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Title: Forbidden Love—A second time around (Last Part)
Pairing: YamaJima
Genre: Romance. Fluff. Angst.
Rating: PG
Summary: Ryosuke is destined to be the mate of the next alpha of the pack. But Yuto had claimed him. Will their bond be able to make it?


“Yuto, run faster…!” Ryosuke spoke out, keeping his pace steadily, while the taller is barely keeping his legs one front of the other. It’s obvious that he is running out of breath and exhausted. They have been running for quite some time, trying to lose their pursuers—which are fast and experienced runners like Ryosuke. “It-It’s easy—” pants, “—for you—” pants heavier, “—to say!” Yuto barely managed to breathe out.

It was approaching midnight when Yuto was woken up by Ryosuke. At first, he wondered how did Ryosuke managed to get in his cell. Then he realized that Daiki is with them. He must have opened both of their cells. And somewhat, both of their expressions are warning him. That caused Yuto to be flooded by anxiety. His confused expression must have tipped them off, so Daiki explained. “Father had made a decision.” Yuto gulped as he waited fearfully. “He decided to force mate Ryosuke with our oldest brother—the next in line Alpha. And in order to do that, all obstacles must be eliminated.”

“…me…” Yuto gulped in realization.

With the help of Daiki, Yuto and Ryosuke had managed to sneak out of the dungeons and escape. Unfortunately, the wolf god had anticipated that Daiki will break the news to them and help them escape. So he send some of his sons to bring them back. “You cannot do this to them…! You are being unfair!” Daiki tried to argue to his father, trying to break free from his brothers who are keeping him in place. “You are stopping their happiness!” Daiki glared out. But the wolf god won’t hear anything. Ryosuke is the fruit of his love with the moon goddess. The woman she had desperately fallen in love with, even it was forbidden. He needed to preserve him at all cost. “You know nothing…!” he lashed out, raising his hand and slapping Daiki due to rage. He had Ryosuke—but because of Daiki’s kindheartedness or rather stupidity, he had escaped. It was so strong that Daiki was forced to the ground, clutching to his struck cheek. Then facing his other sons, “Bring him to the dungeon. I’ll deal with him later.” And he stormed out of the cave, transforming to his wolf form, which is twice as large as the normal—the same size as a full fledge war horse—deciding to pursue his moon-son and bring him back himself. Even if he has to cut all of his limbs to make him stay—he will do it. After killing the meddlesome human of course.


Looking behind, Ryosuke inwardly cursed as his brothers are closing in—and they are on their human forms. He wondered how the hell they are keeping up with that body. Then Daiki—he wondered what happened to him. He had used himself as a diversion for them to escape. Ryosuke wondered if he managed to get away as well.

Then seeing that they are almost at their tail, Ryosuke got desperate and shifted to his wolf form, pulling Yuto to his back—running faster—making the gap between them further. “Hold on…!” and Ryosuke felt Yuto clutching around his neck as they cut through the wind with their new velocity. But then, seeing him shifting to his animal form, his brothers decided to do the same, minimizing the distance he had created. “We cannot outrun them…” Yuto spoke out. “We need to lose them.”

“I know, but how?” Ryosuke replied. Then as if destiny isn’t cruel enough, the wolf goddess appeared by their side and easily maintaining pace, keeping up with them. Clearly, age isn’t affecting her. Ryosuke tried to run faster as he bared his sharp teeth, snarling to his step mother: a warning to leave them alone.

But she didn’t mean harm. Actually, “Do you see that large rock?” she pointed, and probably five hundred meters before them and decreasing, they saw it. “Turn right, and you will head to a cliff leading to the sea. You’re a water creature, right?” she stated. “Jump over—you know that wolves dislike water. And the sea will erase your scent.” And she lagged behind, lashing out to her sons who were pursuing them, obviously stopping them on their tracks.

“Did she just…?” Ryosuke can’t believe it.

Yuto can’t react on the other hand. So… she did treat Ryosuke as his son. He was right.

