You are irresponsible and immature. You only sees things your way, and when something gets in your way, you get childish. And because you are the favorite child and your father will never resist you, you never mature—always insisting on what you want!”

“That’s enough!” the wolf god thundered out.

The wolf queen turned to him with challenging eyes, “Protecting your favorite son now, are you?” and turning to everyone else, “See—that’s why the kid never grows up. He is always spoiled. And now, he is so hard-headed, he’s uncontrollable. A little scolding and punishment from time to time wouldn’t hurt you know!” she stated, asking for approval from the crowd.

“I said—that’s enough!” the wolf god gritted his teeth, obviously trying to contain himself from the madness. “Put them in the dungeon as I decide on what to do with them.”

“Why do you need time—it’s obvious that execution is the only available punishment.” The wolf queen insisted, needing the sympathy of the crowd. “A good set of example so no one will do it again.”

The wolf god turned to him dangerously, “Do I really need to repeat everything I say?!” he barked out, and basing on his tone, he is terribly angry. One more provocation from the queen and she will the receiving end of this. Fortunately, she picked it up just on time. “Fine…” and facing some of his children, “Lock them in the dungeon”



“Well, mother didn’t specify his instructions.” Daiki gave off a smile. Even with his size and tiny physique, he still can affect his brothers and persuade them with ease when the moment dictates so. “Thanks, Dai-chan.” Ryosuke mustered a small smile, feeling grateful to his brother. “Sorry for the bother.”

Daiki stopped a grin at him. “You should be.” But it was obvious that he isn’t serious.

“Thank you.” Yuto expressed his gratitude.

Indeed, the two of them are in different prison room, just like what the wolf goddess had ordered. But they are only separated by a wall made of iron bars. So in essence, it seems like they aren’t really in separate cells. “Here.” Daiki handed Yuto a pouch. “Fix him.” he referred to Ryosuke. “I’ll be back when I have something.”

The two of them nodded. “Thanks again.” And he walked away.

Yuto checked out the contents of the small bag and saw that it’s a bottle of ointment, “Smells like mint” He commented when he gets a sniff of the scent that wafted into the air when he uncapped it. Placing some on his fingers, he looked at Ryosuke up close. “You had it rough, didn’t you?” he tries to see the whole damage.

Ryosuke just shrugged cockily. Then his smug façade was erased when the ointment made contact with his wounds. He can’t help but to wince in pain. “Bear with it.” Yuto tried to be gentle as he could as they continued in silence. And midway, not standing the awkwardness, Yuto broke it. “Your stepmother never liked you, as in ever?”

Ryosuke managed a shrug. “I don’t have any good memory with her. All I know is that she is trying to kill me whenever she gets the chance. Remember, she threw me off a cliff when I was just a pup.”

“I guess I distanced myself with her as precaution. And as I grew up, I learned to defend myself. She can no longer treat me defenseless.”

“That’s rather cruel.” Yuto spoke out rather unintentionally sympathetic.

“What are you trying to say?” Ryosuke inquired. Yuto had just finished applying the ointment in his face and it stings so he can’t put on proper facial expressions.

“I’m not sure.” Yuto said quietly. “But with the way she spoke a while ago, I don’t know but I have the feeling that she had rather grew to take care of you.” He capped the bottle and placed it back inside the small pouch.

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t say—since this would be the first time we’d be meeting each other. And not to be bias with you, but her usage of words a while ago… it has another meaning, the way I perceived it.”

“Say it clearly!” Ryosuke’s patience were running out. It was rather a touchy topic.

“Probably, before, when you were just born and the first time she sees you, she sees you as her husband’s betrayal to her. I mean—they are mates. But your father managed to have a child out of wedlock—their wedlock. You can use the excuse that they are both gods… but a betrayal is a betrayal. And marriage is a sacred union between two persons that should be treated with care and not some mere joke. Besides, you’ve said it: Once a werewolf claims his mate, it’s for life. Then how come your father had managed to fall in love with the moon goddess? Isn’t that a loophole?”

“So what are you saying—that I shouldn’t be born, and my very existence is a curse?! That I shouldn’t exist?” Ryosuke said hotly.

“Listen until the end, will you?” Yuto frowned, but his tone is gentle. Just like what the were-goddess had said. Ryosuke is rather immature and childish. But you cannot blame him, after everything he’d been through. Probably it’s due to self-defense mechanism that he never grew accustom of his stepmother—just a civilized stepmother-stepson relationship. And he distanced himself from her.

Ryosuke’s face was telling him to go on. “Maybe, as time passes by, she had grew to accept your presence. That’s why she never attempted on your life again. But seeing you reminds her of what happened, she can’t help but to feel the pain. She doesn’t hate you. That I can assure you… somehow. She feels hurt rather. You may not be biologically related, but she is still a mother. No matter how hard you deny it. Even though you are not born from her womb… I’m sure she grew fond to take care of you… unconsciously though

“Maybe, if you have just given each other a chance, your relationship would have been different.”

“Well—just so to remind you, she wants us both executed.” Ryosuke voiced out.

“I don’t think she meant it that way.” Yuto stated again. “You can say—it’s rather spur of the moment why she said that. Mothers are the nagging type. They always say harsh words—but they didn’t really mean it. They just love their children so much so they scold them so much as well.

“She is disappointed in your actions—that’s undeniable. Well, it seems like that every one of them are. But then, whether she admits it or not, she cares for you. I can hear it in her words.”

Ryosuke contemplated on that.

Next Part Here.

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