“Ryosuke, the rock…!” Yuto bellowed when he realized that Ryosuke won’t be taking her help. He seems to be heading straight-ahead.

“She could be tricking us.” Ryosuke argued.

“No, she doesn’t.” Yuto felt so sure. “If you can’t trust her, trust me instead. And I feel that we should trust her.”

Ryosuke gritted his teeth.

“…Ryosuke… please!”

And unable to resist his mate, “Fine…” and just by the rock, Ryosuke made a violent turn and headed straight to the path they were pointed. And truly, Ryosuke can smell the salt in the air. They are approaching a sea. And before them, the cliff that his stepmother said broke out. Yuto managed a smile. His instincts were correct. The true enemy here wasn’t the wolf goddess.

“We need to get into the water!” Ryosuke voiced out.

Then seeing the hundred meter fall and vast sea spreading to the horizon, Yuto felt all of his courage leaving him. “You’re kidding—I’ll die! I’m human, Ryosuke~!” he reminded panicking, for Ryosuke wasn’t slowing down and he is headed to the very cliff.

20 meters.

“It will be alright.” Ryosuke tried to assure him.

10 meters.

“I’m going to die!” Yuto clutched tighter to Ryosuke as he closed his eyes, waiting for them to fall over and hit the water. Ryosuke won’t be having any problem, since his mother is the moon goddess, can control the sea. But how about him? He is an ordinary human for goodness sake. If he can live to tell the tale of him jumping over a very dangerous cliff, he wondered if he won’t be injured or traumatized in any manner.

But just as Ryosuke was gathering his rhythm and springing into the air—into the sea, something—or rather someone jumped in their way and hit them, breaking their momentum, causing for them to be thrown back and crash landed to the hard ground. The two of them broke apart.

Yuto grimaced in pain as he tried to right himself. So did Ryosuke, quickly placing himself before Yuto and growling at their attacker—which is none other than the wolf god himself, enduring the pain of his fall. “It’s a trap!” Ryosuke concluded. “The wolf goddess wasn’t really trying to help us She lead us here on purpose.”

The wolf god poised on pouncing, Ryosuke mirrored the action. He won’t get down without a fight. And when the wolf god leaped from his position, his mouth apart—ready to bite to damage

Something from behind Ryosuke though jumped ahead of time and met the wolf god on mid-air. And seeing the familiar dark brown fur, Ryosuke can only be more perplexed with how things turned out. And now, he can only watch the wolf god and wolf goddess snarling and gnashing at each other. “Step aside!” the wolf god barked furiously when the two of them broke apart. The wolf goddess refused to back down, keeping herself between the wolf god and Ryosuke. “No!” she replied determined.

“What’s going on?!” Ryosuke can’t comprehend what’s going on. Why are they fighting?!

“She really did help us, Ryosuke.” Yuto stopped a grunt as he pushed himself to at least sit up. Shifting to his human form, Ryosuke immediately approached Yuto and helped in righting him up. It seems like Yuto is having a hard time moving. “Are you alright?” Ryosuke asked in pure worry. Yuto’s answer was a groan and an extremely pained expression. His face turning a threatening shade of red due to pain.

“Where does it hurt?” Ryosuke asked, scanning Yuto’s body and assessing his wounds.

Yuto shook his head, “Ryosuke…” he choked out.

“What is it?” Ryosuke asked again, panicking. “Yuto, where does it hurt?”

“I—I…!” Yuto forced himself to answer. It seems Yuto landed wrongly and his back accepted all the impact. Then before Yuto can finish his answer, they heard a loud wailing sound. They both turned only to see the wolf goddess on the ground, supporting one of her leg as the wolf god is towering over her. It seems like the wolf god had severely bitten one of the wolf goddess’s leg to injure her. Then he harshly shoved her aside and turned to them, having a very severe murderous expression: a predator, on his full fledge hunt. Finally… he can face them.

Ryosuke instinctively placed himself between his father and Yuto, readying for a fight. He knows that he is no match with his father, with centuries of experience and knowledge, he’ll be beaten. But he is not going to serve himself in a silver platter

But to Ryosuke’s amazement and gratefulness, the wolf goddess stood up on her full height and one more time, faced the wolf god—refusing defeat and clearly enduring the pain.

“I don’t want to hurt you further…” the wolf god spoke out lowly, but hoarsely. “…so step aside.”

“No…!” The wolf goddess replied back. “This is enough. I cannot just watch anymore.” She spoke exasperated. Then slowly, she shifted to her human form, her shoulder bleeding freely as she clutched to it with her good arm, trying to stop it. But it was no use. The blood won’t stop flowing. But even with her weakened state, her eyes are shining with courage and determination to fight…

Seeing her expression like that, the wolf god had transformed back to his human form as well and stared at her with undecipherable eyes. “What are you trying to say?”

“I know what you feel—and I understand what you are trying to do… trying to prove. But…” she took a deep breath and made a step forward. “You cannot force to him to do this… you cannot force him to a fight you have lost long ago”

“You cannot forever cling to your pride and self-suffering that you end up making everyone hates you… haven’t you learned from what happened?

“Everyone commits mistake—be it a god or not. No one is exempted from it, and that includes you, your son, me…each one of us. But that doesn’t mean you should linger on it for the rest of your life and make all of us miserable.

“What the hell is she talking about?” Ryosuke asked, enough only for himself and Yuto to hear. They can only watch it in anticipation on what seems to unfold

“And just like committing mistakes, no one is exempted from falling in love. You cannot order or prevent your heart from doing so.

“That’s why even if it hurts me… that it kills me, I have let you with your relationship with her…”The moon goddess

“But it cannot be for forever… your relationship is a big mistake. And it caused grave consequences

“…you wanted to protect her, but she ended up protecting you… protecting us.”

“Because of what you’ve done, tainting the moon goddess, you have made the major gods angry. The werewolves are sentenced to be banished for eternity. Our existence should have been erased… but as a bargain, to protect us, she made a trade with the sky god: She will forever be in the sky, never to set foot on land ever again, keeping her duty of guarding the earth tirelessly—day and night. Even though the sun god outshines her by day, she will still be there as the earth’s guardian

“And as a goodbye gift, she gave you the custody of your child. The moon goddess knows that giving you a part of her will hurt you. But still, she believes that you will love the child as much as you love her… and you will protect him as much as you wanted to protect her. She wanted to ease your pain, so that you can divert your attention as you take care of him… but you didn’t see it that way. Instead, you wanted to kill him… throwing him back to the sea, a silent message that you don’t’ need him… that what you need is her… not some mere replacement of a meager child.

“What…?” Ryosuke breathe out in a whisper, completely confused. “…Father… threw me… into the sea? It wasn’t—her?!”

“You wanted to protect her… but you failed. You hated it—that you can’t protect her, who is so much important to you. You needed someone to blame—and you blame the sky god for being cruel. Why can’t the two of you be? Why does he need to get in the picture and separate the two of you?!”

“You wanted to prove yourself worthy of her love… and as a refusal of defeat to the sky god who belittled you—made you realize that you are weak and powerless—that you are nothing but a weaker god, you desperately wanted to keep yours and hers bloodline existing.”

“That even if you die and no longer, your bloodline with her isn’t. And you believe that it’s a comeback to the sky god that he cannot totally defeat you. That your love with her will never completely disappear.”

“But can’t you see? He has long defeated you… by making you this way.”

“He wanted to punish you—but more of the same time, he wanted you to learn a lesson.”

“A lesson that you don’t always win—that a defeat is not always bad. It also means a second chance to start over again.”


For a moment, the wolf god just stared at the wolf goddess with blank eyes.

Ryosuke and Yuto, on the other hand, were full of disbelief. “So that’s what really happened?” Ryosuke voiced out, unable to believe it. So did Yuto… after all, the love story of the wolf god and the moon goddess is just a fairy tale he had read in books. He had never known that it was real until he met Ryosuke. And now, the whole story—of what really happened—is being unveiled to them.

Then to their surprise, the wolf god laughed maniacally. “That was a great show…!” he complemented, clapping his hands at the same time.

The wolf goddess can only stare at her in confusion. “Wh-what?”

The wolf god smiled at them menacingly then as if mocking her, “I cannot believe you are that stupid?”

“What do you mean?”

“I could care less about the sky god or my pride… or whatever bloodline you are trying to convince me.” The wolf god spoke out. “What I only want is her, that’s all…”

“Then what are you trying to do? How does it concerns Ryosuke? Why are you so persistent in keeping him?”

The wolf god can only laugh in reply, getting hysterical. “I told you… I only want her. That’s all! Nothing more, nothing less” his words are full of meaning.

“It can’t be” Yuto was the one to realize it.

“What is it?” Ryosuke asked.

“He is planning on using you—as a replacement to the moon goddess.” Yuto broke out to them. “Since you have her blood in you, you have the same capabilities.”


“He wants you—to replace your mother in the sky!”

The wolf god smiled in victory. Finally, they are catching up. “Indeed—I should complement you there, human.”

“When I realized that I can use him to replace his mother in the sky, I took care of him. I regret that I almost killed him. He was a gift from my love. Surely, my love won’t be giving him to me without any purpose. I realized it a little bit late, but then… there was no real damage

“Giving him everything he needs and everything he wants. I was waiting for the right time—until the day I can sacrifice him. I needed to wait, bidding my time. But I was patient, clinging onto the belief that after all this agony, I will be with the person I love. But then… someone had just have to get in the way and ruin everything. You see: Ryosuke can no longer replace his mother in the sky.” The wolf god sneered out, his expression turning sharp angry. “You know why?” he bellowed. “…because he is tainted. By a human…! So the creature I could use would be the one next in line”

“But there is no one—that’s why you want to force mate him with your eldest son. And their offspring would be your sacrifice…” Yuto spoke out in anger. He can’t believe that the wolf god is this insane.

“No!” the wolf goddess screamed out. “I won’t allow you—isn’t what happened enough to you? Stop making everyone else suffer because of your selfishness!”

“I can’t stop!” the wolf god boomed out. “I can’t stop now…” he spoke next, calmer. “I need her…” he spoke in self-pity. “Can’t you see?! I love her so much, I could care less about everything else. I have been waiting for so long.”

“You can’t be like this! You need to wake up from your foolishness! You will anger the major gods once more!”

“I don’t care!”

They could just stare at the wolf god as he broke down with his craziness. “He had gone mental. He won’t hear any of us. His centuries-long of suffering had consume his sanity.” Yuto blurted out.

“It’s all your fault.” The wolf god turned to Yuto. “Because of you, I needed to wait again.” He screeched out. “But it doesn’t matter. Just like what you said, I just need Ryosuke’s offspring and everything will be alright again. And in order to do that, I needed to eliminate his current mate—so I can force mate him with my eldest son. I just need to kill you.” He glared at Yuto.

Ryosuke growled out. “Like hell I will let that happen!”

“Oh yes, you will… my dear Ryosuke…” the wolf god said to him. “I just need to kill your mate. That’s all I need to do.”

Ryosuke shook his head, “Never!”

“Yes, he can, Ryosuke.” Yuto told him. “He is going to break you.” He added. “By killing a wolf’s mate, you will break him. He will lose his will to live: a living body, but dead inside. He can order you to do anything he wants. And you will mindlessly obey. And when he finally gets what he wants, he will no longer care about you too.”

“You really are smart, human. If you just didn’t ruin my plan, I will surely like you. Probably, I will bless you if you have mated with one of my other children. But you just have to pick poorly—and chose Ryosuke.” He shook his head. “Now, I need to kill you.”

“I won’t let you. You will just have to kill me first.”

“No need to hurry, Ryosuke. I will kill you too—after I have what I need from you, for disobeying me and all. I had given you everything, but you still managed to do this to me. I don’t plan on keeping a treacherous son.”

Ryosuke growled out, “You really are insane. I can’t believe I followed you all these years…!”

The wolf god just laughed, morphing to his wolf form. “Everything will end soon, Ryosuke. I don’t plan on separating you from your mate for a long time. You will join him soon—in the afterworld.” And jumping to them, the wolf god easily swatted Ryosuke out of the way and aimed his sharp claws to Yuto. He will kill him in one blow.

But Ryosuke was quick, shifting to his wolf form and using his size against his father. He lurched to them and pushed his father away. “Yuto, you need to run!”

“I can’t…!” Yuto breathe out to him.

“You have to!” Ryosuke persuaded.

“No… really. I can’t” Yuto spoke to him, his eyes serious and not of panic.

Ryosuke can only stare at him.

“I hit my back, Ryosuke.” He cleared out. “I can’t move my legs.” He confessed.


Then the two of them were thrown to the air when the wolf god charged to them. Ryosuke whined louder like a kicked puppy as he crashed back down to the ground, and Yuto rolled several times before halting to a stop, receiving more injuries. He groaned in pure torture. “When will the hurting end?!” But he knows he can’t die, not like this at least. He needed to fight. What they are against is a centuries-long suffering turned to insanity of a god that is too weak to protect the person he loves. And because of that, it had consumed him. They needed to make him realize and accept the painful truth. Or else, the sufferings won’t end. It will just continue on another form. “Ryosuke…!” Yuto grunted as he pushed himself off the ground. Truly, he can’t feel his legs. And he is nothing but a burden now. But he can’t give up.

Yuto watch Ryosuke struggling to his feet. But one of his hind legs is injured. He won’t be able to use it without feeling extreme pain. Then he saw the wolf god walking to his direction, taking his time. Yuto faced him head on. “What should I do?” he forced his brain to think. Ryosuke and the wolf goddess are both down. He needed to do something on his own. “How can I beat him?” then casting his eyes over the cliff then the sea way down below. “The water…! That’s it…!” Yuto remembered the wolf goddess mentioning that wolves hates water. “But how…?!” Then having a not so bright idea, Yuto started to crawl backwards.

The wolf god, seeing this, played along. “Running away now, human? You know it’s no use.” He said to him, but he maintained his pace, knowing that his prey won’t be able to run away.

“Just a bit more.” Yuto endured his body that is screaming to him to just stop moving.

“Pro-longing your agony, human?” the wolf god mocked him more. “Accept your fate—of dying by my will.”

“Never…” Yuto gritted his teeth, approaching dangerously close to the edge. And as the wolf god, follows him, Yuto can slowly feel the ground shaking lightly. It will give up with the wolf’s god weight. So now, he just needed something to cling on to.

Casting his eyes all over the place, Yuto found himself empty of luck. He had used all of them so far. “I can’t die here.” He desperately thought inside his head. Then yelling out in pain, Yuto felt the wolf god’s claw digging to his right thigh and applying weight to it, stopping him from further moving. “I have prolong your life enough—now, it’s time to die.”

Yuto gritted his teeth from screaming more. He can hear Ryosuke calling his name from somewhere, telling him to hang on. He glanced to the edge of the cliff and saw that he is almost there. “Damn it, I’m so close…!” Yuto cursed inwardly. “Is this really my end?” he faced back the wolf god, his eyes shining in murder.

Baring his sharp canines, Yuto can see them sharp and thirsty of blood. He can only freeze on his spot, staring at it in horror. “He is going to bite my head off!” Yuto concluded. Struggling is no use, with the wolf god’s claws nailing him in place, he can’t run away.

And when Yuto felt it coming, his eyes closed on their accord and he waited for the impact. “I’m sorry, Ryosuke, I love you.”


6 months later,

Ryosuke was sitting by the cliff, his feet dangling dangerously over the edge as he sway them back and forth. His mind drifting away somewhere. He’s just there, enjoying the tranquility of the night.

“Ryosuke…?” he heard Daiki calling his name. But he ignored him, continuing to stare at the sea extending to the horizon, enjoying the soft breeze of the evening and the full moon reflecting into the dark water. It was so calm and peaceful.

He felt Daiki sitting beside him next, then his hand being held. He hadn’t notice that his hand were freezing, until the change in temperature because of Daiki holding his hand. Ryosuke was forced to turn to their holding hands then up to Daiki’s face. He was met by his usual bubbly smile. “Let’s go back.” He pulled onto his hand.

Ryosuke managed a nod as he returned him a small smile.

They stood up and start to head back. But they stopped on their feet when they saw that two others were with them.

“Yuya…” Daiki smiled, letting go of Ryosuke’s hand and approaching his mate.

But Ryosuke’s eyes were on the other person. He gave off another smile, lovelier and more affectionate this time.

Yuto returned it. “Come here.” He extended his hand. Ryosuke reached for it. Then his eyes started to get watery. “Hey~” Yuto tugged on him, made him land on his lap and embraced him for comfort. “Don’t cry again—you’ve been crying a lot you know.”

“I’m sorry. I just can’t help it.” Ryosuke muttered as he buried his face on Yuto’s chest, hiding his crying face.

“I’m fine—we’re alive.” Yuto caressed his back, trying to stop him from crying.

“I know.” Ryosuke argued. “But…”

“…don’t think like that, Ryosuke.” Daiki was the one who spoke this time. “Don’t carry this burden in your heart please. Mother didn’t sacrifice her life for you to be like this.”

Yuto believed that he is dead. The wolf god’s fangs were just inches away from his neck. It wouldn’t take long for him to sunk his teeth on it and kill him instantly, decapitating him at the same time. But… it didn’t came.

Yuto opened his eyes and widened them, seeing the wolf goddess between them, the wolf god biting her neck instead of his and her blood spilling. “Y-you…!” he can’t help but to voice out. The wolf goddess forced a soft smile at him, her eyes of guilt and asking for forgiveness. Then talking to his husband, “Do you have any idea how much it hurts—seeing the person you love loves someone else—and for centuries, I endure…

“The lease thing I can do is to stop this curse with us… I won’t let anyone else suffer this pain. Even if Ryosuke is not from me… he is a part of you… the person I dearly love. That’s why, I cannot allow him to feel this. That’s why even if it caused me my life… I will stop you.With her last remaining strength, the wolf goddess hoisted Yuto up and threw him to Ryosuke, who just in time, managed a jump catching Yuto in midair. They landed ungracefully, but not that painful either.

Then they turn to look just in time as the cliff gave up, unable to support the weight of the two wolf gods, throwing them to the sea.

Still, Ryosuke refused to show them their face. Yuto turned to them and silently asked to leave them alone. “I’ll talk to him.”

“But…” Daiki argued.

“We’ll be fine. Besides, the pack can be restless and chaotic without their newly proclaimed Alpha and Omega to control them.” Yuto made an excuse as he grinned. “And also, I am planning on taking Ryosuke home tonight.”

“Eh…?” Daiki reacted.

“Yuto is right.” Yuya cut him off. “Ryosuke needs a new environment to distract himself. Let’s go.” Yuya was the first to go. Daiki looked hesitant, but followed nevertheless.

The couple left them in silence. Yuto just let Ryosuke cry in his chest as he comforts him. It’s better for him to get it out, than let it inside. “Just so you know…” Yuto spoke after a while, “The wolf goddess said sorry for your father’s actions. You know he didn’t mean it—he is just consume by his pain.”

Ryosuke broke off and Yuto stared at his cute red crying face, “I know. I just can’t help but to think that it’s too cruel. She is suffering too—all this time. And I thought that she is just your typical evil stepmother…”

“They are both idiots!” Ryosuke exclaimed out all so sudden. And Yuto understood what he is trying to convey. Even though pretentious, the wolf god has been a father to Ryosuke. And the wolf goddess… could have been the mother that Ryosuke has been asking for. But now… because of what happened, they are both gone.

“Yeah, they are.” Yuto agreed. “But I’m sure that wherever they are right now, your father has realize his mistake. And sincerely asked for apologies. And being the caring wife she is, the wolf goddess surely had forgiven him. They are happy, wherever they are right now. They are mates after all.”

Ryosuke nodded. “They should be.”

“So don’t bother yourself too much.” Yuto told Ryosuke off.

“I’m sorry for worrying you.” Ryosuke apologized.

Yuto shook his head. “It’s alright. As long as you don’t burden yourself too much.”

“Speaking of which, how is your rehabilitation?” Ryosuke asked, standing from Yuto’s lap and looking at him in fullness, who is sitting on his wheelchair, his lower body being covered by a thick blanket.

Because of some damages to his spine, Yuto was no longer able to walk and the doctors even declared him to be disabled for the rest of his life. But then… something happened and gave Yuto a chance to be still able to walk. That is… Ryosuke injecting some of his wolf genes to Yuto without the taller knowing. He can’t allow his mate to be forever disabled, can he? But still, Yuto needs to go to the hospital from time to time. Before he can start his real rehabilitation.

“Fine. The doctor said I can start my training next week. It won’t be an easy process though.”

“Sorry for leaving you all this time.” Ryosuke apologized.

“It’s alright. I know that you need some time alone. Everything is still too much for you to take.” Yuto had forgiven him even before he asked for apology. “Besides, my room in the hospital has a perfect view of the night sky. I can see the moon clearly. And whenever I do, I’m sure that you are staring at it too. And that makes me feel you are with me.”

Ryosuke blushed embarrassed. “How did you know I’m staring at it?”

“Instincts.” Yuto shrugged, “Nope, you’re just predictable.”

Ryosuke pouted and turned away. “You’re teasing me.”

“A little” Yuto admitted. And he kissed him by the cheek, “Sorry for teasing you.”

Ryosuke just pouted more.

“Stop that, will you?” Yuto told him off.

“I’m not doing anything.” Ryosuke defended himself.

“Yes, you are.” Yuto corrected. “Don’t temp me with that pout…!”

Ryosuke just pouted more. “I’m not…!” he stopped a laugh as he decided to tease Yuto more. But Yuto just easily caught his wrist and pulled him back to his laps. “Yuto…!” he was surprised with his sudden action. And when did Yuto get this strong?

Ryosuke guessed, it’s thanks to the blood he had given him, injecting some of his capabilities to him in the process. He only intended for Yuto to recover fast. The extraordinary strength must be a bonus. He wondered about the speed though.

Well, Ryosuke will see soon. He doesn’t need to worry about anything else anymore.

Yhep, he doesn’t need to worry about anything else as he accepts the kiss that Yuto is giving him to erase the pout he has on his lips.



Author’s Note: Finally, it’s over!! *feeling grateful* and I thought I will end this with a broken one. Thanks to one demanding reader though *coughs [livejournal.com profile] ghiekaye_20
coughs*, she persuaded me to make it a happy ending. The part where the wolf goddess were bitten by the wolf god, it was supposed to be Ryosuke. He will sacrifice himself to save Yuto. Then he will die and come back to his moon goddess mother in the sky, stopping all of his father’s plans. But yeah… decided not to. And because of that, you owe me one dinner, lady. Hahah. No, I’m serious. You really owe me one dinner. Hahaha!!

Thank you for keeping up with this fic. It’s been so long since I started it, and I have just finished it now. I apologize for the trouble. I hope you like it. Comments and Reactions are deeply appreciated. Thank you so much for reading and your time!!

٩( mariko
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